AKG K702 vs AKG Pro Audio K712

In the article below, we will discuss about the differences of AKG K702 vs AKG Pro Audio K712. Both of them are headphones which have beautiful designs. But, for the sounds, there were some differences. For knowing more about them, let’s read the article below.

– The overview of AKG K702 Vs AKG Pro Audio K712
– The quality of the sound
– The design of AKG K702 and AKG Pro Audio K712

Overview- AKG K702
AKG K702 is a completely neutral open-back reference headphone designed for professionals. AKG K702 is a tool for creating music. The K702 is not necessarily the best for enjoying music as they do not improve sounds like headphones, which makes music more fun but also means that the music you create with K702 will not weaken on the bass. Likewise, K702 is not very good for because K702 is not sealed, and they are not flashy midrange you are not dancing.

Overview- AKG Pro Audio K712
While, K712 PRO is a reference headphone, open, over the ear for proper hearing, mixing, and mastery. The AKG 712 PRO delivers outstanding sound for critical hearing. They’re super comfortable headphones with some additional accessories. They also have an open-back design that improves sound quality that will not generate much noise, which is not ideal for loud and noisy speakers.

The AKG 712 PRO has a retro design. They are very comfortable headphones with big circles. They are well built but have many moving parts in the problem of headbands that are vulnerable to damage. Unfortunately, they do not offer audio control and are too small for everyday use. See also the comparisons between HIFIMAN HE-400I vs Sennheiser HD 600.

K702 has no peak or resonance, the only sound is neutral. K702 will sound weaker on the bass and has a wider midrange. Obviously, nobody is driven or hypnotized in K702. If you prefer bass jacked or tweaked treble, you will not be impressed by K702. If you want to hear what’s actually in your mix, that’s what you hear in K702. K702 has a really neutral bass. It’s not pushed or bumped like on many ordinary headphones.

They have very good bass, good Mid Range, good Treble, and low distortion. They also appear very consistent from person to person and have an open and wide Soundstage. However, like most other open-back headphones, they lack a little sub-bass, and their Mid Range may sound a bit muddy.

K702 feels like most AKG headphones. They have a double jump harp and one big band underneath. These are all plain plastics, with metal springs. The headband is leather, but the other is solid plastic, even the metal looks like small items that hold the leather strap to the elastic rope.

The adaptable 3.5 mm plug has a narrow calf, making it easy to carry into the iPod and iPhone in some cases. The K702 has a straight cable. The harp adjusted; headband on elastic with the same pressure with the weight as headphones.

While these headphones have original soft leather headgear for light and comfortable. The K712 PRO comes with a mini XLR connector to replace the cable quickly. As well as additional cable in the form of circular cable and carrier bag. The headband design is light so it does not put too much pressure on your head. Large ear glasses easily stick in most ears but may be a bit too big for some listeners. They provide a comfortable listening experience, but their great design is not for everyone.

AKG K702 vs AKG Pro Audio K712

- Designmaximum wearing comfort for long work sessions
- Sophisticated open technologyfor spacious and airy sound without compromise
- Patented Varimotion two-layer diaphragmfor improved high-frequency range
- Design maximum wearing comfort for long work sessions
- Sophisticated open technology for spacious and airy sound without compromise
- Improved low-end performance by 3dB for more powerful sound imaging

These headphones have some differences in their features, but if you want to choose the easy headphones to carry everywhere, you can choose AKG K702. However, if you want the comfort one, you might choose The K712 PRO.

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