Audeze LCD X vs Hifiman Edition X

If you don’t want to compromise at all on sound quality, Audeze LCD X and Hifiman Edition X are headsets that you may want to consider. These planar magnetic headsets are hardly portable. They are designed to work with dedicated amplifiers. And they offer stellar performance. So, between Audeze LCD X vs Hifiman Edition X, which one is better?

Continue reading below to learn more about:
– What accessories that are included with each model
– The look and appearance of each model
– Whether these headsets are comfortable or not
– The performance comparison between these two models
– The warranty of Audeze LCD X vs Hifiman Edition X
– Which headset that is more recommended for you

Included Accessories
Audeze LCD Xincludes the audio cable in the box. Although the cable is essentially replaceable, note that this is not just a regular audio cable that you can use with any other headset. This cable has a ¼-inch jack on one side and splits into two mini XLR connectors to connect to the ear cups on the other side. In addition, there is a tough plastic case for traveling. See also: Audeze LCD 2 vs Oppo PM 1.

The mini XLR connectors on the cable seem to be very sturdy. However, the cable itself is quite thick and fat. On the good side, this cable is the best for reducing interference noise and giving outstanding sound quality.

Hifiman Edition X comes in a large elegant-looking box. The bundle includes a 1/4-inch (6.3mm) audio cable which is 3m long, as well as a 1/8-inch (3.5mm) audio cable which is 1.5m long. These cables are designed to provide the best sound quality, so they don’t have any in-line remote or microphone that may add interference noise. Unfortunately, the bundle doesn’t include any protective case.

In terms of design, such high-end headsets like Audeze LCD X vs Hifiman Edition X are often bulky and heavy. They often look ridiculous. This is one of the reasons why you don’t really want to wear planar magnetic headphones for daily commuting or traveling. Most people only use these headsets to enjoy outstanding music quality at home.

Nevertheless, Audeze LCD X is not exactly a good-looking headset. It is fat without notable features on its appearance. But it still has some professional look; mainly because of the black finish, metallic frame, and XLR connectors.

Hifiman Edition X is quite more stylish. The metallic frame has a glossy black finish. The leather pad on the top looks okay. The frame also seems to be sturdy and durable. The grilles on the ear cups have a white color, and the color combination creates a modern look.

Like most other planar magnetic headphones, Audeze LCD X is quite heavy. The weight without the cable is about 634 grams. This is something that you will notice immediately at the moment you are wearing the headset. It is also quite large and bulky. It has full-size open-back headphones, so it is going to leak a lot of sound.

In short, Audeze LCD X is not suitable for things like commuting and traveling. You don’t want to wear it in a noisy environment or in a library.It is almost strictly designed for home or office use. Nevertheless, despite the bulky and heavy design, it is actually quite comfy. The headband is covered with huge contoured foam pads with leather covers. The padding is impressively effective for relieving pressure points. The ear cups are quite breathable.

Hifiman Edition X has been designed to allow wearing for several hours straight. It is still pretty heavy, but not as heavy as Audeze LCD X. The ear pads are quite thick, soft, and comfortable. On the top, there is a flexible leather pad which fits nicely on the top of your head. It doesn’t have significant pressure points that may cause discomfort. It is also quite breathable.

Unfortunately, the design is only suitable for people with a medium or large head size. People with smaller heads may find the huge ear pads keep hanging down below their cheeks. This is not comfortable at all.

There’s nothing wrong with dynamic drivers – there are awesome headsets that use dynamic drivers out there – but planar magnetic headsets like Audeze LCD X vs Hifiman Edition X are typically much more resistant to distortion. As the effect, you can expect them to sound incredibly accurate and natural.

Audeze LCD X has impressive midrange. The mids have fantastic contouring and detail. Vocals and middy instruments sound really refined and sophisticated. This headset also gives an incredible soundstage, so that vocals can be truly three-dimensional. The bass and treble are fine, although not particularly outstanding. It is the mids that will captivate you so much.

Actually, you can use most smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players without an amplifier to drive this headset. However, it is highly recommended that you use a dedicated amp in order to enjoy the best performance. Without a dedicated amp, the sound is cramped and somewhat muddled. You should pair Audeze LCD X with a good amp to get the most out of the performance.

Hifiman Edition X, on the other hand, is more about the treble. It sounds really spacious and realistic. Yet, the treble doesn’t sound harsh or disturbing. The bass is solid, tight, and precise, but you won’t get much resonance. The mids, however, aren’t as rich and powerful as Audeze LCD X. Similarly, Hifiman Edition X can be driven by a simple MP3 player or smartphone with okay volume, but you should use a dedicated amp to get the best performance.

Audeze LCD X comes with a decent warranty. It covers the drivers for 3 years and the other parts for 1 year. However, it is only for factory defects. It does not cover normal wear and tear or cosmetic damage.

Note that you should not adjust the screws in the sides of the headband adjustment block; doing so may cause damage that is not covered by the warranty. Also, you should keep the power between 5W RMS and 15W PEAK, otherwise the drivers may get damaged and the damage won’t be covered by the warranty.

Hifiman Edition X’s warranty only covers the headphones for 1 year. This warranty only covers defects in manufacturing, materials, and workmanship. This warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear as well as damage that is caused by abuse, accident, or improper operation.

Audeze LCD X vs Hifiman Edition X

- Thanks to its incredible dynamic, nimble, neutral and transparent sound signature, the LCDX is able to reveal even the most minute details of your mix with unparalleled accuracy.
- Many of the current hit recordings you’ve heard have been mixed on Audeze headphones - the headphone of choice for recording engineers, musicians and audiophiles alike.
- Large ultra-thin 106 mm diaphragms with Audeze’s proprietary Fazor elements and double-sided magnetic arrays.
- Memory foam ear pads with luxurious leather and an exceptionally ergonomic design all contribute to the comfort and sophistication of the LCD-X with the best possible audio.
- Every Audeze headphone is engineered and meticulously handcrafted then rigorously tested and calibrated before leaving our Southern California facility.
- Ultra Thin Diaphragm for lightning fast response, uncanny detail and ultra low distortion
- High Sensitivity allows use with virtually any smartphone or portable audio device. Low distortion and amazing sound quality.
- Window Shade Grill Design greatly reduces sonic reflections for clearer sound.
- Asymmetrical Ear Cups follows the natural shade of the human ear.
- Hybrid Ear Pads’ beveled design conforms to the shape of the human skull while velour and pleather materials provide optimum comfort.

In general, Audeze LCD X is more recommended. It has a better, more comfortable design. It comes with better accessories. The performance is really impressive with outstanding midrange. The warranty is also better.

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