Logitech H800 vs H820e

Logitech is one of the most popular computer peripheral manufacturers and also has tons of options to choose from based on what you need. For those who are currently looking to buy a new headset, Logitech H800 Vs H820e are two amazing options to consider. They are ideal in a professional environment and are reliable to both deliver and receive messages. If you are also interested to have one of these headsets, do check below about what they can offer and which of them will be the better option.

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  • What Affects Communication 
  • What are Logitech H800 and H820e
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  • How are the Sound Quality of Logitech H800 and H820e
  • What else Logitech H800 and H820e can offer
  • How are the Connectivity of Logitech H800 and H820e
  • Logitech H800 Vs H820e

Communication in Modern Day

Communication is important because through this we are going to understand each other and messages that are exchanged between parties need to be interpreted properly to avoid any misunderstanding during the communication. There are various factors affecting the efficacy of your communication both those we are already aware of or not yet and depending on where the process took place, the struggle may differ. Mistakes happen in a face to face process will be easier to address compared to those indirect communications.

However, nowadays lots of communication happens indirectly because after the invention of telephone and internet, we tend to use the technology more than directly meeting the person as it is far more convenient. More importantly, such as now when pandemic is happening all around the world, we are suggested to minimize contact and stay at home if possible as well as keeping distance from each other hence communication shifts from direct person to person, into indirect one through the internet.

When the communication happens, there are a lot of components working together to make it happen and hence there are more that can affect the result. The connectivity and software is a very crucial factor to consider because a bad connectivity will not be able to properly deliver your message so chances are they can be choppy or missing in some parts while the software used as platform bridges the connectivity to the user experience. Each platform may have different upper hands or features to offer.

Another important factor affecting your communication process is the hardware itself. When using a smartphone or computer and similar smart device, there are both speakers and microphone in order to capture and deliver the sound data. The built-in components are usually decent enough for typical communication but they are not the best and can always be upgraded. For example, users who need a better sound quality such as those meant for recording purposes, we can install an external microphone in order to elevate the audio quality.

Standalone or external microphones are better because they are designed to work or function as a single equipment thus, focusing only on one thing which is capturing your voice or other sound. The same with audio quality from a digital file or from other parties during the communication process. The speakers in laptop or phones are mostly lacking which is why we choose to use either external speakers or headphones to help with detail and clarity that is not only important for entertainment but also during communication.

Logitech H800Logitech H820e
Product Dimensions 9.5 x 3 x 7.12 inches
2 x 6.75 x 6.5 inches
Shipping Weight9.6 ounces
4.5 ounces
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About Logitech H800 and H820e

If you are here then it means you are also currently looking for a solution to improve communication through digital platforms. For computer users, adding a headset will help so much because it combines both microphone and speaker into one convenient device. Typical headsets with remote mic or common music headphones are usually featured with the same capabilities as well yet, headsets that are meant for communicating will have more to offer as it is designed specifically for the purpose.

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to good headsets and they can be relatively cheap as well depending on brands and what they are offering. Most computer peripherals manufacturers have at least one in their collection including Logitech. This is our go-to brand whenever looking for new computer accessories as they are available almost everywhere with lots of products to choose from and price wise, they are also very affordable. The brand has many headphones and headset or audio hardware to consider.

For those who are shopping in an effort to enhance their communication process or to make sure they can hear and deliver messages clearly, Logitech H800 and H820e are two ideal options to consider. Both of them are from the same family or line which is why in general what they can offer are almost the same. Boasting reliability and convenience, we do think the two are going to elevate your communication. Performance wise, many people seem to love these headsets because they sound and work really well.

Coming from the business peripherals line, Logitech H800 and H820e are boasting professional quality as well. But, since the focus is communication, we do think none of them will be ideal if you are also going to listen to music often or have specific preference about how your favorite songs sound through the speaker. As business headsets however, they are delivering both clean sound and fairly comfortable as well as convenient thanks for being wireless so we can still make or receive calls without being limited by cable length.

Logitech H800 and H820e Design

Just like most business-focus products, the two are not as fancy as our common or typical headphone such as Sony WH 1000XM3 Vs Bose QC35 II because what you get is a very simple, clean headset that works more than trying to look good. The designs are a bit different however, with H800 has the larger or wider, oval ear cup and padding. It is not as large as an over-ear but still covers your ear pretty well while on the other hand H820e is smaller, perfectly an on-ear type.

