Mpow 071 Vs Logitech H390

Headsets are often a staple in business establishment and setup because it is used to communicate through the network. This hardware may seem not that important but a good headset will help you both listening and sending the message properly. There are various options to choose from but the professional type MPOW 071 Vs Logitech H390 are ideal for typical communication, usually using a computer. If these headsets are what attract your attention, do check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Shop for a Headset
  • What are MPOW 071 and Logitech H390
  • What MPOW 071 and Logitech H390 Look Like
  • How are the Sound Quality of MPOW 071 and Logitech H390
  • How are the Connectivity of MPOW 071 and Logitech H390
  • Are MPOW 071 and Logitech H390 Comfortable
  • MPOW 071 Vs Logitech H390

Choosing a Headset

Just like headphones for your music listening session, the hardware for your calling activity must be sufficient as well. Especially during pandemic like this when many of us are working from home and making calls, receiving calls, as well as doing video conferences over the network to limit physical contact, we need a headset that can help make sure everything is sent and received properly. The network and main device will play a role as well but today we are focusing on this small external equipment.

For many users, any type of headset or even common music headphones are probably sufficient but in a professional setting, we will need a more reliable device and those that are built for the purpose to deliver the best performance.

  1. We always check the headphone or headsets when looking for one because it will be an investment for experience. One of the most important parts is the comfort, especially if you will be wearing them for hours almost every day. This is why you want to have the headset with comfortable and cushioned pads or if possible, look for those with a light frame but still durable to make sure the unit lasts long but still comfortable on our head.
  2. The next feature is noise-cancelling which can be a great addition if present. Not all of us will have a quiet house and working environment which makes this feature very helpful. It can reduce the ambient background noise to make sure the client doesn’t have to repeat their message and we can clearly hear what they want to say as well as keeping the conversation private.
  3. We all know that the type of communication and business environment can vary greatly and not all of us will have the same type of applications. There is no single headset that will fit all users the same thus, it is wise to consider the type of business or communication you will need to do. The example is if you are working on sensitive financial data and need to keep the data private, a DECT wireless headsets will encrypt your communication.
  4. In addition, the cost can be an important factor to consider as well. We all want to spend as less as possible but sadly the best products in the market are quite expensive, moreover, if you are the business owner and have to buy many of them at once. There are lots of decent options with affordable price range but we may have to spend some time to check them properly.

About MPOW 071 and Logitech H390

Now when you already have an image on how the headset should be, it is the time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there and not all will fit in your application or in the price range you want to spend. It is good to ask around friends or family who own one to see what brand or which model worth to consider but you may stick to popular names as well to save time and to make sure the shopping is more efficient.

Mpow 071Logitech H390
Product Dimensions 7.87 x 6.81 x 2.17 inches
3.23 x 8.35 x 10.24 inches
Shipping Weight7.7 ounces
7 ounces
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There are plenty of good brands and many electronic manufacturers usually have one or more in the collection but, among those, we recommend MPOW and Logitech which two are not a stranger in the market. While in comparison the latter is more popular and what most of us are more familiar with, MPOW is a great choice for budget shoppers and what’s surprising is that the quality is also impressive. They also have quite the options to consider and choose which seems to fit you the best.

If you want to keep the budget low or only going to use these headsets for communication and jobs like doing voice over or daily audio recording that doesn’t require impressive audio quality but still being decent and good enough, the MPOW 071 and Logitech H390 are going to be two ideal options to consider. Both of them are very affordable and in comparison the latter is actually cheaper to make sure you don’t need to spend much. Performance wise, the two are very similar however, and you can go well with any of them.

What we actually like the most from MPOW 071 and Logitech H390 is their performance. Not only for calling purposes, the two sound fine as well for typical music listening and video or movies which makes the two versatile for most activities we do in front of the PC. However, we also can’t expect to achieve the same stellar sound quality like those from an audiophile or typical high-end headphones.

