Logitech G935 vs Razer Nari Ultimate 

All the best gaming headphones or headset consist of the same three qualities.They sound good, they make you sound good and they’re comfortable to wear over the long haul. Everything else is a luxury, no matter how many RGB lights are involved. 

Glowing lights can’t cover up bad sound, and nobody wants their gaming experience to sound shoddy. It breaks the immersion and, if you’re playing online, the difference between a good and bad gaming headset can sometimes mean the difference between winning or losing.

Logitech G935

Logitech’s made some of the most affordable gaming headsets on the market for a long time, but what happens when it aims for something a little more premium. The Logitech G935 is almost $100 more expensive than the company’s next highest price gaming headset. For that jump you get a pretty wide range of features, like wireless audio, surround sound, and customizable LED lights. Read also: Logitech G935 vs Arctis 7.

Using the Headset

The Logitech G935 features a design that implies a degree of modularity, despite a lack of replacement options. The headphone side plates are removable, revealing a storage slot for the headset’s USB dongle in the left earcup, and the battery on the right headphone. While the side plates, ear pads, and even the battery are removable: Logitech doesn’t sell replacements or alternate options for any of these. 


This is a wireless gaming headset, and like just about every product in that category, it uses a 2.4GHz wireless USB dongle to connect with your platform of choice. While it’s marketed primarily as a PC gaming headset, we found it works wirelessly without issue on the Playstation 4 and docked Nintendo Switch too—Xbox One gamers will have to use the included 3.5mm cord to play.

Logitech G935Razer Nari Ultimate 
Product Dimensions 7.8 x 4.21 x 9.06 inches
7.29 x 8.63 x 3.94 inches
Shipping Weight1.59 pounds
15.2 ounces
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Logitech claims the G935 can last up to 12 hours on a single charge with the lights off and 8 hours with them on, however in our testing we found the headset managed 12 hours 40 minutes on a single charge with the lights on. Turning them off you may do even better. There’s nothing wrong with battery life like this, but considering more and more wireless gaming headsets can push 30 hours on a single charge, there’s nothing especially right with it either.


The Logitech G935 offers pretty accurate audio for a gaming headset. There’s a notable over-emphasis in the bass range, and some slight de-emphasis in the high range, but nothing too far out of whack.

In music, a frequency response like this means the Logitech G935 can struggle to accurately play really bassy music in a pleasant way. In “out of sight” by Run the Jewels, the bass line that drives the song sounds loud and intense, and while it’s awesome, it also drowns out the sounds of the hi hats. De-emphasis in the high range can make those kinds of sounds harder to hear, especially when bass sound is boosted like it here.

Razer Nari Ultimate

he biggest feature of note is what Razer calls Hypersense featuring haptics by Lofelt. This provides haptic feedback for the low end via specialized drivers in each ear cup. It reminds me of a haptic watch I tried at CES a while back from the company called Lofelt. The feature adds depth to the game you’re playing by letting you physically feel what’s going on in the game. This covers the “immersion” part of the marketing for these headphones.

These headphones are a fairly heavy pair of headphones weighing in at 432 grams . That is one of the heavier pairs we’ve reviews which is weird considering that if you’re going to be wearing these for longer gaming sessions. Still, they are fairly comfortable even with their heavy build. The earpads of the Nari Ultimate are similarly huge and made of a synthetic leather. They’re super comfortable and even have hidden divets in the cushion for people who wear glasses which is a nice touch. 


These are wireless headphones but that title comes with a catch. To use these wirelessly you have to plug a USB adapter into your computer or console. Luckily, this little USB adapter can be popped in and out of a storage spot on the bottom of the right ear cup which is super nifty—but it means that if you want to use these with your smartphone: you can’t. It’s only for devices with a standard USB, so unless you plug in the included 3.5mm audio cable (which requires the use of a dongle even if you use Razer’s own phone) you can’t use it.


As far as battery life goes, we were able to get these to last us exactly 8 hours and 22 minutes when we put them through our standard test of streaming music constantly from our computer. As always, we had the headphones to output around 75dB which is the recommended listening level if you want to avoid noise-induced hearing loss.


As far as sound quality goes when listening to audio, I was torn. I’m sure it’s fun while gaming, but when listening to music the overpowering haptics ruined it for most modern songs. A good example was in the song Run by Vampire Weekend, where because of the rolling drums and bassline, it just felt like the headphones were constantly shaking. That said when it works, it really works.

Logitech G935 vs Razer Nari Ultimate 

- The most advanced wireless gaming headset yet from Logitech G. 2.4 GHz wireless delivers premium Sound, complete freedom and a clean Set up without wires. Default lighting- 8 hours. No lighting-12 hours
- Large 50mm Pro-G drivers lets you hear more of the game environment in greater detail
- Lightsync RGB game-driven lighting, EQ settings and more can be customized through downloadable Logitech G hub software. Requirements - Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later, Chrome OSTM, USB port, Internet access for G HUB (optional)
- Advanced DTS Headphone: X 2.0 surround Sound fully immerses you in both subtle and explosive Parts of a precise positional 3D soundscape
- Razer Hypersense Haptic Feedback for Unparalleled Immersion: Provides industry-leading audio realism for intense, in-game immersion and positional accuracy coupled with THX Spatial 7.1 surround sound
- Lightweight & Auto-Adjusting Headband for Extended Gaming Sessions: The Nari Ultimate adapts to the shape of the user's head for convenient comfort
- Retractable Mic with Audio Adjustment: Tune game/chat balance for the perfect mix of game audio and team communication; also includes a volume adjustment wheel and mic mute button directly on the headset
- Soft Cloth Cushions with Cooling Gel: Reduces heat build-up while providing comfort and sound isolation for hours of comfort


Both Logitech and Razer have their own positive points. They both are good for gamers and streamers. This headset sits at a strange and uneasy point in the market where it’s both just a tiny bit too expensive and a tiny bit lackluster—there are higher value options on both sides of the price spectrum. The choice is now yours.

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