Hifiman Sundara vs HE 560

In this article, we will compare two headsets that come from Hifiman, which are Hifiman Sundara vs HE 560. They both are planar magnetic headsets, and they both are known for their exceptional sound quality. So, which one is actually better? Is the new Sundara really an amazing successor for all of its predecessors, including HE 560?

Continue reading below to learn more about:
– The design of each headset
– The build quality and comfort of each headset
– The included accessories that come with each model
– The distinctive features of Hifiman Sundara vs HE 560
– The comparison of their sound quality
– Which model that is generally more recommended

Let’s start from the design. Hifiman Sundara comes with some radical changes compared to its predecessors. However, the overall look is still that of a typical Hifiman headset. It still has swiveling open-back ear cups and thick, plush ear pads. See also: Hifiman Sundara vs 400I.

That said, Hifiman Sundara is quite more streamlined than any of its predecessors. This is probably to compensate for the new design, which is not foldable. The ear cups swivel only to allow you to adjust the fit. They don’t fold completely into a flat, compact form. Hifiman Sundara doesn’t have unnecessary outward curves, and the grilles on the ear cups have a lattice pattern that looks stylish. Hifiman Sundara is only available in black without any other color option.

Hifiman HE 560 is definitely a good-looking headset. It has a dark wood grain finish with nice black accents. Most people will say that Hifiman HE 560 is more stylish and elegant than Hifiman Sundara. Well, it may look a bit bulky because of the shape of headband. However, the ear cups rotate 180 degrees, so you can just fold them for storage and transport.

Build Quality
Hifiman Sundara is very comfortable and durable. It is fitted with the company’s FocusPad ear pads, which are beveled hybrid ear pads made from velour and pleather. The ear cups are incredibly soft and comfortable, so that they can fit on your ears without causing pressure points or discomfort. They are really breathable, too.

The build quality is impressive. Hifiman Sundara vs HE 560 comes with a metal-infused frame which is really tough and durable. In addition, the ear cups are connected to the frame with anodized aluminum gimbals. The headset won’t break, even if pulled and pressed when you put it in your stuffed backpack. The connectors are also solid and sturdy.

Hifiman HE 560 is also incredibly comfortable. It comes with what the company calls as “Focus A” ear pads. These are also beveled hybrid ear pads made from velour and leather. The ear cups are quite breathable. The clamp force is pretty high, but still tolerable and comfortable. Compared to other planar magnetic headsets in the market, Hifiman HE 560 is much lighter. It can sit on your head for a long time without causing discomfort.

The build quality is good. The leather padding under the headband is quite durable. The metallic frame is also tough and durable. However, the joints between the ear cups and the frame are somewhat prone to breaking if you put the headset in a bad position in your bag.

Included Accessories
Hifiman Sundara comes with a 1.5m audio cable. Well, although the audio cable is not exactly long, it is still good enough for use with your smartphone or laptop. The cable is durable. It ends in a 3.5mm plug. Also included in the box is a ¼-inch (6.3mm) adapter, which will allow you to use the headset on a more specialized audio device.

Hifiman HE 560 only comes with a single audio cable that ends in a ¼-inch (6.3mm) plug. It does not come with an adapter. However, you will use this headset with an external amp, instead of plugging it directly to your smartphone or laptop.

By default, Hifiman Sundara does not have any microphone. If you only want to listen to music and you don’t care about answering phone calls or using voice commands, you don’t need a microphone. However, an option microphone is available for this headset, and you can purchase it if you want to be able to answer calls or use voice commands while wearing the headset.

The most boasted feature of Hifiman Sundara is its Neo “supernano” Diaphragm (NsD) technology. According to the company, this diaphragm design is 80% thinner than the predecessor. The thickness of the diaphragm is only about 1 – 2 microns. In addition, the company claims that this diaphragm design can deliver faster, more accurate frequency response while also providing rich and lush musicality.

Hifiman HE 560 does not have a mic. This is a straightforward headset. You only use it for listening to your favorite music. Hifiman 560 still uses the old diaphragm design, but the performance is already great enough to satisfy the ears of most people.

Sound Quality
So, how is the sound quality of Hifiman Sundara vs HE 560? Hifiman Sundara has excellent sound quality. It has a very wide frequency response range, which allows the headset to deliver extremely accurate and detailed performance. That said, don’t think that the headset has a tiring, analytical sound. The overall sound is actually very enjoyable.

The bass of Hifiman Sundara is neutral and linear. It has just enough bass to keep the music engaging, without making the bass overpower the other frequencies. The lower mids are clear and detailed, thanks to the controlled bass performance. Vocals are crisp, articulate, and accurate. The treble is energetic without being harsh or overly peaky.

Hifiman HE 560, on the other hand, has powerful bass. The bass performance is deep, flat, yet still controlled. That means, the bass will not cause distortion or muddle up the mids and highs while still delivering outstanding impacts and rumbles. However, the midrange is somewhat less forward, albeit having decent accuracy and detail. The treble is smooth and refined, with great sparkle, yet without sounding harsh or sibilant.

Hifiman Sundara vs HE 560

- With its all metal headband the SUNDARA is built to take the rigours of urban street life
- New 3.5mm Headphone connector for enhanced durability
- The slimline SuperMini is the perfect on the partner for the SUNDARA
- Design. Connectivity Technology: Wired
- 30% lighter than other full-size planar magnetic designs for increased comfort
- Beveled ear pads for increased comfort

In general, Hifiman Sundara is more recommended. It has a great, comfortable design and decent build quality. It also has better features and better overall sound quality.

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