AKG K361 Vs K371

AKG is one of the most well-known audio companies that make impressive headphones, such as AKG K361 Vs K371. These models are ideal for you who want an upgrade from the cheap consumer-level headphones. They sound pleasant but are not going to break the bank. The two models are visually similar, yet they don’t sound identical. If you want to know which headphones are closer to your preference, let’s see what they offer below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Is an Expensive Headphone Worth It
  • What are AKG K361 and K371
  • How is the Design of AKG K361 and K371
  • How are the Specs of AKG K361 and K371
  • How is the Comfort of AKG K361 and K371
  • What are the Features of AKG K361 and K371
  • How are the Sound Characters of AKG K361 and K371
  • How is the Sealing Ability of AKG K361 and K371
  • AKG K361 Vs K371

Expensive Headphones

Music is part of our lives, and it is hard to imagine living without music as now we are used to it. Music can color your life and make ordinary days more fun as they elevate your mood. The listening method varies depending on which fits your preference, just like how we choose the music genre or musicians. Over time our preference develops, and you may wonder how to improve the listening experience. Many factors can affect your experience, and one of them is the listening device like headphones.

Headphones’ prices vary, and you may get interested in buying an expensive one or those labeled as “audiophile” and professional equipment yet also curious why they are so costly. The answer is because there is much more going on to produce one. The audiophile headphones are primarily created to reproduce the audio as accurately as possible, the way the producer wants to deliver it. Manufacturers need to invest in research and developments to produce such products. Moreover, each of them is tuned in a specific way to give the desired result.

Expensive headphones are also built to last. It doesn’t mean that affordable headphones are not durable. Still, the material and design of high-end headphones are overall better for a long-lasting application, meaning a better value in the long term. The answer to whether an expensive headphone is worth buying is subjective. The decision involves whether you are willing to spend an amount to access a better listening experience. For some people spending thousands of dollars will be a worthy experience, while most people are okay with something in the hundreds.

AKG K361AKG K371
Product Dimensions 3.54 x 8.07 x 8.46 inches
3 x 3 x 3 inches
Shipping Weight7.7 ounces 9 ounces
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About AKG K361 and K371

If this is your first entry into the audiophile headphones, it is wise to consider getting the affordable model first to know how they perform and, over time, upgrade the related gears. Many hi-fi headphones are very demanding, so your typical laptop or smartphone may not be able to drive them properly. A headphone amp like Topping EX5 Vs DX3 Pro is necessary for headphones with high impedance like 50 Ohms and above. The consumer models are usually on the 30 Ohms or less.

Popular options like AKG K361 and K371 are perfect for those who want an improved experience but want to keep the budget moderate. These headphones are some of the best options in the budget range, and the good news is they sound enjoyable for most people. You don’t need much to own them as they are currently around $100, with K371 being slightly more expensive. They are also low in impedance, 32 Ohms, so you don’t need any headphone amp.

They pair well with compact devices like laptops and smartphones or media players like Walkman if you don’t want to be tied with the smartphone. We also think they are suitable for at-home use or for users who wish to listen to their music on the go. While AKG K361 and K371 are close siblings, these headphones have a distinct difference in sound character that may affect your decision. The K371 is more fun to listen to in our ears, especially if you love bass.

We feel the K361 is too laid back and flat, which doesn’t deliver punch or sparks from the music. The overall experience with AKG K361 and K371 is the same, both in comfort and isolation; it all goes down to what sound profile you like better.

AKG K361 and K371 Design

Before checking what these headphones can offer, let’s see the unit first. The AKG K361 and K371 are visually identical. The headphones are matte black, both on the ear cups and headbands. They are regular wired headphones, but they are also available in Bluetooth with the “BT” label following the model name. Like most mid-range headphones, the cable is detachable. The AKG K371 comes with three cables, including the coiled cable, while K271 only has two.

Regular cable is fine for most people, but some prefer coiled cords because they are less prone to tangling. Build quality is plastic, but they are good and seem reasonably durable. The headphones’ weights are similar, with K371 being the heavier variant. The ear cups have decent padding and soft foam to cover your ears. We like the large ear cups that engulf the ears to improve sealing. Besides spare cords, the headphones also come with a pouch with no padding but are helpful for storing purposes.

