AKG K701 vs K702

AKG K701 and AKG K702 are two similar high-end headphones with great comfort and sound. Both headphones are very popular and loves by a wide range of listeners mostly for those who seek clarity from the pair. If one of them took your interest, you may want to check our article first before making any purchase to make sure you are picking the one that suit your preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are AKG K701 and AKG K702
– What AKG K701 and AKG K702 Look Like
– What AKG K701 and AKG K702 can offer to you
– AKG K701 vs AKG K702

About AKG K701
If you are interested in headphones, you probably already know that AKG made the many great headphones we know today, especially when it comes to high-end ones. The AKG K701 is the one that you can pick if you are looking for a pair of over ear headphone that has a great comfort. Being released since a few years ago, this one still remains in the market for the design, sound and overall quality to give you a quick escape from your tiring everyday world.

AKG K701 Design
Just like what you can expect from an over ear headphone, AKG K701 comes with a large cups while connected with a large, wide headband. Even though it is in silver color, the material used is actually plastic and light enough to let you use it for long stretches. To further enhance the comfort, the headphone ear cups are made out of soft velour with a 3D form pad to make it sit perfectly in your ears while the headband has two radial arms with a flat strip for a gentle resistance.

AKG K701 Abilities
When it comes to headphone the most important thing is probably the sound. The AKG K701 just like most mid range headphones out there that was designed to meets variety of needs and generally well balanced throughout the frequency range. Even though they are stay within the studio limits, the headphone is not as flat as you might think for it still able to give you a unique sound signature that will improve along the time you use it.

The sound produced by AKG K701 will certainly appealing if you are the type of listeners who revels in unpicking fine details and also want to examine every note in a recording. This headphone has a great detail and render in the beginning as well as the end with a class-leading clarity while the bass is deep too. Go check our previous article on Hifiman HE400S vs HE400I here.

Another thing that you may want from a headphone beside the sound is probably the comfort. As it has been mentioned earlier, the AKG K701 is light enough to let you wear it for hours because it made out of plastic. However, the built is great unlike those knock-off products that often put useless weight to make them look like a premium ones. What lacks in AKG K701 is the poor ability to keep your music only for you and keeping the outside noise to disturb your time.

The ability to block noise and keeping the music only for you, so it is not a good choice to listen it in public places like in an office or when you go travelling. It is made for studio, but worry not since it also comes with an adapter that works with your regular 3.5mm jack.

About AKG K702
AKG K702 is another version of AKG highly comfortable headphone the AKG K701. This one is also a great choice for those who are looking for a high-end headphone that able to deliver not only great sound but also seeking for prolonged use. Coming from the brand that has a great history over time since it was already exist right after the World War II, you shouldn’t worry about the quality of their product.

AKG K702 Design
From the outside, AKG K702 looks very similar with its brother AKG K701. It still built with the same material and design. What makes them different is the fact that this version comes in black color instead of while/silver. If the previous version cable/cord can be detached, this one is detachable. The built is still as good as ever and the plastic material used making the headphone even more comfortable for it is light enough even when you use it for many hours.

AKG K702 Abilities
Just what you can you can expect from AKG, sounds great with an ability to deliver a truly dynamic and texturally punchy sound, articulate and clear enough over the entire studio spectrum. Precise musical listeners who appreciate details will loves the clean extension and tightly focused bass control while classical and acoustic listeners will love the dynamic control moves right up the frequency range to gives you that distinctly articulate every finger pluck and rosin-on-gut string texture in the mix.

AKG K702 has flat wire voice coils to maintain the distortion as low as possible even when listens in high volume. According to the company, the technology used is Laminate Varimotion, which diaphragms allow the headphone to deliver out-of head imaging. Depending on the quality of audio you listen to, this one will gives you an impression of sound that comes from far away than it does in most headphones.

From the comfort level, AKG K702 still a comfortable as its brother thanks to its design. The earpads is soft and fuzzy enough to sit well in your ears. As it has been mentioned above, the plastic material used is making it even more comfortable and makes it suitable for prolonged listening. However, the headphone ability to block outside noise and keep the sound for yourself is still isn’t good. The detachable cord is secured with 3-pin mini-XLR connectors while the jack is 3.5mm type with 6.33mm adapter included.

Now, let’s compare AKG K701 with AKG K702. As you probably already know after reading the article, what set them apart is only the design. AKG K702 comes in black color while the previous version K701 is white/silver. Another difference is the fact that AKG K702 comes with detachable cord, so now if the cord broken, you can replace it instead of buying a new headphone, which will certainly prolonged it life. For the sound quality, both headphones are equally great.

AKG K701 vs K702

- Revolutionary flat-wire voice coil technology
- Patented AKG Varimotion ultra-precision two-layer diaphragm
- Self-adjusting leather headband with 3D-Form earpads
- Bi-wiring, high-performance cable
- Individually tested and numbered
- Over-ear designmaximum wearing comfort for long work sessions
- Sophisticated open technologyfor spacious and airy sound without compromise
- Patented Varimotion two-layer diaphragmfor improved high-frequency range and better performance at low frequencies
- Unique flat-wire voice coilfor higher sensitivity, better impulse and treble response
- Specially shaped 3D-foam ear padsfor optimum fit and ease of use

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, if you think that the color doesn’t matter much, we will highly recommend you the AKG K702 for it comes with detachable cord, moreover, it is for some reason more affordable than the AKG K701.

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