HyperX Cloud Flight S VS Arctis 7

Based on what type of sound you like better, we can choose the proper listening device such as headset or earbuds and headphones. We can go with any of them or even a speaker yet options like HyperX Cloud Flight S Vs Arctis 7 are promising for gamers who enjoy casually listening to music. These headsets deliver good audio quality and they are not exactly the same so if you are interested, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Choose for a Gaming Headset
  • What are HyperX Cloud Flight S and Arctis 7
  • How are the Design of HyperX Cloud Flight S and Arctis 7
  • How are the Sound Quality of HyperX Cloud Flight S and Arctis 7
  • How are the Control in HyperX Cloud Flight S and Arctis 7
  • Are HyperX Cloud Flight S and Arctis 7 Comfortable
  • HyperX Cloud Flight S Vs Arctis 7

Buying a Gaming Headset

Video games are very popular and while in the past we could only play them through consoles such as Nintendo or PlayStation, nowadays almost any smart device comes with games or you can download and access them from the smart devices as well including smartphones and tablets. To improve the gaming experience, especially for fixed setup, we may need something more than just the main device such as adding a gaming mouse, gaming keyboard or headset designed for gaming application.

If you are here then we assume that you are also currently looking for gaming headsets. Gaming headsets may not be as necessary as for example gaming mouse or keyboard if you are playing on a PC but they can improve the experience a lot, especially for the communication and isolation features. Any headphone can be useful too in case you don’t want to or can’t spend on one. There are some factors to consider however to help you choose the best option.

  1. Build quality is a must for almost any gaming peripheral because gamers are known to be not so delicate and it is always good to have something we can rely on. Most headsets will be made of plastic but the overall build quality will vary from entry-level such as Bengoo 9000 to those SteelSeries Arctis headphones. Some options can be made with metal structure as well to improve the rigidity.
  2. Next is the comfort which is also a very important factor to consider. This is because gaming headphones will most likely be worn for hours so we need them to be as less annoying as possible. Consider the size of the ear cups, padding, material, weight, and the force of the headband or whether they are adjustable enough to fit your head; we have different head shapes and sizes including hair style so the choice can vary widely.
  3. One of the reasons why we choose a gaming headset is because it can isolate the sound for you and for other people in the same space. Headset sealing is highly affected by the design and how well they can enclose the ears including the material. They may not work best when still new but give the padding a time to mold into the ears shape to deliver better performance.
  4. In addition, we should pay attention to the mic as well because it is often overlooked. They are not going to be the best in delivering or capturing high quality audio but enough for just communication purposes. We recommend getting one that comes with some adjustability to improve how you can tweak it physically.
HyperX Cloud Flight SSteelSeries Arctis 7
Product Dimensions 7.47 x 7.42 x 3.45 inches
7.76 x 6.89 x 3.58 inches
Shipping Weight‎11.4 ounces 12.5 ounces
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About HyperX Cloud Flight S and Arctis 7

There are more than plenty to choose from based on which seems to work in your application and since many of them are also similar, it can be a bit confusing. We advise you to choose wisely based on the criteria above or anything that is more important to you. Some people may want to have something that works across platforms while some may want to have a headset that can be useful or versatile for both gaming and music listening purposes.

We can also shop based on the budget range if you have a limit or allocate a budget for the headset. Personally we prefer something from well-known names such as HyperX and SteelSeries for their overall product qualities. These companies are famous for their range of gaming peripherals including gaming headset and what we love the most from their headsets are both the sound quality and build quality. They are well-made, come with useful features, as well as fun to listen to.

If you are aiming to get a good gaming headset that is also useful for other purposes besides just the gaming, HyperX Cloud Flight S and Arctis 7 from SteelSeries will be two very promising options to consider. These headsets are among our personal favorites for versatile gaming headsets that are not only good for gaming but for music and watching videos, overall almost like regular headphones. They are also compatible with PC and PlayStation if you play across platforms.

