Astro A50 vs Steelseries Arctis Pro 

Nowadays, we’re thirsty for entertainment. We need to find as many as possible to kill our boring time. Because, we can’t go outside, play around, hang out, meet people, and do things like before. To kill our free time and to get our minds back, we need to have entertainment around us. The most entertaining thing we can have easily while having our sleep is watching or listening to something. Music Video, Movie, TV Series, Drama, or even Spotify and Netflix for example. We cannot forget gaming as well. Gaming is also as much fun as listening to music or watching a movie. 

All these entertainment things require a headset. Why? In order to enjoy it more, to avoid disturbing other people around you. For example, your family, your roommate, and or your neighbor.  Having a headset to enjoy all these things makes you build your own private things as well. There are so many benefits to having your own headset. 

Now, If you would like to enjoy things with your own headset, what other things do you need? You must have the best quality headset, to begin with. No worries about price, they’re more than enough recommendation for a headset with a low budget. We would like to take you to go through 2 headset products which can be your choice. Let’s compare the highlight points of ASTRO A50 to SteelSeries ARTICS PRO Headset. 


Which points to see first actually depends on the user itself. Some people are looking from the appearance side first. There are plenty of people who are looking for the specification first. Especially users with a limited budget. They need to ensure their requirements match well before really looking into the appearance. But for this one, we will go with the looks first. Reas also: Sony WH 1000XM3 vs Sennheiser PXC550.

ASTRO A50 with a wireless and base station headset is indeed a gaming headset. It looks incredibly awesome and of high quality. The design is so powerful. It feels like combining an army sense with an entertaining tool. It’s equipped with the seamless design of a microphone which can cover nearly to your mouth but still slay it. The earphone looks comfy and wide. It feels like It can block all the unnecessary background sound. The foam covers all the circle’s side, so you don’t have to worry while using it 24/7. There’s a base where we can put the headset safely. It looks good in our room.

Astro A50 Steelseries Arctis Pro 
Product Dimensions 1.97 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches3.54 x 6.55 x 7.37 inches
Shipping Weight2.2 Pounds15 ounces
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On the other side, we have SteelSeries ARCTIS PRO. It’s a Peerless High-Resolution PC Gaming Headset. Unfortunately, It’s not a wireless headset. Based on the looks, we need to say that ASTRO A50 is far beyond. Looking at the design, color, and looks, SteelSeries ARCTIS PRO is just like the usual headset. But one thing we can notice about this headset just from the looks is the details are very flexible to the user.

The bridge between the upper body of the headset and the earphone is seamlessly flexible. It can match user head size and makes it comfy to wear this all day long. Around the earphone surface, we can see foam and some other material to protect it. It may protect the foam, but It can make our sweat gather in that part. You might feel a little bit uncomfortable after a long time. Overall, SteelSeries ARCTIS PRO is good but from appearance ASTRO A50 better. 

Main Features/Specification

Let’s move to the next pointers which is the main feature/specification. First, ASTRO A50 highlights Its top-of-the-line acoustics, ergonomics, and durability. These three features are what gamers often look for when It comes to a gaming headset. We need to mention It’s revolutionary, futuristic, and iconic design again because It tells us all. It has a mod kit ready, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, tuned with ASTRO audio v2, USB sound card functionality, 3D audio ready, Dolby audio, and built-in MIXAMP. 

Apart from that, It also has ASTRO command center software which allows users to control their audio experiences, such as voice communication and game audio settings. It’s especially available in Windows 10, Xbox, and Mac. To mute, you can easily flip the microphone. It’s simple and sophisticated. This headset is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Mac. The weight is around 380g, so It’s pretty handy and comfy. After you buy the products, in one set, you will have ASTRO Wireless, Transmitter, 1.0m Micro USB Cable, 1.0m Optical Cable, and of course the headset. 

On the other side, we cannot look down on the features of SteelSeries ARCTIS PRO. It has hi-res capable speaker drivers, DTS Headphonev2 surround sound, and ClearCast with the best microphone for gaming. It’s made from aluminum alloy and steel construction which allows it to be more comfortable to carry on everywhere. Especially when you’re the type of person who likes to move around while listening to the music.

Just be careful because SteelSeries ARCTIS PRO is not a wireless headset. You can use this headset with PC, Mac, and PlayStation using USB, or Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile. You just can easily mix between Game and Chat while on the play. It can be modified by the turn around the button in the earphone. It’s big, handy, and easy to handle. As spoken before, the bridge between the earphone and the upper part is extremely flexible. You can just put the earphone in a sleep position and It’s still safe that way. 

Astro A50 vs Steelseries Arctis Pro 

- Pro Audio Quality
- Superior Fit & Finish
- Precision Microphone
- 5GHz Wireless Technology
- Premium hi res capable speakers with high density neodymium magnets reproduce a full, expansive frequency range from 10 to 40,000 hertz with stunning realism and clarity
- Luxurious polished steel and aluminum alloy construction offers maximum durability and a consistent fit
- Next generation DTS headphone: X v2.0 surround sound provides optimal spatial imaging for complete 360 degree immersion
- USB chat mix dial lets you balance and adjust the volume between your game and chat audio; Headphone sensitivity: 102 dB SPL


The last but not least important we need to talk about is regarding price. How much money do you need to have to get this product? You need to have at least $399.99 or about 5.7 million IDR for ASTRO A50 Wireless headsets. On the other hand, you just need to have $200 less for SteelSeries Arctis Pro. It costs $199.99 or about 2.9 million IDR. Now that we know their price, we can understand their difference. ASTRO A50 is extremely better quality and high class. It’s wireless, futuristic design, and a cool feature that everyone’s looking for. 

So what’s your choice? 

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