Beats Solo vs Studio

We are sure that most of you must be already familiar with the Beats brand. For you who are interested or just recently have taken an interest on the brand, let us help you know them better by providing a simple comparison about two of their popular items; the Beats Solo and Studio. If you want to know them better before making any purchase, go check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What are Beats Solo and Studio
– How Both Headphones Look Like
– What you can expect from Beats Solo and Studio
– Beats Solo vs Studio

About Beats Solo
Beats Solo is a wired headphone from the famous collaboration of Monster Cable and a hip hop artist Dr. Dre. This headphone have been released since a few years ago and even though the next generation of the headphone already released, many people still loves it for what it can give to their users. Since the production have been discontinued, you will most likely to find the second hand items or refurbished on online stores.

If you loves listening to music and need a quality headphone to enjoy them better, you may want to try this headphone for it doesn’t only comes with a sleek look, but also backed by equally great sound. What has been the marketing point of Beats Solo is the bass sound it produces. The “b” logo is the ubiquitous of the bass itself. While it may not seem interesting for audiophiles and purist, regular people will find the sound extremely good and again combined with the well thought look.

Beats Solo Design
When talking about Beats headphones, you can’t leave the design and how stylish they look. Beats Solo itself comes in a wide range of colors to suit mostly youngsters with their either bold or subtle styles. It may have nothing to do with the sound quality, but when you live in an era where looks matter, this kind of offering will be warmly welcomed. With the simple yet enchanting “b” logo on its each ear cup.

Similar like many other headphones out there, you can fold your Beats Solo to easily store them in their carrying case. Coming with the unit, you will get the free carrying case and 1.3 m cable with inline remote and mic and 3.5 mm audio jack.

Beats Solo comes with enough pad on both ear cups to makes you comfortable while listening to your favorite music. The pad is not thick but not too thin either and serves the purpose really well. Similar like many other headphones, the headband in this one is also adjustable to accommodate different head sizes. If you use an iOS device with 3.5 mm jack, you can use the inline remote to control your iPhone. The remote features select button, volume adjustment, and track advancement button.

Beats Solo Ability
After all the hype, now let’s talk about how the Beats Solo performs. When you first listen to your music with the headphone you will instantly notice the difference between it and other cheap headphones out there for it is clearly able to produce rich sound with a depth. Try listening to Steely Dan’s “Cousin Dupree” and you can hear the keyboard licks vie at each other from the opposite channel giving you a wide soundstage where those instruments are incrementally dropped into the mix as the track progress.

Unlike those cheap headphones that will get muddy and lost the detail as well as the separation among players when more instruments appear, Beats Solo performs really great since you still able to separate the sound altogether even though there are so many instruments there.

Try listening to Marcus Miller Live and More album and you will instantly notice the subtle reverberation with some clarity, which is not too often found in other headphones. You will also feel that Beats Solo will hold really well in the dynamic range and can hold together pretty well without a sign of stress or distortion. The kick drums, however, is very punchy and may feel too punchy at times depend on your preference.

As it has been mentioned above, if you are the type to enjoy bass sound, the headphone is definitely for you. In the high frequency, Beats Solo response quite well with smooth and warm sound. One unfortunate thing on the headphone is the vocals that somehow loss by the bass response. If you are a person who appreciate openness of human voice, this one may won’t be able satisfy you.

About Beats Studio
Beats Studio is an active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphone from Monster and Dr. Dre brand of high-end headphone Beats. This headphone is very popular and when this article is written, there are already pairs of newest version of the product. Just like what you can expect from Beats, unlike other similar headphones out there that you have to listen first before wishing to have one, the Beats Studio already enchanting from the first time you lay your eyes on it.

As it have been mentioned earlier, Beats Studio is an active noise-cancelling headphone, so if you are the type who commute a lot using public transportation or spend much of your times in crowded noisy environment like an open office, owning a noise cancelling headphone like this one will help you enjoy your favorite music better without the annoying outside sound disturbing your peace. If you are interested on ANC headphones, go check our article on Bose QuietComfort 25 vs 35 here.

Beats Studio Design
Since it is Beats, you don’t have to worry about the design of the headphone for it still comes with a stylish sleek appearance along with those “b” logo in each of the earcups. Inspecting the unit more carefully, you can see the thick and padded headband that will lie firmly and comfortably in your head. The earcups are padded with leatherette material and very cushy as well as able to be shifted slightly to accommodate better fit.

Try to look closely again and you will notice a seam on each side of the headband and the metal support band within it. This metal band will go to each earpiece and it still have that red accent native to Monster headphones. The “b” logo on the right earpiece can be pressed and used to turn off your music. Taken from CNET coming with the headphone, there are two thick audio cables; the red one for standard MP3 and the black one with built in microphone as well as ControlTalk.

Beats Studio Abilities
Now, let’s see what you can get from Beats Studio. When you listen to the sound for the first time, you will know that the headphone is not just about style because it is indeed coming with a crisp response. Unlike many other Beats headphones where they offer a powerful bass, this is somehow not the case in Beats Studio. The bass is not as strong as the other Beats headphones but it is nicely warm and balances in the mids with impressively high-end detail and no muddy sound at all like in many bass-heavy headphones out there.

As for the noise-cancellation feature, Beats Studio performs quite well but not amazing. This headphone still can’t give you the complete silence like the Bose QC15, but if you have a sensitive ears or not comfortable with the pressure in more intense active noise-cancelling headphones, you may still able to tolerate the in-ear pressure. When you try to listen to quieter music, there is a constant hiss, so it may not suitable for those solo violin listeners.

The noise-cancelling feature is powered by a Lithium battery that was claimed to be able to stay for as long as 20 hours in wired mode while the wireless mode will lessening the active live to approximately 12 hours. Since there is no auto off feature, you have to remember to turn it off manually when not in use, because the power will still sucked up even when not used. To charge the headphone from its empty state, you will need a pretty long time around one and half hours before you can use it again.

Additional features that have nothing to do with the sound and noise-canceling quality is the travel friendliness of Beats Studio. You can take it along with you together in your journey since it can be folded into a compact size that will fit nicely in your carry-on bag.

Now, let’s compare Beats Solo with Beats Studio. The most prominent difference between both headphones is the noise-cancelling ability that present in Beats Studio and not in Solo. The second difference is the connectivity; Beats Studio can be used either with cord or wireless while Solo is wired only.

From the sound quality, Solo comes with more powerful bass but the Beats Studio is more balance without too punchy bass. The last is you need to charge your Beats Studio to use it from time to time while the Beats Solo wont need any charge.

Beats Solo vs Studio

- Advanced driver design for precise audio clarity
- Beat Studio sound, in a smaller, lighter on-ear design
- Compact and incredibly lightweight, the tri-fold design allows Solos to fit into the included compact carrying case
- Cleaning cloth with antimicrobial treatment polishes and controls germs.
- Connectivity Technology: Wireless
- Pair and play with your Bluetooth device with 30 foot range
- Dual-Mode Adaptive Noise Canceling
- 12 hour rechargeable battery with fuel gauge

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. You may prefer one to the other for one or more reasons, but we do think it is better to pick them based on your taste and what you need them for. If the one you need is noise-cancelling headphone then Beats Studio is the one to go. However, if you want a strong bass and don’t need the noise-cancelling feature, we highly recommend you Beats Solo.

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