Beats Solo 2 vs 3

Beats Solo 2 and 3 are the next generations of the original Solo and Beats have come so far in the high-end headphones market with all of their collection until now. These two headphones look very similar if not the same but you will notice their difference when on play. If you are interested on purchasing one of them, you may want to check our article to help you pick which suit you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Beats Solo 2 and Solo 3
– How the Beats Solo 2 and Solo 3 Look Like
– What you can expect from Beats Solo 2 and Solo 3
– Beats Solo 2 vs Solo 3

About Beats Solo 2
Beats Solo 2 is one of Beats high-end headphone that was released a few years ago around 2014. This headphone is very popular and chances are you may already see your friend or people around you wearing them on the street. The Solo 2 is released to the market as the successor of the older brother on ear Solo. Go check our article about the product on Beats Solo vs Studio here. As you can expect from Beats, this one also comes with not so affordable price but still with the unbeatable style.

People have mix opinion on Beats Solo 2, so people are in love with it while the other said that it doesn’t worth the price. No matter what they said about the unit, people’s tastes are different just like in music. Since the headphone have been released years ago when this article is written, you may get a hold of it in more affordable price than when it was first launched, so if you are in for the price, Beats Solo 2 is worth to check.

Beats Solo 2 Design
When talking about Beats what has come to mind first is probably how good they look. This Beats Solo 2 headphones were come in a wide range of color start from the standard black to a pretty rare color like Hunter Green. The material to build the body is still the same plastic like its predecessor with some metal accent beneath the band’s adjustment point. The padding is enough to make your ear comfortable when wearing it.

Coming with the headphone, there is RemoteTalk cable in the same color and carrying case to store your Beats Solo 2 when on the go. Depend on what type you purchase, there are two types of connectivity; one is with cord and the other is wireless.

Beats Solo 2 Abilities
Putting the style aside and move forward, now let’s talk about how the Beats Solo 2 sounds and how well it can performs. As you may already hear from other people or read it online, Beats headphones tend to be strong on the lower end, which is great for some people and not to other. If you prefer you music to have a good punch on the bass or prefer bass heavy headphones, this one is for you. When you compare it with traditional headphones, you will immediately notice how strong the low-end is.

The strong bass then combined with clear and smooth treble creating a pretty good soundstage, which is especially well for an on-ear headphone. Even though the bass cant help it get a spacious sound, the stereo imaging as well as the width is really good in Beats Solo 2.

From the comfortability, Beats Solo 2 also brought mixed opinion, because it is indeed depend on the size of your head. If your head is pretty big, then the headphone will feel too tight and not comfortable in used but if your head falls to the average, the headband should be able to provide enough comfort when used on the go or in still position. The company designed the body as versatile as possible with the combo of rubber-topped headband as well as light enough to let it stay in your head without falling off.

Another great thing if you are the type who loves to listen to your music while in public transportation or public places with many people around is it can provide one of best noise isolation in its class. It all thanks to the pads design that give the outer coating more definition, so you can seal your ear better compared to other regular non active noise-cancelling headphones.

The last is the RemoteTalk cable it comes with. With the inline remote, you don’t have to reach your device to navigate the song, adjust the volume or even taking calls for the remote can do it just fine. However, the features unfortunately only work fully with iOS devices.

About Beats Solo 3
Beats Solo 3 is the most recent version of Solo line by Beats. This headphone is released to continue the success of the Beats Solo 2 and were first launched to the market a few years ago around 2016. Being already popular from the start, this headphone promised better capabilities than its predecessors. You won’t be able notice it from the outside, but the maker said that the change is all on the inside.

Coming from Beats, you should already know that they won’t sell their product in the “affordable” side and yes, when the unit was first launched they are indeed very expensive. However, as times goes by and the company probably will release their newer version again soon, the price will be more affordable in the future. If you are not a purist, audiophile and in for the price, you may want to own the cool Beats Solo 3.

Beats Solo 3 Design
When looking at Beats Solo 3 from the outside, there is no single difference on the design since the company didn’t redesign them and still used the Solo 2 body and appearance here. If you place them side-by-side, they look exactly the same. The headphones are available in a wide array of beautiful colors, such as gold, rose gold, and silver. Looking at these colors, it is understandable if people said that Beats made this headphone with Apple images.

Coming with the headphone, there is 3.5 mm RemoteTalk cable, universal charger, and carrying case, which is really helpful when you picked a glossy version to prevent the finish got scratch. Located at the right ear cup, the “b” logo here can be pressed and acts as play/pause button while the ring above it acts as the volume adjustment.

Beats Solo 3 Abilities
Now, let’s talk how Beats Solo 3 performs and how good the sound it can produce. Taken from trustedreviews, just like what you can expect from Beats, the bass in this headphone is big, bold, and hard hitting. Unlike those cheap headphones, this one is not sluggish and super boomy. As for the treble, it has smooth mids, which means there is nothing to cut through the low end in tracks with very strong bass lines or those mixed with boisterous kick drums. It is not too overpowered but still makes the other hard to focus on.

Beats Solo 3 has a smooth mids with decent textures, so you can feel the vocal comes out right as well as enough excess bass to makes prevent the sound feels separated. However, one issue on the performance is the headphone somehow makes a slight clag that adheres on lower mid instruments.

From the versatility, you can use Beats Solo 3 with iOS and Android phones through Bluetooth connectivity. Even though it works just great with Android, you will feel a slightly different experience when using it with an iPhone with iOS 9 or newer since the headphone have new W1 chip that communicates with your iPhone and when you turn on the device, there will be a pop-up message appear in your iPhone asking to pair with the headphone.

Beats Solo 3 is powered by Lithium Polymer battery and the company claims that it and last up to 40 hours when used in full charged. What even more impressive is they said it able to operate up to 3 hours with just 5 minutes charge while the full charge will take about an hour. To know about the battery life, you can press the power button on the right cup and the LED light will show you how much power left.

When you are in a place or situation with no power access to charge your dead Beats Solo 3, you will still able to use it with the cord. This cord featured a remote to navigate your music, adjusting the volume as well as taking calls without touching you phone.

Now, let’s compare Beats Solo 2 with Solo 3. The most prominent difference between both headphones is the sound quality and the W1 chip to communicates with your iPhone. Solo 3 is clearly able to produce better sound than Solo 2 even though it still comes with strong bass. With the new chip, the headphone will give slightly better experience for iPhone users.

Depend on which version you choose, if you pick the Solo 2 wireless, the battery life won’t be as good as Solo 3 that can last almost 2 days for constant use.

Beats Solo 2 vs 3

- Connectivity Technology: Wired
- Fine-tuned acoustics for clarity, breadth and balance
- Streamlined design for a custom-fit
- Durable and foldable so you can take them on-the-go
- Take calls and control music with RemoteTalk cable
- With up to 40 hours of battery life, Beats Solo3 Wireless is your perfect everyday headphone.
- Premium playback and fine-tuned acoustics maximize clarity, breadth, and balance.
- Adjustable fit with comfort-cushioned ear cups made for everyday use
- Take calls, control your music and activate Siri with the multifunction on-ear controls
- Comes with Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones, carrying case, 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both headphones will satisfy casual music listeners who prefer their music to have a strong bass sound. Since Solo 3 released later than Solo 2, the sound quality and price are also higher. However, if you don’t mind about the price we will highly recommend you the current Beats Solo 3 to accompany you everyday.

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