Bluedio T2s vs T2+

A good headphone will not only sounds good to you ear but will also elevate your music listening experience. While great items are never cheap, we may found good and dependable headphones in a more affordable price such as Bluedio T2s vs T2+. Being a cheaper options, we can’t ask much from them but they are still a nice option for those with very limited budget. If you are also interested in these models, go check our article below to see their difference and which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for an affordable headphone
– What are Bluedio T2s and T2+
– What Bluedio T2s and T2+ Look Like
– How are the Sound Quality of Bluedio T2s and T2+
– What Bluedio T2s and T2+ can offer to you
– Are Bluedio T2s and T2+ Comfortable
– Bluedio T2s vs T2+

Choosing Headphone
Since long time ago when compact music players are introduced in the market, we are gaining a capability to listen to any music anywhere we want and with the popularity of this type of portable players, the accompanying devices are also becoming more well-known. While headphone or headset indeed has been around for quite some time, people nowadays are more enthusiast about using them. This is probably because we need more isolation from what’s happening around us, moreover, when we are outside.

A good headphone is never cheap and a cheap headphone is not going to be good enough because when it comes to headphone, the price really speaks a lot. Just like many other things out there, a better and higher quality technology is needed to build something that will deliver a certain level of result. The difference is on our ears since not all of us have the same taste when it comes to music such as how the device will give you the sound and what genre you enjoy the most.

A nice pair of headphone however, is not the one with the most expensive price you can have in the market, but the one that match your ears better and no matter if they are cheap or so high up there, the one we will enjoy the most is what we should purchase. For some people, those with balance, fairly neutral, and clear sounding headphones are the best but some of us also prefer enhancement on some parts such as on the low end.

The neutral sounding headphones are mostly loved by enthusiast or those who want to listen to their favorite songs as natural as possible and deliver what should be heard from the recording while people who are enjoying a certain type music may want to get an enhancement on some of the parts to make sure the kind of sound they like appear bolder or more prominent than the other aspects present such as bassy headphones with a weaker treble or vice versa.

About Bluedio T2s and T2+
If you have more to spend, it is good to look for those in the range of budget you have but unfortunately, not all us are lucky enough to spend hundreds of bucks on a pair of headphone we may not going to use everyday. If you are also considering a cheaper option but still want to get a dependable items, Bluedio T2s and T2+ can be a good option to go. This Chinese brand may not very familiar to your ear but they are actually very well-known in their homeland.

What’s impressive is their headphones are accepted so well in international market and available to be purchased in various countries. Both of these headphones are also taking a huge popularity and got so many reviews on Amazon from customers, both mentioning their satisfaction and cons of the headphones. However, with the price range, we can’t ask for much either and if you doesn’t have a particular taste of high quality audio, they are still good to go with fairly good sound.

Both of Bluedio T2s and T2+ are another model from the Turbine line but all of them are affordable and generally have the same audio quality. If you are also interested in affordable headphone but have a slight more budget, we will recommend you another option and you can check them on Cowin E7 Pro vs Bluedio T2s. Overall these headphones are a good bargains and suit those who need a quick purchase to accompany their days.

Bluedio T2s and T2+ Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, both of Bluedio T2s and T2+ are an identical unit from the design alone since they are still using the same form factor and overall look so for those who never actually use one of them may not able to tell the difference from the picture alone. These headphones are suitable for those who doesn’t really want to fall into the generic type because the design they use are quite different from the general look of a headphone.

Like many items mainly marketed for young people or users, they are also available in various color options; blue and red beside the standard black and white. They has the Turbine name on the headband plate as well as the brand name on the ear cups. Taken from Rtings  controls are placed on the ear cups because they are a wireless headphone while the difference between Bluedio T2s and T2+ is on these controls option because the Plus model have features not present on the other.