MPOW 071 and Logitech H390 Design

Being affordable makes you need to adjust the expectation and the first thing that we are not really fond of is the connectivity as the two are wired headsets which means we need to stay in the desk while making or receiving calls, unlike the wireless headsets like Astro A50 Vs Logitech G935. But, if your typical activity doesn’t require you to move from the seat, they are still a very good option. Being a professional or business type of headsets, they look simpler with glossy finish.

The unit is not very bulky like typical music headphones but the plastic frame is quite sturdy and light. The headband can be adjusted to accommodate head shapes and sizes while the ear cups are wide enough to cover your earlobe without being overly large to make an over-ear style; on average the two are more of on-ear headsets. The microphones on both units are adjustable but MPOW offers a greater flexibility over Logitech.

MPOW 071 and Logitech H390 Sound Quality

Just like with any audio equipment, the first part you may want to know about MPOW 071 and Logitech H390 is their sound quality and here both of them are very impressive for the price point. They are not stellar, crystal clear but are very prominent and you can listen to the other party voice and message without any issue. The sound quality is pretty good and there is no noise as well both for calling and receiving calls.

The two have similar sound quality and for the microphone, they are pretty nice as well yet, in comparison the two are also featured with noise cancelling and this is not for the headphone but for microphone part only. We are not confident to say they can mute the people around you when talking while you make a call but does help a little bit to make sure the prominent sound is what is closest to the microphone.

MPOW 071 and Logitech H390 Connectivity

Besides sound quality, our favorite part is their plug and play as you don’t have to install anything and this is really helpful to make sure everyone can use them. They also seem compatible with typical software uses for voice over and calls. What’s different is the types of connector because while the MPOW 071 and Logitech H390 can be connected directly to computer or laptop, the former have 3.5mm jack that can be connected to phone or laptop in case you have the USB ports all occupied.

MPOW 071 and Logitech H390 Comfort

The last part we want to talk about is their comfort and this can be very subjective because not all of us have the same head size, shapes, and hairstyles that can affect the comfort. What we love is that none of MPOW 071 and Logitech H390 are too tight on our medium size head but they are not going to stay in place as well, in case you move the head much for example tilting it when someone calls you from afar so it becomes loose over time hence we need to readjust them several times throughout the day.

The cushion is decent and in comparison MPOW 071 feels a bit thicker on the ears so the sound source is somehow a bit further than what you can hear from H390. The headband from the two variants are thin enough but we have no problem about them sitting on our head.

Mpow 071 Vs Logitech H390

Both MPOW 071 and Logitech H390 are good options and worth your attention as well as being very affordable for typical business use. They sound good and while there is no noise cancellation from the headphone but the passive isolation, the padding works well in keeping the sound to yourself. The sound quality is good especially for call and music in lower volume. The microphones are also reliable and send a clear voice for recording and calling.

- Crystal Clear Chat Headset: Built in Omni-directional microphone which can be twisted discretionarily picks up your voice loud & clear
- 3.5mm Jack/USB Plug Connection Options: The 3.5mm jack audio cable can be detached from the control box which gives you an additional connection option for cell phones and tablet
- Noise Reduction Sound Card & Easy Access Control: Convenient inline volume control & Mic/Speaker Mute for easy access
- Extended Wear Comfort: Headband and fluffy earpads pad with memory foam and wrapped by skin-friendly protein leather
- Enjoy edgetoedge views on a new
- Unleash your creativity with Dual
- battery and turbopower charging
- Multi Purpose & Wide Compatibility: This headset can be used mainly for chatting, secondarily for music, and if needed, as a backup to a priority gamer headset (It is NOT specially designed for gaming, please DON'T compare it with professional gaming headsets)


Overall you can go amazing with just any of them but for a budget shopper we will recommend Logitech and for users who can spend more, we actually prefer the MPOW 071 better because it has a flexible microphone and 3.5mm computer jack for versatile application.

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