Bluedio T2S vs TM

Having a limited budget is always a challenge when we are going to look for something and it is the same when you want to try finding a good headphone. However, if we can give some time to look around, we may able to find a dependable items with affordable price such as Bluedio T2s vs TM. While they are very similar, they may won’t able to offer the exact same things so check our article below to see which the better option is between the two.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to pick the most suitable headphone
– What are Bluedio T2S and TM
– How are the Sound Quality of Bluedio T2S and TM
– Are Bluedio T2S and TM Comfortable
– What else Bluedio T2S and TM can offer to you
– Are Bluedio T2S and TM Portable
– Bluedio T2S vs TM

Choosing Headphones
Headphone is a very useful equipment because this is the one we are going to use when listening to music or watching shows in the middle of the night so you won’t disturb your family. It is also great to own a pair with the kind of quality matching your taste or preference because purchasing something we will use everyday is not counted as wasting money, moreover, if you do enjoy them. While most good picks are never cheap, scarifying more to get what you want is necessary.

In term good or bad headphone, quality and price do play a huge role but above else, we have to rely on your personal preference because we may have different opinion when it comes to sound and the best headphone will be the one that can deliver the kind of sound you like the most or complement the kind of songs or genres you love. It is indeed complicated but understanding what you want is important to make sure we won’t regret it later.

In general, good headphones are often described as those with a balanced and neutral sound so it can deliver the file as it supposed to sound without too many synthetic enhancement that can make the headphone sound too overly bassy or sharp on some of its region. However, going back to the preference part, all of us may like those type of headphones or the opposite and there is nothing wrong about liking them, since our goal is to get a pair with a sound as nearly as possible to the one you like.

Another thing you may want to consider when looking for a headphone is the connectivity and fashion because if you are going to use if outside the house, we may want those with a wireless capability or those with fashionable look matching your liking. Wireless headphones are great if you often listening to your music while commuting or in a public places because we don’t have to meddle with the cable while there is nothing wrong with looking good either.

About Bluedio T2S and TM
If you are here, chances are you want to spend less but still getting a good quality headphones and in the market, we currently have Bluedio with their collections of affordable headphones. The brand is not originated from the US, so many people may not very familiar with them, moreover, those who used to pick branded items but, they are actually quite popular in their home country China and as units offered in affordable price, we are very interested to see what they can offer.

They have a huge list of good headphones but if you are looking for those that can be easily used when you are commuting or want to utilize a wireless technology, Bluedio T2S and TM are two great options to go. Both of them are placed in a similar price point so in capability, there will be much things in common between them but not from the outside. What we love the most from these pairs is they are capable of delivering a powerful low side for those who love bass.

The T2s is the brand’s Turbine series just like the other headphones with the same “T” named while TM is stand for T-Monitor so they are separated by the usage while the latter just like the name is made probably to monitor sound yet, many people not very agree with this one. As another model, the chance these headphones have different additional features is also high but the sound quality won’t be very far apart from each other. Read also: Bluedio T2S vs T2 here.

Bluedio T2S and TM Design
It is very easy to differentiate Bluedio T2S and TM because they have different design as you can see in the sample picture above. Between the two, taken from Rtings T2S is very eye catching with a round ear cups and a slightly bent headband that will benefit the overall portability we will talk about later and a bold look especially on the outer cups.

At the other hand, TM headphone has a slightly oval shape ear cups and the overall design is similar to some Sennheiser headphones out there. While we may have different taste, TM version is a little bit subtle and doesn’t attract much attention, moreover, if you pick the black color option because both models is quite colorful with options like red, yellow, blue and standard white. As for material option, they are similarly build with plastic or mostly made with plastic so we don’t have to worry about the pair being too heavy.

Bluedio T2S and TM Sound Quality
When it comes to sound, those who love boomy bass and strong low end will love both of Bluedio T2S and TM in our opinion because they are featured with the same 57mm driver which is responsible to the kind of sound these models deliver. When you try listening to a heavy bass tracks, these two are going to show you a thick, warm and definitely enhanced so it is clear for who they are marketed to and definitely not for those audiophile who want to get a neutral headphones.

