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Sony WH 1000XM3 vs Sennheiser PXC550 0

The headset has become part of our daily life. At home, office, transportation, we use headphones almost everywhere. It’s becoming as much as how we need music, movies, the internet, and all the entertainment stuff in our daily life. We work almost 24/7. We need to relax in every

Logitech G933 Vs G935 0

Logitech has been famous for its innovation in technology. It has produced many types of headset, and what we are going to compare through the article are Logitech G933 and G935.  DESIGN & BUILD Logitech G933: This is a pretty slick little headset. This thing has weird curves, blocky

Mpow 071 Vs Logitech H390 0

Headsets are often a staple in business establishment and setup because it is used to communicate through the network. This hardware may seem not that important but a good headset will help you both listening and sending the message properly. There are various options to choose from but the

Logitech H800 vs H820e 0

Logitech is one of the most popular computer peripheral manufacturers and also has tons of options to choose from based on what you need. For those who are currently looking to buy a new headset, Logitech H800 Vs H820e are two amazing options to consider. They are ideal in

Sony WH 1000XM3 Vs Sony WH XB900N 0

The headset is one item that is very important to many people because of its important function. By using a headset, you can listen to any sound from various devices more clearly. You will enjoy a sound that is so clear and blaring if you listen to the sound

Corsair Virtuoso Vs HyperX Cloud Flight 0

Talking about the headset, of course, cannot be separated from the sound quality. Why is that? This is because of the headset functions specifically for listening to various voices to make it clearer. For some people, using a headset is considered mandatory considering that not all sounds produced by

Astro A50 Vs Logitech G935 0

Human needs are always increasing every day in various forms. The variations in these forms certainly make it possible for anyone to choose what they want according to their needs. This need can also be equipped with modern technology, complete with additional appropriate equipment. You can use sophisticated equipment

Sony WH 1000XM3 Vs Bose QC35 II 0

Hardware is one of the most important parts that affects your audio quality and for music enthusiasts, our speaker or headphone must be good enough to deliver the sound data to the ears. Nowadays, many options are available on the mid-end range such as Sony WH 1000XM33 Vs Bose

Corsair Virtuoso vs Corsair Void Pro 0

Headsets are necessary for gamers who are playing with their team or plan to stream their play because it includes the microphone to conveniently capture your voice. There are lots to choose from based on which you prefer better such as the popular Corsair Virtuoso Vs Corsair Void Pro.

Plantronics Voyager Focus vs Jabra Evolve 75 0

Headsets quality are important to decide the communication experience as it affects the sound of your voice and the sound of other people’s messages. There are also plenty of options to try depending on what you want to achieve such as the reliable Plantronics Voyager focus Vs Jabra Evolve