Snake Bite Piercing Care

There is A snake bite piercing very popular nowadays, and more and more young people are currently getting them. In a nutshell, they are a type of piercing where two piercings are finished on the lip. The piercings are done in an equal distance from the center of the lip so that it looks like

Are Tragus Piercings Dangerous

The tragus is that the projection of cartilage instantly before the ear canal. Piercing it involves adding a stud a ring or even jewellery and perforating the cartilage using a hollow needle. The tragus is exposed to disease, so take care to discover a professional piercer who follows procedures. It is also true, but as

Tanning Bed 101

That is fine if you still want to go tanning after knowing the dangers. I like tanning, and I find it very relaxing. Going for the first time may bring up a great deal of questions, such as should you utilize lotions tanning, do you have to use protective eyewear, and what mattress to utilize.