AKG K361 Vs M50X

Headphones are versatile for music listening or monitoring. The AKG K361 Vs M50X are some budget options that sound good and convenient for a stationary setup or on the go. Many love the sound characters of these headphones, yet they don’t sound the same. If you wonder which model is closer to your preference, let’s see the comparison below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Do You Need a Studio Monitor
  • What are AKG K361 and M50X
  • How is the Design of AKG K361 and M50X
  • How are the Comforts of AKG K361 and M50X
  • What else AKG K361 and M50X can offer
  • How are the Sound Characters of AKG K361 and M50X
  • How is the Isolation of AKG K361 and M50X
  • AKG K361 Vs M50X

Studio Monitors

Audiophiles and enthusiasts alike often choose a hi-fi system for their enjoyment. The system can cost a lot because they are designed to please the ears of more serious listeners who pay attention to details. Any listening device and audio files will do for most of us, but there will be a noticeable improvement once you invest in high-end equipment. Speakers, headphones, and earbuds are one edge of the system that delivers sound to our ears, and they play a massive role in the experience.

A high-quality speaker or headphones will deliver the sound faithfully or at least closer to the mix regardless of the size. Most products for consumers are not faithful to the audio file because there is coloration to the sound, which varies the listening experience. It is not bad because the experience is subjective, and the general consumers prefer a particular character that meets the music they listen to or their taste. But, it is crucial to get an accurate sound delivery for the monitoring purpose.

Enthusiasts also tend to prefer faithful speakers or headphones with less distinct character. This type of speaker is known as a studio monitor or monitor. They tend to cost higher than typical speakers or headphones but often produce more accurate sound and are usually neutral. Some may have a high impedance that requires a dedicated preamp to produce the ideal level for listening purposes. While the speaker is vital, everything from the sound file to the headphone fit or speaker placement will affect your listening experience.

Product Dimensions 3.54 x 8.07 x 8.46 inches
11.4 x 10 x 4.1 inches
Shipping Weight7.7 ounces 10.1 ounces
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About AKG K361 and M50X

Unless you have a specific preference or use the speaker or headphones for monitoring purposes, most people will be happy with a pair of good headphones and speakers. The majority of us are mobile today, so headphones are usually more suitable for listening, whether at home or while commuting. Like speakers, headphones vary, and some high-end models like AKG K712 Vs DT 1990 Pro will sound better or more natural than typical headphones at a lower price point.

Will price is like a guarantee that the product is good quality; it doesn’t mean you will always like it better than the alternatives. AKG K361 and M50X from Audio Technica are some of the budget options in the enthusiast range. Many say they are an upgrade of your sub $100 because of the sound quality. Being a headphone means they are versatile whether you want to listen to them at the home, office, or while commuting. We think they are suitable for most people who want to upgrade their cheap headphones.

The sound characteristics of AKG K361 and M50X are not for monitoring or technical purpose. They are geared towards the general consumers or casual listeners. You can listen to music, watch movies, edit videos, and play video games like any other headphones. But, they don’t sound the same, and this is where your preference will play. Comparing AKG K361 to M50X, the former has a more even response, but the latter is almost like a V-shape sound with a dip in mid-range.

The K361 is more even, especially on the low to mid-range, while the high-frequency is less pronounced than the M50X. Regardless of the typical music you listen to, we think the AKG K361 and M50X will deliver a satisfying experience.

AKG K361 and M50X Design

Before checking what the AKG K361 and M50X can offer, let’s look into the unit first. Both are simple headphones with detachable cables. The housing is mostly plastic which is excellent for the weight, but the M50X is heavier than the K361 at approximately 280 grams. The headband is equally adjustable and should cover many users with different head sizes and shapes. There is adequate padding on the headband and ear cups to promote comfort and fit across different users.

