AKG K701 vs K712

For people who are often listening to music in their daily life, owning a dependable headphone can be a great option since investing on something we will used everyday is acceptable. We may have different taste in music but people who prefer a clearer and balance sound may want to opt for an open back like AKG K701 vs K712. Both of them are very similar to each other and if you are also eyeing these two, go check our article below to see what they can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which Type of Headphone You Need
– What are AKG K701 and K712
– What AKG K701 and K712 Look Like
– How are the Sound Quality of AKG K701 and K712
– How are the Comfort Level of AKG K701 and K712
– What Accessories Come with AKG K701 and K712
– AKG K701 vs K712

Headphone Types
Music has been one part of our live that we can’t leave behind and many of us are listening to them whether to just spend some leisure time or to make sure we enjoy every moment on our daily life since life without music is pretty boring. Some of us are listening to music casually without much understanding to what we are listening to and it is fine while some may have some knowledge or even a professional in the field.

Between the two of course there will be some differences that separate both market at the same time also separate the products we used to listen to our favorite music. While there is no fix rule, an enthusiast must use one type of equipment while casual users have to use the other type; most enthusiasts seem to prefer a more professional range of tools to help them enjoy their favorite music compared to those who listen occasionally or just a causal users.

In the market, when it comes to headphone, there are generally two types of them that separated because of their different build and “method” to deliver the song we plan to listen. Those types are closed back and open back and just like the name, these two are referring to the design of the back of their ear cups. Closed back is probably the most popular and often found type of headphone with a complete seal on the back, thus they only allow sound to come out from the front.

In sound, this type of headphone is not very natural in general and has nearly-imperceptible echoes in bass notes but they are capable of sealing the ears better. At the other hand, an open back headphone is those made without full cover on the back to allow air to pass through their ear cups to the speaker element and in nature, there will be no little echoes inside the headphone. Due to the design, this type of headphone will sound more natural compared to its closed back brother.

With these differences, it is great to consider how do you want your next headphone to sound like and where you are going to use them because both types have their own benefit and of course drawbacks. While closed back is good to be used on a crowded environment, they are not going to sound as natural and even though open back will generate clearer sound, they are not suitable to be used outside your house because there is no isolation to keep both the song and outside noise.

If the one you are looking for is a piece to be used just for a listening session at home and you have a good quality audio file, the choice will fall to an open back and while in general they sound good, it is still important to compare items to see which model suit your taste the best.

About AKG K701 and K712
When looking for a dependable headphone, we may want to start from the most popular or well-known brands first because they are the most likely to offer a high quality items for you and depend on each brand, we may also get a chance to choose from their huge list of options. If you are looking for a pair of headphone that can satisfy your ears, look no further than what AKG has to offer you with their K701 and K712 open back headphones.

Both of them are equally popular and the latter even added with PRO at the back of their model name that sure attractive in many people’s eyes. However, what confusing is when deciding to pick between the two since in general based on their specifications, both models are very similar to each other. AKG K701 has been around for quite some time ago and still one of the most loved today with a friendly price point as a good headphone in its range.

As for the AKG K712, this model is released several years ago and what’s very promising about this model is the company’s claimed that they are improving the low-end performance by 3dB over the predecessor which is the K702 which means, this model should be better than its older models.

AKG K701 and K712 Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, both of AKG K701 and K712 are very similar to each other since they are based on the same unit and as an improved model, the latter seem to add a minors upgraded here especially on the headband. This is because both are using a slightly different headband design in which K712 has a slight curve probably to enhance the comfort when used or to make it more stable when you have to move your body.

Other obvious difference is on their color scheme and aesthetic design put on the plate that connects their ear cups and headband because the initial AKG is replaced with a flower like pattern on the newer model. In general, both of them still have a large ear cups that goes over ears and in circular shape as well as covered with a suede material for the padding parts.

AKG K701 and K712 Sound
Now, let’s go what each one of these model will offer to you when used and the most important part is their sound. As for the K701, this model is a very good sounding headphone because they are offering a decent and consistent bass as well as an excellent mid-range and of course above average treble. On the low part, this pair unfortunately lacks in thump and punch with a bit forward midrange and bright, sibilant treble. As for the soundstage, they are open and has a good image.

At the other hand, it seems that what AKG told is true with K712 being an upgraded version of its predecessors and it is understandable since they do give an impressive sound which is improved. It has a slightly better bass and mid-range with a good treble and has low distortion while also perform consistently from person to person as well as spacious soundstage. However, the lack of bass is still present even in this pair and this problem is native to all open back in general.

AKG K701 and K712 Comfort
Beside the sound, other side you may want to know about a pair that will sit in your head for a prolonged time is the comfort and in this side, we can say that both of AKG K701 and K712 are very comfortable and they also have a very similar fit to head with the latter being just a little bit tighter. These two models are very comfortable and due to their light frame, we don’t feel much pressure when wearing them.

In addition since they are loose enough, we may have to adjust the position several times. As for the ear cups, they are big enough to cover your ears even those with bigger ears and we think they can handle many people even those with bigger build. Being an open back also good to reduce any related fatigue and even used after hours, ears are still very comfortable and not generating much heat. Read also: AKG K701 vs Q701 here.

AKG K701 and K712 Accessories
While their quality and comfort are among the top, just like many other open back headphones out there, we don’t find any controls built in the unit itself such as the buttons to adjust the volume or remote to navigate your playlist. Both of them come with a long cable but the latter K712 is added with an additional coiled audio cable and what we love from their regular one is they are detachable from the headphone for a more convenient storing.

In addition, AKG K712 also has soft case in their package which is not available in the other K701 so if you are picking this model, we recommend you to also get a case to store them properly and prevent dust from getting stuck inside the audio component when not in used for prolonged time.

Now, let’s compare AKG K701 with K712. As you may already know, the difference between both of them are on the design, sound and accessories but all of them are slight and in general, the K712 is a better headphone with a slightly better sound, prettier design and additional accessories for better convenience.

AKG K701 vs K712

- Revolutionary flat-wire voice
- 2C the K 701 will turn perception into pure enjoyment
- 2Dwire technology in headphones
- Over-ear design maximum wearing comfort for long work sessions
- Sophisticated open technology for spacious and airy sound without compromise
- Improved low-end performance by 3dB for more powerful sound imaging

All in all, both of them are a great pair of open back headphone and we can choose based on your preference. If you are here to get a good sound while still spending less, we will recommend you to pick AKG K710 since the price gap between the two are quite far that made many people think the upgraded model is still too expensive.

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