Wu-yi Source Tea

Wu Yi tea is a type of oolong tea grown in the Wuyi mountain. The area is famous for the remarkable oolong teas produced. Since of the high mineral content of the soil, the tea has a highly individual taste that is not replicated anywhere else. The narrow valley and the damp climate allow the tea to grow without risk of scorching or bitterness. The oolongs from wuyishan are also frequently described as Wuyi rock tea (or in Chinese ‘Yancha’).

Geology is of such significance that oolong teas from this region (yancha) are categorized based upon growing place:
– Zhengyan 正岩: grown in the main Wuyishan area. The teas grown here are extremely pricey, but the taste is extraordinary.
– Banyan 半岩: grown in areas surrounding the official region with quality that carefully matches zhengyan. The price quality of banyan is far better than zhengyan.
– Zhouyan 洲茶: growing in areas even more far from the main area. The quality of these teas typically do not come close to zhengyan and banyan.

For beginners, who never ever attempted a Wu Yi oolong tea, the taste is typically referred to as something between the taste of green tea and black tea. When it pertains to the strength and thickness of the tea the fermentation level certainly matters, but one also needs to take into account that the earthy mineral taste plus the floral aroma makes this tea distinct. You should certainly taste it yourself to understand the amazing taste.

The complex growing and gathering processes to produce authentic Wu Yi tea is certainly time consuming. That is the reason this kind of tea is more pricey than others. Any producers that skip any of these vital actions aren’t producing genuine wu-yi tea.

How does Wu-Yi Tea work?
The polymerized polyphenols inside Wu-Yi tea is said to be the connected to burning stored fat. The Polymerized polyphenols are also accountable for increasing the metabolism to increase weight loss. The Wu-Yi Source diet plan advises two servings of Wu-Yi tea day-to-day. By including exercise and healthy consuming with the Wu-Yi tea, some dieters can anticipate to see considerable weight loss.

– Medical trials were carried out on Wu-Yi Tea’s capability to burn fat.
– The “Wu-Yi 12 Week Weight-loss System” is included with purchase.
– Program promotes the use of a healthy diet plan and exercise.
– Organic 100% natural components.
– Wu-Yi tea is said to be more reliable than green tea relating to weight loss.
– 60 day refund guarantee.

– Wu-Yi tea does consist of a percentage of caffeine and might not be suitable for those not tolerant to small parts of caffeine.

Wu Yi Tea Side Effects
Wu Yi teas have lots of advantages, consumers need to be conscious that the quantity of caffeine, which can increase the heart rate as well as develop a spike in blood pressure. Consuming Wuyi tea can also affect your sleep, especially when consumed at night. The quantity of caffeine is still considerably lower than in coffee. Tea can also have diuretic effects and can have associated negative effects on the stomach. It’s therefore crucial to avoid it on an empty stomach. The best moment to drink tea is Thirty Minutes after a breakfast and/or lunch.

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