AKG K701 Vs DT990 Pro

Hi-fi headphones like AKG K701 Vs DT990 Pro are ideal for you who want to improve your listening experience. These high-impedance headphones are open-back style for home use and sound very natural but convenient if you need to bring one while traveling. While similarly a good option, they have some notable differences, so let’s see what they can offer here before deciding.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Choosing an Open Back Headphone
  • What are AKG K710 and DT990 Pro
  • How are the Designs of AKG K710 and DT990 Pro
  • How are the Comforts of AKG K710 and DT990 Pro
  • What are the Features of AKG K710 and DT990 Pro
  • How are the Sound Characters of AKG K710 and DT990 Pro
  • How is the Sealing Performance of AKG K710 and DT990 Pro
  • AKG K710 Vs DT990 Pro

Open Back Headphones

Headphones have been around for so long, and it is still one of the most common methods of listening to music. The equipment is widely spreading across different applications that call for its convenience. In modern days headphones are usually preferred because they sound “bigger” than earbuds but still maintain the relatively compact form for comfort and versatility. While open-back headphones are not as common as closed ones, this design has better audio quality.

Why do open-back headphones sound better? Open-back headphones sound better because they have advanced drivers, and the design promotes more natural-sounding audio. Drivers produce the sound that we can hear as it converts electrical signals into the sound wave our ears can pick up. The open-back headphones are marketed toward enthusiasts and professionals, so manufacturers design them to perform better and accurately. Open-back headphones are also ubiquitous for monitoring purposes.

One of the most common reasons people prefer speakers over smaller listening devices is that they produce a more natural experience. Open-back headphones have a similar feature due to the open design. The lack of enclosure promotes a more natural listening experience because the audio is not trapped inside the driver’s housing. Open-back headphones tend to be more comfortable for a prolonged listening session because it doesn’t tire our ears as much as the typical closed-back style. They can be an ideal choice for users who find their headphones warming.

AKG K701DT990 Pro
Product Dimensions 4.45 x 7.83 x 8.35 inches
8.7 x 4.7 x 9.1 inches
Shipping Weight8.2 ounces8.8 ounces
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About AKG K710 and DT990 Pro

Overall an open-back headphone can be an excellent solution for enthusiasts or casuals who want to enjoy a better listening experience. They may not be for everybody because the design doesn’t allow these headphones to be as versatile as the closed-back style. In modern days we often wear headphones outdoors to block outside noise, such as in crowded spaces like cafés or offices, and if you plan to do so, then an open back is not ideal. Due to the design, this headphone type is only useful in relatively silent situations.

While often marketed for the enthusiast, open-back headphones’ price range varies, and some are very affordable. The AKG K710 and DT990 Pro from Beyerdynamic are ideal options if you want to buy your first open-back headphone. These headphones may be more expensive than closed-back models, but they will deliver a pleasant listening experience. These headphones are suitable for music and monitoring, including editing. The headphone form is convenient, and they sound better than the typical closed back.

The AKG K710 and DT990 Pro have been around for quite some time. You can find better or more advanced variants from AKG and Beyerdynamic, but they can be costlier. These headphones balance the budget and listening experience as well as are ideal for a wide range of users who want to benefit from the open-back design. They sound pleasant but not identical, and we think the DT990 Pro is the better sounding or the overall more even headphone.

The Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro can balance the frequency response well to sound pretty accurate and pleasing. It doesn’t mean that K701 is bad sounding because it is also enjoyable to listen to, but the bass is not as impactful, and the treble can be uneven, making some details stronger than the rest. For the overall experience, both AKG K710 and DT990 Pro are comfortable and suitable for home use. Read also: AKG K701 Vs Sennheiser HD650 here.

AKG K710 and DT990 Pro Design 

These headphones don’t stand out when it comes to being travel-friendly. They are as portable as classic headphones can be. The bulky form factor and over-ear design are too large to hang around your neck. The build quality is good, but DT990 Pro is better as it lacks moving parts. The headband length is adjustable like most headphones, but the DT990 Pro has thicker padding. We love their padding cover since it is a soft fabric instead of synthetic material.

The weight of AKG K710 and DT990 Pro as headphones alone, respectively 296 and 250 grams, but they will be approximately 350 grams with the cable. These headphones use both plastic and metal to build the unit, and overall they feel pretty good to handle. They come with decent but limited accessories. Beyerdynamic gives a carrying pouch and 1/8-inch to quarter-inch adapter. Similarly, the K701 has the same setup, but AKG doesn’t provide any carrying pouch or compartment.