They are made from good quality plastic and mostly matte black to make the whole device subtle but you can see some silver detail on the top of the H820e microphone. As for H800, the whole headset is black but for the ear cups cover they are glossy which makes it a little bit stand out and may be prone to fingerprints if your hand is wet. Another difference is the control which in H800 is placed on the ear cup cover while the H820e keeps it on the sidewall of the ear cup.

Logitech H800 and H820e Sound Quality

The most important part is sound quality and this is why we need to consider Logitech H800 and H820e because the two are not exactly similar. The prominent difference besides on design wise is from the frequency response because the latter is from 103dB while the former is 96dB. Another difference is on the microphone as the H800 has a common uni-directional type with sensitivity of -47dBV/pa compared to a bi-directional microphone at -45dBV. It can be confusing from the specs alone but sound wise they do put quite a difference.

First thing first none of them are good for music listening or watching movies and only pleasant for making or receiving calls. In comparison however, personally we do think the sound delivered by H800 is better and this applied both in your voice or sound from the speaker which is surprising as we think the latter will be better. The complaint is that the H820e doesn’t only sound thin but mono and similar to an old tape recorder voice at times.

Logitech H800 and H820e Features

The next part we want to talk about is their features and just like most headsets that are meant for communication, the microphone of Logitech H800 and H820e are featured with noise-cancelling functions. We are not very sure how far it can cut the noise around the user but when tested, they do sound good. Some of the high frequency sound nearby is cut and it improves the voice calling really well while also keeping the clarity of your voice.

The microphone can be muted with controls located at the headset and when not needed, we can keep the microphone away from your mouth. In H820e, there is a red LED light indicator located behind the microphone to indicate the mic is on and you are currently talking to let other people be aware.

Logitech H800 and H820e Wireless Performance

The last part we want to talk about is wireless performance as it is what many of us are complaining about wireless devices. This is what H820e is improved in because while they are connecting to any typical operating systems with dongle, the latter is capable of being carried further away from your main device. In comparison, H800 can only sustain the connectivity for about half of what H820e can offer and this is very convenient for users who often move around while receiving or making calls.

Logitech H800 vs H820e

Looking for a new headset meant to be a communication peripheral can be confusing because there are so many of them out there and most are also working really well. Logitech H800 and H820e are both good choices and also quite expensive but performance wise, the sound quality of H800 is actually better yet, in terms of connectivity, the H820e is more reliable as it can be carried away further from the computer and still maintain the sound quality.

- Rich digital stereo sound: Laser-tuned speaker drivers, built-in equalizer and noise-cancelling mic for crystal clear calls and music*. Sensitivity (microphone)- -47dBV/Pa +/- 3dB. Sensitivity (headphone)- 97dB +/-3dB
- 40 ft. wireless range: Listen and chat up to 12 m from your PC-or pair with your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. Input impedance: 32 Ohms
- Six-hour rechargeable battery : Listen and chat longer with easy USB charging. Frequency response (Headset): Wideband: 30Hz to 15KHz, Narrowband: 40Hz to 3.2KHz. Frequency response (Microphone): 100Hz to 6,500Hz
- Padded comfort: Adjustable padded headband and sculpted ear cups for a feel-good fit
- Long hours of wideband talk time. System Requirements: Windows Vista or higher,macOS 10.7 or higher,Linux,One USB 2.0 port
- Comfortable double-ear binaural headset with enterprise-quality DECT spectrum wireless connectivity: will not interfere with wireless networks
- In-call LED indicator and call answer/end button work seamlessly with Microsoft Lync and Cisco Jabber 9.6 and above; free software plug-in required to enable these functions in Skype and Cisco Jabber 9.2 can be downloaded from support pages on Logitech.com.
- In-call LED indicator light. Battery type-Lithium ion. Microphone type-Bi-directional ecm


All in all the two are ideal options but personally we are recommending the H800 because of the cheaper price tag. It is more affordable and sounds really good so as long as you don’t move further from the computer, this variant is a better option.

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