OPPO PM3 vs Audeze Sine

Headphone is an important device if you love listening to music. Not only they will produce the best sound out of your audio file, choosing the right headphone will also helps you more drown in your music even if you are a casual listeners. In today OPPO PM 3 vs Audeze Sine article, we are going to give you more information regarding what you can expect from these headphones, so you will know which to choose. If one/both of them took your interest, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are OPPO PM3 and Audeze Sine
– What OPPO PM3 and Audeze Sine Look Like
– What OPPO PM3 and Audeze Sine can offer to you
– OPPO PM3 vs Audeze Sine

About OPPO PM3
If you are interested in high-end headphones, chances are you may already heard of the OPPO PM3 and how good this item is. Many people are in love with the pair for the sound it can produce and even though they have been in the market for a couple of years now, there are very little who come in the price point that can rival the quality it brings. Unlike the older brother PM1 that is basically can’t be carried around and priced so high up there, this model is answering every complaint very well.

OPPO PM3 Design
First let’s talk about the design, you will understand just by looking at this headphone that it is indeed very stylist and from the outside it won’t fall behind any other good looking headphones like Apple’s Beat. It has brushed aluminum caps on the cups and a black leather-style pads on the headband as well as ear pads. What’s unfortunate here, it that they are not real leather, which is usually used for high-end headphone and it is not a cheap pair. The main frame is also actually plastic. Read also: Bowers and Wilkins P7 vs OPPO PM-3 here.

OPPO PM3 Sound Quality
When talking about headphone, the most important part should be the sound. In this part, you shouldn’t worry because overall, the OPPO PM3 sounds amazingly good, even though when you compare it to the far more expensive PM1, it still can’t win. Taken from techradar, the headphone has incredible definition across the entire soundscape with of course superbly detailed midrange placed between gentle while clearly defined low ends as well as defined low ends and crystal clear natural highs.

As we know, there are many headphones in this price range will have an artificially dial-up on either the bass or treble and in the worst case both. This attempt is used to hide a feeble midrange or to make up for the poor isolation because of loss in definition. This case is not happening in PM3 because it has a combination of planar magnetic drivers and closed back design to isolate your ear from the ambient noise while still able to deliver pristine sound frequencies directly into your ear.

Just like any great headphones, this pair is able to pick out and locate individual instruments in a song. For example in old classic song tracks, you may will notice layers to the sound you never know exist before.

OPPO PM3 Comfort
As for the comfort, they offer an extreme comfort with the amount of padding combined with the big design. The pair weigh around 11.4 ounces, which makes it pretty much light to let you have a long hearing session without the need to take it off. Both of the cups and headband are also don’t stick too far from your head to make you self-conscious when wearing it in the present of other people.

About Audeze Sine
Audeze Sine is another high-end headphone in the market if you are not satisfied with the regular pair you are owning now. This one is definitely not for all people just by looking at its price but for those who are more enthusiast about how their favorite track will come out in an expensive equipment. The company aim at higher-end market also shown with its included Cipher Lightning cable for those latest iOS users. If you are looking for a pair to up your game, the Sine may be perfect for you.

Audeze Sine Design
Let’s talk about the outer appearance first. The highlight here is the real leather and pretty padded ear cups. The build is made very sturdy with aluminum construction in a classy black color that somehow looks beautiful in the light. As it has been mentioned earlier, the pair has a lightning connector, but you have to pay more to get this package rather than the regular 3.5 jack even though in the lightning package you will also get the regular jack.

Audeze Sine Sound Quality
As what you can expect from a high end headphone, the sound it can produce is indeed great. The most important point here is the lacks of distortion for it able to produce equally emphasized sound across the board. Audiophiles will probably like the headphone for the fact that it don’t ascribe to all bass/all-the time philosophy. Sine has a robust sound profile in which mids are allowed to shine without being drowned out by the low-end. We almost forgot to mention but the pair also have a DAC and amplifier built in the button and remote mic.

Since it is not a headphone built to block noise, you may worry about how well this pair able to keep outside noise. It won’t be able to keep outside noise completely, but still good in keeping the noise in, so your coworkers or companion won’t get disturbed by your song unless you blast it to maximum, which won’t needed in this Sine for it will be very loud in even lower setting in iPhone that is known to produce quiet sound.

Audeze Sine Comfort
In comfort, the padding did a great job in making your ears comfortable but there is one issue here caused by the solid built, which make the pair rather heavy on the head, so it may not that comfortable for prolonged use. The cups also won’t fold inward and making it a bit awkward to carry if you are not wearing them.

Now, let’s compare the OPPO PM3 with Audeze Sine. In the feature side, Audeze comes with a 24-bit DAC and amplifier while PM3 is not. In sound, both of them are really close but PM3 has a rolled off highs that some people won’t prefer unlike Sine that will give you a great imaging musical and has full spectrum sound. In comfort, Sine is more well-built but also heavier, which makes it not that suitable for prolonged listening session unlike the lightweight PM3.

OPPO PM3 vs Audeze Sine

- Excellent sound quality from planar magnetic drivers
- Closed-back design for privacy and noise isolation
- High sensitivity, light weight and comfortable fit
- Elegant styling and exquisite workmanship
- The World's First On-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones
- With Lightning Cable for Apple Users
- Customize With The Audeze iOS App
- Lightweight, incredibly comfortable, and fold down flat for travel

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with any of them but looking at the price point, Sine is actually more affordable than PM3, so for the price, sound quality and additional DAC as well as amplifier to improve your audio quality, we will recommend you Audeze Sine.

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