AKG K710 and DT990 Pro Comfort

Unlike speakers, headphones and earbuds are wearable, so comfort is crucial to consider. We love the comfort of AKG K710 and DT990 Pro, but they don’t feel the same. First, the K701 has a better fit if you have a bigger head or a large hairstyle. The fit of the K701 is loose, and there is plenty of space between our head to the headband. Second, the fit of the DT990 Pro can be too tight for some people as the headband is sturdy and less flexible than the K701.

The padding on both headphones is equally thick and feels soft to our ears. We also love the fabric, and over-ear design as the ear cups are large enough to cover our whole ears. Third, we prefer DT990 Pro for applications where you have to move often. Due to the tight clamp, these headphones sit tight on our heads, so we often don’t need to readjust DT990 Pro.

AKG K710 and DT990 Pro Features

Next, let’s see the AKG K710 and DT990 Pro features, but sadly, there is no control function in these headphones. They have a built-in cable which is already a drawback because it means we have no option to change the cable when it gets damaged. The DT990 Pro is slightly better because it has a coiled cable that prevents tangling. There is no in-line microphone on these headphones, so they are not suitable if you listen from a smartphone if there is an incoming call.

As for the setup, you may want to add a headphone amp, especially for the DT990 Pro, because this model’s impedance is 250 Ohms which will benefit from an external amplification if you listen from a smartphone or compact MP3 player. The K701’s impedance is 62 Ohms, and you will also benefit from adding a headphone amp to improve the listening experience.

AKG K710 and DT990 Pro Sound Characters 

Next, let’s hear how the AKG K710 and DT990 Pro sound compares. While equally pleasing, we don’t think they sound identical because the character is quite different. We noticed that DT990 Pro has plenty of bass, making this headphone a fun option if you like an impactful sound. The bass is pretty accurate and has an extension that provides thumps and kicks. It easily feels stronger than the bass response from K701, which is recessing quite a lot, especially in the lower bass region.

The best part of AKG K710 and DT990 Pro is in their mid-range because they are the most accurate or flat in this area. Flat mid-range frequency is excellent for presenting the vocals and instruments, so they become easier for ears to pick up, yet, the K710 may be slightly more forward due to the increase in high-mid frequency. The treble frequency is the most uneven for both headphones, but the latter is better. Our only complaint is sibilants which are less noticeable in DT990 Pro.

But, for the “openness” and more natural experience, the AKG K701 is better. The headphone’s design seems to perform well in this category because it sounds more open and relaxed, almost like when listening to regular speakers. The DT990 Pro is not bad, but it is more similar to regular headphones where the sound feels like coming from inside the head.

AKG K710 and DT990 Pro Passive Sealing

Last is passive sealing. As open-back headphones, we don’t expect much from AKG K710 and DT990 Pro. They have very similar performance in sealing the ears, which practically don’t offer any isolation. We can listen to the other people conversing next to us or the noise from the environment. The ear cups are large for sealing, but the open-back style is not ideal for sealing and preventing leakage. The person next to you can easily hear what we are listening to.

AKG K710 Vs DT990 Pro

Both AKG K710 and DT990 Pro are good headphones to improve the listening experience. They sound pleasant and versatile for music listening and monitoring. They don’t sound identical because DT990 Pro sounds more even across the frequency response. This headphone also has a better bass response that gives a full impact without being too boomy. But, for the soundstage, the K701 sounds more natural and open. As for the sealing, they are identical and only ideal for home use or in a quiet place.

- Revolutionary flat-wire voice coil technology for extremely accurate sound and transient response.
- Patented Varimotion two-layer diaphragm for sparkling highs and accurate bass response.
- Comfortable, specially shaped 3D-form ear pads for perfect fits.
- Padded genuine-leather headband individually tested and numbered.
- Open over-ear headphones, ideal for professional mixing, mastering and editing
- Perfect for studio applications thanks to their transparent, spacious, strong bass and treble sound
- The soft, circumaural and replaceable velour ear pads ensure high wearing comfort
- Hard-wearing, durable and robust workmanship - Made in Germany


There is no wrong option, so you should pick according to taste. We recommend the DT990 Pro because it sounds more pleasant with an even frequency response and impactful bass range. It also comes with a coiled cable to prevent tangling.


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