The two are over-ears, and the ear cups are pretty wide to cover our whole ears. They fold when not in use or for storing. You can rotate the earcups of K361 so it will be in the headband or use the hinge on M50X to achieve the same result. They come with cables; two for K361 and three with M50X. The M50X has one coiled cable, one 8 feet cable, and a 3 feet cable. The K361 has a 5 feet cable and approximately 10 feet cable. They also come with a carrying compartment bag for storage.

AKG K361 and M50X Comforts 

Unlike speakers, we wear headphones on our bodies, which tend to cause discomfort over time. Fitting is a crucial factor to consider when buying headphones or earbuds because it is subjective. If you have a big hairstyle or head, we may have to look for headphones with a loose fit or larger headband adjustment. The AKG K361 and M50X are reasonably comfortable on the head. The padding on the K361 is slightly thicker than the M50X, so it feels plush, but the headband can be too tight for some people.

The M50X also has a good fit, and the ear cups are wide enough to cover our ears. The padding is not as thick as the K361, but the headband is not very tight. The earcups are also swiveling, and it feels slightly more comfortable as the surface can lay flat on our ears. The padding cover is a synthetic material, so none of them have the best airflow. Typically you will notice a warm sensation after a few hours, but it is still normal.

AKG K361 and M50X Features

Some may wonder whether the AKG K361 and M50X have a feature or buttons on the unit or the cable, but none have any dedicated feature. These headphones are for listening or monitoring purposes only, and yes, they don’t have a built-in microphone either. It can be inconvenient if you will use them while commuting. We need to access the phone or media player to pause, play, and skip tracks. There is no dedicated software or app from the company, but we can use any EQ app.

AKG K361 and M50X Sound Characters

Next is the most crucial part, which is sound character. The audio quality will be equally good if you play lossless files. However, the sound characters are different because they elevate different proportions of the frequency response. The AKG K361 and M50X are not completely flat like a studio monitor but still useful for the application. The most noticeable difference is hearing the brighter highs on M50X because it is slightly boosted, while K361 has a more substantial bass extension, especially the lower bass.

The K361’s character makes popular songs have a pronounced punch to them. The same happens in the mid-range, making your vocals and instruments more present. Unfortunately, the high of this headphone is noticeably lower than typical cans, so it doesn’t bring out the “openness” or brightness from your mix. In general, it may sound dull for some people who prefer listening to songs with heavy vocals and bright instruments. The M50X is different because the V curve boosts both the low and high frequencies.

The bass is not as tight as the K361, but there is a strong presence, and the highs are pleasant. The mid is noticeably low, so it may cause your music to sound thin and hollow. However, we find them enjoyable for most genres, and you can put some EQ using an app of software on the device to alter the sound character.

AKG K361 and M50X Isolation 

Lastly is for the sound isolation when wearing AKG K361 and M50X. As an over-ears, we think these headphones are suitable for listening at home or while you commute. They don’t block outside noise completely, so you can still hear the conversations of people around you or the vehicle’s sound. They may not be suitable for blocking noise completely so you can rest better, but they should be ideal for commuting since it is necessary to be still aware of your surroundings.

AKG K361 Vs M50X

Both are comfortable pairs of headphones that will fit most people. The K361 is cheaper than the M50X and is an excellent choice if you prefer a sound character with excellent bass and a relatively flat response. The highs of K361 are not as flattering for a more natural listening experience, and it may not be as pleasant for songs with bright qualities. On the other hand, the M50X has slightly better comfort and an additional coil cord in the box. The sound character is slightly boosted on the bass and highs for a more versatile experience.

- Largest-In-Class Drivers
- Foldable, Notched Hinge
- Slow-Retention Foam Ear Pads
- Sleek Style
- Critically acclaimed sonic performance praised by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers
- Proprietary 45 millimeter large aperture drivers with rare earth magnets and copper clad aluminum wire voice coils
- Exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range with deep accurate bass response
- Circumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation in loud environments


The decision is yours because we may have different preferences. We recommend the M50X because the sound character is more familiar and versatile for different music genres. The ear cups are also wide and comfortable with decent fitting for commuting.


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