The Xbox owners may want to look for another solution however because it doesn’t seem like HyperX Cloud Flight S and Arctis 7 from SteelSeries will be seamlessly registered on the console. The two are also very similar in terms of build quality and sound character but they are not identical and in general we like the versatility of Arctis 7 better yet, some people may like the Cloud Flight S especially on the lower end as it is more accurate but still powerful.

HyperX Cloud Flight S and Arctis 7 Design

Moving further, let’s take a look into the headsets because they are styled quite differently. As you can see, Arctis 7 has this unique headband styling that lacks padding but is adjustable like a ski goggles through the strap mechanism. On the other hand Cloud Flight S looks like most headsets, has padding, is pretty large, as well as a non-detachable microphone on a boom arm. The microphone of Arctis 7 is adjustable and stored conveniently inside the ear cup when not in use.

These are wireless headsets so expect to spend more compared to something more affordable like Turtle Beach Recon 200 Vs Stealth 600. These headsets are almost the same in weight at 0.7 and 0.6 pounds respectively and from the build quality they are also good or at least better than those a fraction of the cost. But, from the convenience perspective, we agree that you can convert Arctis 7 into a regular headphone and wear it easily outside compared to how Cloud Flight S was designed.

HyperX Cloud Flight S and Arctis 7 Sound Quality

Now for the most important part, let’s talk about the sound quality of HyperX Cloud Flight S and Arctis 7 as they are quite different here. The bass range is actually very similar and equally satisfying but they are not the same. In general we feel like the sub-bass of Arctis 7 is elevated quite much while it is not enough in depth; something offered by the Cloud Flight S. But, HyperX is not overpowering the bass as well which makes it one of the best bass headsets for gaming.

When moving to the upper range, things feel better with Arctis 7 because overall it is more balanced across the frequency. The overemphasizing sub-bass is brought to the low mid-range while the rest are fairly neutral unlike Cloud Flight S that underemphasize most of them. The high-end is also much better on Arctis 7 since it is fairly balanced in which the HyperX headset recessed it by too much which makes music with vocals and bright instruments feels dull and not as impressive.

HyperX Cloud Flight S and Arctis 7 Control

Next we want to talk about what controls you can find on the headsets because both HyperX Cloud Flight S and Arctis 7 from SteelSeries are wireless connected so expect to adjust everything either from the unit or from your main device. In this part we do think they are just okay as there is nothing special either yet you can still find volume button and typical control including for the digital surround sound modeling feature while the Arctis 7 offers a mixing knob that can be very convenient.

HyperX Cloud Flight S and Arctis 7 Comfort

Lastly we want to talk about the comfort of HyperX Cloud Flight S and Arctis 7 from SteelSeries because they are important as well. What we love from their build quality is also what we love from the comfort part. The ear cups are large enough to conform the ears and to spread the pressure from their headband which is quite tight at first especially the Cloud Flight S. But, we do like them for how stable these headsets on our head are so it reduces the time and effort to readjust them from time to time.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Vs Arctis 7

There are so many good headsets out there based on which seems to work best in your application but HyperX Cloud Flight S and Arctis 7 from SteelSeries are similarly great choices to consider. From the sound wise we actually love Cloud Flight S bass but the mid and treble don’t make them as good for regular music while on the other hand Arctis 7 is more balanced across the frequency. We didn’t mention it above but both headsets have software to work with in which SteelSeries is also better here.

- Gaming-grade 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity
- Long lasting battery life - up to 30 hours
- Qi Certified for wireless charging
- HyperX custom-tuned 7.1 surround sound
- Designed for gaming, the 2.4 grams connection delivers rock solid, lossless wireless audio with ultra-low latency and zero interference
- Widely recognized as the best mic in gaming, the discord certified clear cast microphone delivers studio quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation
- Sound is your competitive advantage with the s1 speaker drivers, engineered to produce ultra-low distortion audio so you hear every detail Effective Range: 12 m / 40 ft
- Immerse yourself in 360 degrees of precision audio with next generation DTS headphone: x v2.0 7.1 surround sound (pc only)


You can go amazing with any of these gaming headsets but personally we will recommend the SteelSeries Arctis 7 because it is not only comfortable and sounds good but also easy to adjust if you prefer other types of sound.

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