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Audeze LCD 2 vs Oppo PM 1 0

Modern technology has allowed planar magnetic headphones to be produced with more affordable prices. Hence, they are now more accessible for a wider range of audience. In this article, we will discuss about Audeze LCD 2 vs Oppo PM 1, which are popular models in the category. Which one

Sennheiser HD650 vs Oppo PM-3 0

There are so many type of headphones out there and each one of them suit people differently, which is why it is important to know what kind of headphone you want to buy. Beside the type, most decent headphone also come with a pretty high price. In today Sennheiser

OPPO PM3 vs Audeze Sine 0

Headphone is an important device if you love listening to music. Not only they will produce the best sound out of your audio file, choosing the right headphone will also helps you more drown in your music even if you are a casual listeners. In today OPPO PM 3

Bowers and Wilkins P7 vs OPPO PM-3 0

There are so many choice when it comes to high-end headphones nowadays. In this Bowers and Wilkins P7 vs OPPO PM-3 article today, we will try to compare these great headphones in attempt to help you choose which item will suit your preference the most. If you want to