Beats Studio vs Studio 2.0

Beats Studio is the active noise cancelling headphone range from Beats. Being released since years ago, they already have more than version in the market, the older Beats Studio and Studio 2.0. These two share some similarity to each other yet also different since the newer version claimed to be better than its predecessor. If you are interested in one of them or want to own a noise cancelling headphone, go check our article below to help you choose.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Beats Studio and Studio 2.0
– What Beats Studio and Studio 2.0 Look Like
– What Beats Studio and Studio 2.0 can offer to you
– Beats Studio vs Studio 2.0

About Beats Studio and Studio 2.0
Beats Studio is the company line of active noise cancelling headphones, which was first released in almost a decade ago in 2008. When this article is written, this line already comes with the newer version, but it is a good news, since the price is more affordable that when it was first released. Being one of the leading brands in the industry, Beats continues to upgrade their products to be better and more satisfying for their users. If you are in for the price, Beats Studio or Studio 2.0 will be a great option.

Coming from Beats, what have come to your mind first must be the powerful bass and this is indeed Beats strong points. However, since these headphones are an active noise cancelling ones, they also able to block outside noise when you use them. Beats Studio or Studio 2.0 is especially great if you often spend your time in a crowded place, such as public transportation or open offices.

If you don’t want those noise to disturb your music, wearing an active noise cancelling headphone will do you good but make sure you don’t have a sensitive ears since ANC headphones tend to give some pressure to your eardrums. If you have sensitive ears, you may prefer regular headphone, such as Beats Solo 2 vs 3.

Beats Studio and Studio 2.0 Design
When we are talking about Beats, we can’t left the design behind. The look and design on Beats Studio or Studio 2.0 are the same and there is no redesigning in Beats Studio 2.0, so when you lay them down together, you may not notice the differences. However, when you look at them closely and lift them, you will notice that the Studio 2.0 is less bulky and also lighter than the original version.

Beats Studio and Studio 2.0 are also have similarly thick enough padding to make you more comfortable using them. The “b” logo, which is the Beats characteristic is still exist and it can be pressed to mute your music. Depend on what version you choose there are wired and wireless options. Coming with the unit, there are two cables; one with mic, one normal cord, carrying case as well as the charger.

Beats Studio and Studio 2.0 Abilities
What clearly set the older Beats Studio with Studio 2.0 is the sound quality. The bass now has been refined, so it is more balance in the frequency range as well as not overwhelming the midrange or sounds heavy-handed in the mix. These two are still more suitable with music like pop, hip-hop or sometimes rock than any other types, so you can say that both Beats Studio and Studio 2.0 still not as good for audiophiles.

But, if you are looking for a pair of neutral headphone, they are a really good option because their full-bodied and engaging sound. The treble in Studio 2.0 is clearer and crisp without sounding harsh like its previous version. You will notice how the newer version improves when trying to play a complex rhythm with both of them since in the newer version there is a good level of agility and fluidity on the show while the large scale dynamics are portrayed with confidence and expression but the vocal will still needs a good touch on it.

After the sound, since these two are active noise cancelling headphones, we have to talk about how good their noise cancelling ability is. As for blocking outside noise, Beats Studio and Studio 2.0 have the same level of noise cancelling ability and it is quite good when used in a crowded noisy environment even though they are not as good as some of their rivals in the market like the Bose QuietComfort 25 and you will still notice the outside noise when playing delicate tracks.

Both of Beats Studio and Studio 2.0 comes in two versions; wired or wireless, so the additional features might be different depend on which version you choose. Make sure to check the product description first before purchasing to know whether they are wireless or wired. The next improvement in the newer version is the battery life. The older version is claimed to be able to stay up to 12 hours with the active noise cancellation while taken from CNET the newer version will stay up to 20 hours.

In Beats Studio 2.0, there is an auto-off feature, which is aimed to make sure you don’t waste your battery life accidentally. However, the feature is activated by unplugging the cable from the headphone, which is an uncommon practice for us and not convenient, so the best option is still try to not forget pressing the power button. Both versions come with one cable with a microphone intact and remote to navigate your music and taking a phone call without reaching your phone.

Now, let’s compare Beats Studio with Studio 2.0. From the outside, both headphones does look very similar and still used Beats signature design. You will notice the difference by trying to listen your favorite tracks using them. The Studio 2.0 will sounds better from its previous version with more balance bass and clearer midrange as well as better treble. Another differences are the battery life and the auto-off feature. The battery life is better in Beats Studio 2.0 with 20 hours (formerly 12 hours) and the auto-off feature to help you save battery life.

Beats Studio vs Studio 2.0

- Connectivity Technology: Wireless
- Pair and play with your Bluetooth device with 30 foot range
- Dual-Mode Adaptive Noise Canceling
- 12 hour rechargeable battery with fuel gauge
- Take hands-free calls with built-in mic
- Connectivity Technology: Wired
- Dual-Mode Adaptive Noise Canceling
- Iconic Beats sound
- 20 hour rechargeable battery with fuel gauge
- Take calls and control music with RemoteTalk cable

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, for a headphone sound is definitely among the top place together with comfortability and life. Since Beats Studio 2.0 is released later than its older brother, it has been improved to be better in all aspects, so if you don’t mind about the price, we highly recommend you the newer version Beats Studio 2.0.

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