Bluedio T2s and T2+ Sound Quality
Like many audio devices or anything that generate or deliver sound, this is the most important part in our opinion because this is what we are going to use them for. In this part, both headphones are coming with the same technology so we can also expect the same level of quality with their 57mm driver. This big drive is the one that is going to be responsible for whatever comes from the speaker and we do hope to hear a satisfying sound from both of these headphones.

When you play a track with either Bluedio T2s or T2+, the first thing you will notice is they are indeed made for people who are loving the low end better because the bass we get here are boosted and you will definitely feel it pumping a lot of power. The low end is warm, thick and very boomy with a feeling of being boosted so we can say that it is mainly marketed for the mainstream market or those who enjoys the music.

It is in no way bad to like those songs or having the taste but if you are not fond of a very heavy low-end, you may want to look somewhere else. On the sub-bass part, in term of texture the headphone is not very well delivering the quality yet they are still able to reaches down low alongside the bass. On the mid end, both of Bluedio T2s and T2+ are not as bad as you might expect because songs with not so many mid bass can go pretty well.

Genres like pop or those vocal heavy songs are nice and even some guitars sound fairly good but in general, they are definitely not for those who enjoy classic or orchestral music due to the heavy low end. The last is the high-end and thankfully, we can still depend on this side because the highs are pretty sedate and treble are nice, giving you a rich flavor. This is nice to make sure these headphones not becoming too dark on the spectrum.

Bluedio T2s and T2+ Features
Another thing we would like to talk is the additional features mentioned above because while the sound colors are generally the same between Bluedio T2s and T2+, as another model, the Plus version is here to offer more and those features are built-in Micro SD card slot and an FM Radio capability. Memory slot is nice to have in case you don’t want to use your smartphone; we can insert a memory here and navigate them with the control button.

What you have to keep in mind is we have to navigate them manually so a long list of songs may be better avoided so we don’t have to scroll so long to get to your favorite track. Another nice feature in Bluedio T2+ is the FM Radio and without your phone, we can use the headphone to listen to radio when you like but the device can’t save channel, so in term of convenient, we are not very fond of this feature.

Bluedio T2s and T2+ Comfort and Portability
In the comfort and portability side, Bluedio T2s and T2+ stay the same because they are fairly comfortable to wear depend on the head and ear size since for some people, the ear cups are not big enough to be an over-ear but definitely not small enough to be an on-ear. The padding however, feels nice and soft to cushion your ears while the rotating ear cups is nice to have to make sure we can make the whole unit more compact when transporting.

Now, let’s compare Bluedio T2s with T2+. As you may already know, the difference between these headphones is on their additional features or memory and FM Radio capability but the sound quality and overall comfort as well as portability and design will stay the same. In term of convenient, the Plus version is better and we do like the memory slot feature.

Bluedio T2s vs T2+

- 【Great Sound】Bluedio engineers have spent two years in creating T2S Ultra-big speaker, diameter up to 2.24 inches, trying to bring you the best music experience: rich and strong bass, crisp and clear highs. Connectivity Technology: Wireless
-【Bluetooth/Wired】T2S is not only a Bluetooth headset, but also a wired headset. With the included cable, you can still enjoy favorite music when the battery runs low.
-【Bluetooth 4.1 Chip】It's the latest Bluetooth chip, which can transmit data at high speed and bring you smooth music experience. And its low power ensures long lasting battery life: up to 40 hours continuous music time.
- NOTE: Original Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine Headphones sold by" Bluedio". 【Foldable & Portable】195°rotary design, to save more space and easy to carry& Support Micro SD card(up to 32G) and FM radio.
- 【Φ57mm Ultra-Big Speaker】brings amazing bass for you. But its impedance is only 16Î, easy to drive by smart phones, tablets and PCs.
- 【Bluetooth 4.1】the latest Bluetooth version, brings top speed & power saving & enhanced transmission, superbly compatible with iOS, Android and Microsoft, a perfect match for 4G, standby time up to 1625hrs.

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different taste, preference and budget to spend but if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick the Bluedio T2+ because with additional feature, we can have a more convenient headphone and their price gap is very narrow.

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