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Hifiman HE400S vs Sennheiser HD650 0

Hifiman HE400S vs Sennheiser HD650 are very popular among audiophiles. So, which one is better? In this article, we will try to figure out the best headphones in the sub-$300 category by comparing them against each other. So, continue reading below! Our discussion will cover everything about: – The

Hifiman he400s vs Sennheiser hd600 0

Are you music addict? Are you always listening to the music each time you doing your activity? Listening music is something so addicted and of course relaxing us. With music our mind that may be in a really serious stress may be at ease by the melody. Also, music

Hifiman Sundara vs HE 560 0

In this article, we will compare two headsets that come from Hifiman, which are Hifiman Sundara vs HE 560. They both are planar magnetic headsets, and they both are known for their exceptional sound quality. So, which one is actually better? Is the new Sundara really an amazing successor

Audeze LCD X vs Hifiman Edition X 0

If you don’t want to compromise at all on sound quality, Audeze LCD X and Hifiman Edition X are headsets that you may want to consider. These planar magnetic headsets are hardly portable. They are designed to work with dedicated amplifiers. And they offer stellar performance. So, between Audeze

Hifiman Sundara vs 400I 0

Over the years, Hifiman has delivered incredible headphones for all price ranges. One of the most popular models is Hifiman 400I, which offers great sound quality. However, the company has released Hifiman Sundara, which is said to be an upgrade over all of its predecessors. So, how does Hifiman

Sennheiser HD 650 vs HIFIMAN HE-400I 0

Headphones from many brands are found in the market, but do not work the same way or deliver the same results. Below, we discuss the comparison of HIFIMAN HE-400I vs Sennheiser HD 650. This will help you determine your search for functional headphones. You will be able to make

Hifiman HE400S vs HE400I 0

Hifiman HE400S and Hifiman HE400I are two open planar headphones that was very popular among audiophile in recent years. Both of them are very similar to each other since they have come from the same line but also have some differences that set them apart. If you are looking

HIFIMAN HE-400I vs Sennheiser HD 600 0

Below, we will see the differences between HIFIMAN HE-400I vs Sennheiser HD 600. They are great headphones with amazing sounds. But, even they have good features, it makes you a little bit confused to choose one among them. For helping you to choose the go read one. You may