The low end is actually very satisfying to listen to and if you are loving this type, these headphones are going to match your taste but moving to the upper part, just like how many affordable units out there, this part is losing its power and if you are not playing a vocal strong songs, chances are they can be drowned by the low-end. Vocals are also more into male voice than women vocal which is clear with the lower dominant sound. However, if you are playing many pop songs and not some classical piece, there shouldn’t be many problem here.

The last is the high-end and as you can expect, this part is very tame and more laid back but we are also glad they don’t put booster here because listening to artificially sharp sound is not pleasant either. In general, they are good enough for the price range. Another thing that may affect the sound is the TM capability to support AAC codec so in term of wireless sound quality, it should be good for those who use iOS and Android Oreos phones in which T2S still supporting SBC.

Bluedio T2S and TM Comfort
The next important thing when it comes to headphone is the comfort since this will affect how we feel when listening to our music and using a comfortable pair will elevate our experience. Both of Bluedio T2S and TM are comfortable and this is very subjective to people opinion but they are indeed padded wisely to provide a good cushioning to your ears and with a flexible headband that won’t clamp your head too tightly. However, TM headphone has a bigger ear cups to be an over ear.

At the other hand, T2S is featured with a smaller ear cups which in our opinion is in between on ear and over ear so it can be awkward, especially those who used to listen with a perfect fit cups. Thanks to the plastic material, they are fairly light with TM being the lighter option and we found no discomfort for several hours of listening session.

Bluedio T2S and TM Additional Feature
Moving to the additional feature part, what’s not present in T2S is the voice command because the TM model is featured with Amazon Web Services by downloading the Bluedio app so we can command them to provide us with some information like those in high end headphones priced hundreds of bucks. In addition, both actually have voice feedback but they seem not recorded by native so the voice can be hard to understand for some people.

Bluedio T2S and TM Portability
In portability side, Bluedio T2S and TM are also different since with T2S thanks to the design wise, they are foldable so we can keep them safer with more compact form because the ear cups can be folded to the inside part while TM headphone is not having the same capability so we have to travel with the original size.

Now, let’s compare Bluedio T2S with TM. As you may already know, the difference between these headphones in mainly on the additional features and design because TM support a voice command so we can ask the assistant which is not present in T2S model. In portability, T2S is more compact because we can fold the ear cups to be simpler.

Bluedio T2S vs TM

- NOTE: Original Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine Headphones sold by" Bluedio".【Foldable & Portable】195°rotary design, to save more space and easy to carry& Support Micro SD card(up to 32G) and FM radio.
- 【Φ57mm Ultra-Big Speaker】brings amazing bass for you. But its impedance is only 16Î, easy to drive by smart phones, tablets and PCs.
- 【Bluetooth 4.1】the latest Bluetooth version, brings top speed & power saving & enhanced transmission, superbly compatible with iOS, Android and Microsoft, a perfect match for 4G, standby time up to 1625hrs.
- 【 BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES WITH EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP】Bluedio TM Over-Ear Wireless Headsets with a Day-and-night test for 365 days, and repeated voice tuning for 1569 times bring you a new music experience. The world first-level voice tuning equipment from Denmark has been purchased to create the professional mute room for the ears, with the only aim to create the truest voice.
-【INDEPENDENT DESIGNED AND R&D HIGH-QUALITY SPEAKERS】Bluedio TM intelligent headset is developed by Bluedio working team to achieve high realization of three-frequency balance, bringing full-sided music experience. The broadcast voice is delicate and has the sense of quality, enabling you to enjoy the quiet time in noisiness.
-【BLUETOOTH 5.0 & 30 HOURS MUSIC TIME】High-Definition Monitoring Earphone has reduced the power consumption in combination with circuit optimization of Bluetooth 5.0 chip, and achieved clearer data transmission. After 2 hours of full charge, you can play music for 30 hours, eliminating the trouble that headphones with no power during a short trip, keep the music go all the way!

All in all, the decision is all yours to make since we may have different taste and preference but if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Bluedio TM because this headphone look simpler matching our taste and have additional feature as well while the sound quality is still the same.

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