AKG K361 and K371 Specs

Next, let’s check the general specs of AKG K361 and K371 to see what they can offer. Both headphones are similar by using the same 50mm driver and pure oxygen-free copper voice coils. However, the frequency response is different because K371 expands its treble range to 40kHz while the K361 is up to 28kHz. The K371 also starts lower at 5Hz as K361 starts from 15Hz. The impedance is 32 Ohms and has a sensitivity of 114dB SPL/V @ 1kHz.

AKG K361 and K371 Comfort 

Most of us are listening to music for hours, so comfort is a vital point when getting a headphone or any listening device that we must wear on the body. What’s tricky is that fitting can be subjective to the head’s shape and size or ear’s shape for something like IEMs or earbuds. We find the AKG K361 and K371 relatively comfortable and helpful for hours of watching movies and listening to music. The ear cups’ padding may seem thick, but they are very soft.

The headband is not the most flexible, which gives the headphones a pretty tight clamp which is excellent to maintain position while you are moving, but they also become less comfortable over time. The padding cover is synthetic, and they don’t have the best airflow so expect to get a warming sensation after some time.

AKG K361 and K371 Features

Because the AKG K361 and K371 are regular wired headphones, we hoped to see some features on the cable or ear cups. But, it is a bit of let down that we don’t find an in-line remote on any of the cables. We conclude that they don’t have a built-in microphone either if you ever plan to take or make calls with the headphones. But, the BT series or the Bluetooth variants have a microphone, yet they cost higher as well. The lack of control means users need to access their main device when adjusting.

AKG K361 and K371 Sound Characters

The main difference between AKG K361 and K371 is their sound characteristics. The two have different frequency responses and ranges, making the sound reproductions quite different. The bass range is more powerful and tight on the K371, but we understand that this character may give some people a “dark” impression. The treble range is noticeably reduced, so your music will not sound as bright as typical headphones. The K361 also has a recessed treble, so it is not far different on the highs.

Sound character is very subjective, so if you prefer a more laid-back sound, the stock of K361 may fit you better. Many agree that K371 is tuned better to satisfy most users, so by no means is this headphone for reference; we think it is more towards the mainstream users. In addition, you may be able to get an even better sound character by EQ-ing them using separate equipment or a software/app.

AKG K361 and K371 Sealing

Lastly, we want to talk about the sealing ability. Because AKG K361 and K371 are regular headphones, the sealing is passive, so do not expect an ANC performance. But, we find that the tight clamp is very helpful in sealing your ears from the environment’s noise. They won’t completely drown people’s conversation or vehicle engines, but they are great to improve the listening experience. We think they are ideal whether you listen at home or while on the go and outdoors.

AKG K361 Vs K371

Both AKG K361 and K371 are good options if you look at budget options that will improve a twenty-something headphone. They are ideal for typical users and very comfortable for daily use. They can sound better if you invest time to adjust the sound character using any method. The stock sound character is flatter and laid back on K361, while K371 is more fun. The comfort is the same, and they have decent sealing yet are not the most comfortable for prolonged use.

- Largest-In-Class Drivers
- Foldable, Notched Hinge
- Slow-Retention Foam Ear Pads
- Sleek Style
- Closed-Back, Oval Over-Ear Design Offers Superior Isolation, Improved Low-Frequency Response, Ergonomic Fit
- Largest-In-Class, Titanium-Coated 50Mm Transducers With Pure Ofc Voice Coils
- Engineered To Match Akg’S Reference Response Curve Acoustic Target For Accurate, Neutral Sound.
- Best-In-Class Frequency Response: 5 Hz To 40 Khz, Best-In-Class Sensitivity: 114 Db And Optimal 32-Ohm Impedance To Supports A Range Of Sound Sources


The decision is yours because we may have different preferences. If you are looking for a flatter headphone, then we recommend K361, but if you are chasing the fun part in music, we recommend trying the K371. The price gap is not significant, and both are still in the budget range.


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