Bowers and Wilkins P7 vs OPPO PM-3

There are so many choice when it comes to high-end headphones nowadays. In this Bowers and Wilkins P7 vs OPPO PM-3 article today, we will try to compare these great headphones in attempt to help you choose which item will suit your preference the most. If you want to own a more than nice piece to be used while commuting and in home, go check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What are Bowers and Wilkins P7 and OPPO PM-3
– What Bowers and Wilkins P7 and OPPO PM-3 can offer to you
– Bowers and Wilkins P7 vs OPPO PM-3

About Bowers & Wilkins P7
Bowers & Wilkins P7 used to be one of the most expensive headphone in the market, but it is not the case anymore in 2018. The price have been reduced and become more affordable for wider market. Being in the higher-end makes you want to know what exactly this pair of headphone is able to give you. For starter, the unit is built with striking design and rock-solid audio that will enchanted most people who look at it. If you are in for the price and interested in upgrading your collection, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Bowers & Wilkins P7 Abilities
For headphone, the most important thing should be the sound. The sound of Bowers & Wilkins P7 is great with a wide range of music genres. It is rock-solid without any audible distortion, clarity issues or flaws in either of its connectivities. It depend on your taste but this pair is actually has a quiet heavy emphasis on bass. Even though is not an active noise cancelling headphone, it performs pretty well in noisy environment. Just make sure not to blast up the volume because it tends to leak some noise.

The one in our example above is the wireless version, but you will still be able to use it with the cable included. When used with Bluetooth, the battery is claimed to be able to stay up to 17 hours and is rechargeable. The controls are limited to only play/pause and volume up/down button. You may also ask Siri/Google Assistant by holding down the play/pause button to do other commands. Read also: AKG K701 vs Q701 here.

About OPPO PM-3
OPPO is more famous in the Smartphone market, but the company also made a wide range of accessories and other products, such as the OPPO PM-3. This headphone is undeniably expensive but if you take the planar magnetic inside into account, it will make the pair one of the most affordable in the class. Different from most planar headphones out there, this one is designed to be used outdoor and look very modern. If you want to try adding planar headphone into your collection, this one will be a good start.

OPPO PM-3 Abilities
When you try listening to this headphone, you will notice the extremely natural sound it can give to you. It clearly doesn’t lack in bass as well as not a hint of bloat to the lower mids. Taken from TECHRADAR this headphone is still not as good as the more expensive open-backed PM-1, but when compared to the products in its price point you will notice how good this pair is.

It is said to be able to deliver incredible definition across entire soundscape with undeniably great detailed midrange, defined low ends as well as natural highs. When you purchase OPPO PM-3 you will also get a robust denim pouch and 3 cables for Android, Apple devices, and for listening at home.

Now, let’s compare Bowers & Wilkins P7 with OPPO PM-3. The real difference between these two is in the sound; P7 combines powerful bass and bundles of clarity while at the other hand PM-3 shine brightest in midrange with its details and presence as well as superior body and unmatched precision. In the soundstage PM-3 is also more expansive for a closed back.

Bowers and Wilkins P7 vs OPPO PM-3

- Charge from your laptop with the supplied USB cable
- The P7 Wireless driver diaphragm borrows key technologies from B&W advanced speaker design
- The P7 Wireless is crafted from the finest materials
- 2 year limited warranty only
- Excellent sound quality from planar magnetic drivers
- Closed-back design for privacy and noise isolation
- High sensitivity, light weight and comfortable fit
- Elegant styling and exquisite workmanship

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, you should base your option on your preference. Both are as great but our favorite falls more into PM-3 because in sound it still better than P7. If you are fine with the price, we will highly recommend you OPPO PM-3.

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