Audio Technica ATH X20X vs M30X

Since there are so many headphones out there, we will need quite the time to find the one that match our preference and taste. Audio Technica as one of the most popular brand seems to always have the right product for your budget such as Audio Technica ATH X20X vs M30X. Both of them are brothers; so similar yet different. If you are confused about which to choose, go check our article below to see how they differ from each other.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a headphone
– What are Audio Technica ATH X20X and M30X
– What Audio Technica ATH X20X and M30X Look Like
– How are the Sound of Audio Technica ATH X20X and M30X
– How are the Comfort Audio Technica ATH X20X and M30X
– What Audio Technica ATH X20X and M30X can offer to you
– Audio Technica ATH X20X vs M30X

Choosing Headphone
A good pair of headphone or other similar devices will elevate the experience we have when listening to our favorite songs. They are very important for us who often listen to music while working, exercising or for those who just want to listen to a quality sound when watching movies and so on. While experience can be affected by both the audio file and devices, it is still better to find the better devices we can have than just choosing random device we can found on the store.

Each people have their own preference thus, not all of us have to agree on which on is the best in the market for just like our favorite genre, we have different taste. However, a good pair of headphone should able to deliver a balance sound for every genre and enjoyable for most people. We can find so many of those headphones in the market, but the price range may differ from each other and this is also why the more expensive unit won’t always satisfy our ear.

Among those many type of headphones, if you are looking for the one that can deliver a very neutral and accurate response with low distortion or want that kind of headphone which used by professional, Monitor headphones seems to be the most suitable option. This type of headphone doesn’t emphasize any of its sond and designed to give us the sound just like how it is so when used in professional manner, they can show which part that needed to be adjusted. Read also: Audio Technica ATH HD700X vs Sennheiser HD 598 here.

About Audio Technica ATH M20X and M30X
When looking for the right headphone, we have to try from the bottom first and narrow the circle while we go up there until concluding on the final decision. Because of the huge amount of options, selecting them will also require some effort but if you want to quicken the process, looking at those made from well-known brand can be a great option and one of them is Audio Technica which we are sure most of us already familiar with.

The brand have a huge collection and continues to upgrade and release a newer units to offer better quality and sound for the customers but if you want a monitor headphone without spending so much like a professional, the ATH M20X and M30X can be a good option. Both of them are brothers and available on the same line so there are so many similar things between both but since M30X is the newer addition, we can expect a little upgrade here as well.

Audio Technica ATH M20X and M30X Design
As you can see from our sample picture above, both of Audio Technica ATH M20X and M30X are undeniably very similar to each other since there is very little difference on the design except the name that stated the model of these pairs. The biggest change on their look is the logo because the M30X is giving a silver accent around the logo which is not available on the older model. The other difference is on the frame because M20X can slightly swivel its ear cups while M30X can be folded.

On the material quality, they are made from plastics but is not flimsy or cheap because they are quite sturdy and can take several drops without damaging the item. They are also featured with metal frame but when we compared them to their higher model such as M50X, the quality seems not as good and thinner in general.

Audio Technica ATH M20X and M30X Sound
When talking about any audio devices, the most important thing will be the sound they produce since we are here to listen to their sound. In this part, both of Audio Technica ATH M20X and M30X are very similar to each other. They have impedance of 47 ohm which means they demand more power to deliver high audio levels but they are protected from damage that can be caused by overloading. In quality, they are already offering a balance audio for the price range.

Depend on what you are already listening to or headphone used, if you are listening with cheap units, we can definitely upgrade the experience with these pairs since there are some sounds we never heard before but which then comes to noticed with either of them. However, they are not amazingly good or will blow our mind because compared to more expensive units, their sound will seems mediocre and still do have some distortion as well as mediocre soundstage performance.

As a closed-back headphones, Audio Technica ATH M20X and M30X are excellent and can be a good option for those who don’t want to spend much on the next pair. The bass is extended along with a good imaging mid-range. The slight difference in specification between these two is the frequency response; the older unit is from 15 to 20.000 but the newer M30X is a bit higher up to 22.000. In real performance, both are rather same since wider range doesn’t always means better sound and treble above 20.000 are not always audible.

Audio Technica ATH M20X and M30X Comfort
The next thing we have to check when looking for a headphone is the comfort because we want to have a pair that is good enough for a long music listening session without the need to hurriedly want to take the thing off. In this part, Audio Technica ATH M20X and M30X are also similar because the improvements are few on the material and design which most affect the comfort. Measuring the weight, M20X is only slightly lighter than M30X and less tight than the other as well.

M20X is less tight but the ear cups in this model is also a little smaller but moderately comfortable without applying to much pressure on our heads. The ear cups may enough for many users but some still feel like it is not big enough and this is what has been upgraded on M30X. The ear cups are upgraded to be larger and can encompass more users but still as light and doesn’t apply too much pressure while the rigidness is still the same like the other unit.

Audio Technica ATH M20X and M30X Features
Looking at both of Audio Technica ATH M20X and M30X, we will get the feeling that they are not made to be used while on the go or for any activities that required us to move a lot because the lack of control in these pairs are very disappointing. They don’t have anything built in on either the headphone or the cable they come with even for the volume control which we often see on many headphones out there.

Some users who plan to use them indoor with their amplifier or other device may not worry about the issue but us still want to take them out since closed-back shouldn’t have a problem when used among other people. This lack of control means we have to take out our portable music player or smartphones out when used with the said device just to adjust the volume and we think it is quite the inconvenient and since there is no microphone on its cable, we can’t answer any call either.

However, on the portability, it seems that Audio Technica wants to improve the former headphone to be friendlier for those who want to keep things neater and can carry their headphone when going to other place. As it has been mentioned above, M30X body can be folded unlike the M20X which ear cups can’t even be flip to be flat for easy storing and transporting so carrying them outside are a cumbersome thing to do, moreover, they have no case or pouch to secure the unit.

On M30X, the design is upgraded to allow people carry or store the unit neatly. They allow users to fold the cups so it can be more compact and even though it still has no hard case for better protection, the headphone will comes with a carrying pouch.

Now, let’s compare Audio Technica ATH M20X with M30X. As it has been said above, the prominent difference between these headphones is on the design because the sound they produce are very similar. M30X is better with a foldable and wider ear cups to promote both easier transporting or when storing the unit as well as enhancing the comfort.

Audio Technica ATH X20X vs M30X

- Advanced build quality and engineering designed for studio tracking and mixing
- 40 mm drivers with rare earth neodymium magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils
- Tuned for enhanced low-frequency performance
- Circumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation in loud environments
- Convenient single-side cable exit
-Collapsible for space-saving portability

All in all, both of them can be a good option for those who don’t want to spend much but still want to have a balance headphones who don’t want to spend much. The sound might be very similar but we do recommend you to pick Audio Technica ATH M30X if you need a headphone with a better portability.

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