Audeze LCD 2 vs Oppo PM 1

Modern technology has allowed planar magnetic headphones to be produced with more affordable prices. Hence, they are now more accessible for a wider range of audience. In this article, we will discuss about Audeze LCD 2 vs Oppo PM 1, which are popular models in the category. Which one is actually better?

Continue reading below to learn more about:
– The design and build quality of each headset
– Whether the headset is comfortable or not
– The included accessories that come with each model
– The sound quality of Audeze LCD 2 vs Oppo PM 1
– The warranty coverage on each model
– Which model that is generally more recommended

Audeze LCD 2 is definitely a good-looking headset. The bamboo wood rings and the leather headband add a stylish and classy touch to the appearance. In addition, this headset is not only about the appearance. The build quality is truly good as well. The frame is tough and durable, with aluminum parts that will last for a long time. See also: Audeze LCD 2 vs Sennheiser HD800.

The ear cups are swiveling to allow a precise fit. This headset works with a detachable audio cable, which splits into two jacks for each ear cup. The cable is durable, and thanks to the flat design, it won’t get tangled. However, the connectors are rather prone to scratches if you are not careful when plugging and unplugging.

Oppo PM 1 is quite different compared to other planar magnetic headsets which usually have eye-catching looks. This headset is actually normal-looking. If you don’t want to attract any attention when wearing your high-end headset, this is an excellent choice. It comes with rotating ear cups for easy storage and portability.

The build quality is fantastic. Most of the frame is made from metal, although there are some plastic bits to prevent the headset from becoming too heavy. It uses real leather for padding. It is really durable.

When choosing between Audeze LCD 2 vs Oppo PM 1, comfort is one of the biggest distinctions. Well, to be fair, both models are generally breathable and comfortable. But Audeze LCD 2 is not recommended for long listening sessions due to the heavy weight. Oppo PM 1 is quite the contrary; it is one of the lightest planar magnetic headsets in the market.

Audeze LCD 2 will not make you feel hot because it comes with a perforated leather band. It fits very nicely on the head, and it will allow some air circulation. Naturally, the open-back ear cups also allow some air circulation as well. The ear pads themselves are soft and cushy, and are very comfy. The problem is,Audeze LCD 2 is really, really heavy. If you hate heavy headphones, this model won’t be suitable for you.

Oppo PM 1 is really impressive in terms of comfort. The ear cups allow excellent breathability, so that your ears will stay cool for a long period of time. The headband is padded with leather, and is really comfy. The headband is not too wide, too. Oppo PM 1 is exceptionally lightweight for a planar magnetic headset, so it will not crush your head.

Included Accessories
Audeze LCD 2 comes with nice accessories. First of all, there is a 1.9-m audio cable which ends into a ¼-inch jack. As mentioned above, the audio cable is really durable and able to provide excellent sound quality. Planar magnetic headphones are naturally resistant to distortion, but pair it with a high-quality audio cable and you will enjoy next-level performance and you won’t be able to go back to common headphones.

The box also includes a 3.5mm adapter. This is very handy when you want to use the headset on your mobile device. And, you can also find a professional travel case, which is useful when you want to travel with your headset.

Oppo PM 1 comes with more pieces in the box. It doesn’t come with an adapter; instead, it comes with 6.3 mm and 3.5mm audio cables. You can swap between the cables as needed. In addition, the box also includes one set of velour ear pads and two sets of leather ear pads. So, you can choose your preferred material and still have some pairs for replacements. There is also a nice carrying case.

Sound Quality
In terms of sound quality, Audeze LCD 2 vs Oppo PM 1 are impressive. Both models can impress you with their immersive performance. Both are really accurate and detailed.

The first thing that you will notice from Audeze LCD 2 is the three-dimensional soundstage. The sound is immersive and realistic. It provides full, rich instrumental timbres with remarkable transparency and openness. The bass is surprisingly full and deep without every muddling up the other frequencies.

Oppo PM 1 sounds really smooth. The midrange is warm yet detailed, and the treble is easy-going. As a result, the performance is very lush and enjoyable. The presentation is fairly forward and open, as expected. However, the soundstage isn’t really wide. While the accuracy and detail are still impressive, it will be less immersive or realistic.

Audeze LCD 2 comes with a limited warranty that covers the drivers for 3 years and the other parts for 1 year. The warranty coverage is good. Keep in mind that you need to provide the purchase receipt when claiming the warranty, and you are eligible for a warranty claim only if you purchase the headset from an authorized seller.

Oppo PM 1 is slightly better. It comes with a limited warranty that covers defective materials or workmanship for 3 years, but the ear pads and headband leather are only covered for 1 year. In other words, the three-year duration covers not only the drivers but also the other parts, such as the frame, excluding the ear pads and leather headband.

Audeze LCD 2 vs Oppo PM 1

- Uncompromised audio
- Near-zero distortion
- Excellence in design
- A custom designed travel case
- Proprietary Planar Magnetic Technology
- Life-like, Natural Sound Quality
- High Sensitivity & Scalability
- Plush Padding & Reduced Weight for Exceptional Comfort

Both models are great, but Oppo PM 1 is more recommended in the end. This model has a much better, more comfortable design. It is breathable and lightweight. In addition, it comes with replaceable cables, several pairs of ear pads, and a slightly better warranty. The sound quality is great even though it doesn’t have a very wide soundstage.

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