Plantronics Voyager Focus Vs 4220

Having a Bluetooth headset can be amazingly tough. It will not only be accompanied in every moment you have but also relaxing your mind. You will not be bothered by its wires with the simple design of the Bluetooth headset. You can be listening to anything with a good sound from it.

Speaking of Bluetooth headset, this time we will bring you into the most favorable Bluetooth headset in the market lately. It comes from the Plantronics voyager focus and 4220 series which bring the most adorable Bluetooth headset performance.

Let’s take a look closer into both Plantronics Voyager Focus and 4220 reviews below. After that, you can decide which one of those Bluetooth headsets that have the most suitable for you.

Plantronics Voyager Focus

Plantronics Voyager Focus is a kind of Bluetooth headset that will bring into the most incredible sound ever. The design comes in black color with a smart and elegant look. It combines with the silver metal band and red accents, which will get you the best look while using it.

Plantronics Voyager Focus comes with two pads that come in a soft design. It provides you a comfortable pad that makes it so easy to use. It will fit on your ear suitably with the 2-inch design part that you can switch to turn up and down with a reversible type.

Plantronics Voyager FocusPlantronics Voyager 4220
Product Dimensions 5.4 x 3.52 x 6.07 inches8.3 x 7.2 x 2.3 inches
Shipping Weight5.4 ounces15.2 ounces
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Plantronics Voyager Focus comes with a command voice control on one side of the earcup. All of the buttons come larger than other buttons common in the Bluetooth headset. That makes it easier to press the button to control everything that you are listening to.

Plantronics Voyager Focus offers a specific connection that you can pair with more than one device. You can connect it to your smartphone or PC at once without turning off one of these devices. The performance also comes incredibly without any distortion on it. That makes so easier to use so that you can listen to a wherever device that you want.

The USB power from Plantronics Voyager Focus comes amazingly. Once you connect it to your PC, it will charge the battery automatically. The battery level will be shown in blue light with four different levels. It needs about 14 hours to fully recharge the battery. But, you can use it for almost 31 hours and 29 minutes long.

The sound quality of Plantronics Voyager Focus comes in an incredible sound that may be surprising you. It has a more natural voice than you can ever imagine before, without any hassle to hear. The sound comes undoubtedly without any distortion while the bass part comes. It sounds perfectly balance both for bass and acoustic mode.

The dimension of Plantronics Voyager Focus comes in a simple size. It is only about 5.40 x 3.52 x 6.07 inches and 5.44 ounces of weight. It comes with one Lithium metal battery to support power. The price also comes at a reasonable price that starts from US$173 on Amazon.

Plantronics Voyager 4220

Plantronics Voyager 4220 is a kind of Bluetooth headset that will bring you a different experience. This headset comes in a different type of technology that you will not imagine before. The sound also comes excellently with great bass performing that so different from another Bluetooth headset type.

Plantronics Voyager 4220 comes with a great design that will make you look more elegant than before. It comes in black color with a binaural type that will bring you the audio and stereo sounds. The earcup also comes with a soft cushioned headband material that will not damage your ear skin.

Plantronics Voyager 4220 comes with a mic located on one side of the earcup. It is perfect for you to use in a podcast recording or live streaming needs. The mic can be adjusted easily for the volume needs without any difficulty. The dial adjuster is located in the outer panel of the right earcup.

Voyager 4220 UC Lifestyle

The USB micro cable from Plantronics Voyager 4220 comes in a neat way to recharge the power. Once it is fully charged, you can use it for about 12 hours of talk, 15 hours listening to music, and about 13 days of standby. The USB charging comes in a long cable that will make you easier to charge it on your PC.

There is an LED light available on the Plantronics Voyager 4220 that will make you notice incoming calls and battery life. The adjustable volume and bass controller also provides there so that you have less worry about controlling the headset. The power pairing button and mic controller are also available there tough.

The performance of Plantronics Voyager 4220 comes in a great way with a solid sound. It comes so smooth without making your ear sick after hearing by the headset. The clarity of its sounds comes so rich to hear with wideband audio that supports both HD audio and sound. Read also: Jabra Evolve 75 Vs 65.

The dimension of Plantronics Voyager 4220 comes in lighter size. It is the only size at about 8.30 x 7.20 x 2.30 inches and 15.2 ounces of weight. It comes with one Lithium-ion battery that already includes in the box. The price also comes with a reasonable rate that starts from US$219 on Amazon.

Plantronics Voyager Focus Vs 4220

- Noise-canceling technology reduces background sounds to keep you focused
- Bluetooth technology lets you roam freely for up to 98'
- Multidevice connectivity syncs seamlessly to your compatible mobile devices
- Dedicated mute button provides quick mute access when on a call
- ZONE IN: Dual speakers with soft leatherette ear cushions and adjustable headband allows you to block out the background noise and focus on your calls or music
- CRYSTAL CLEAR AUDIO: Wideband audio and noise canceling microphone allows you to hear and be heard crystl clear
- SEAMLESS CONNECTIVITY: The Plantronics Voyager 4220 makes it easy to switch between your PC/Mac and mobile devices
- ON CALL INDICATOR: When on a call the Voyager 4220 has an LED light that will allow others around know you're on a call

Which One Do You Prefer?

After getting the review above, we jump to the conclusion that the Plantronics Voyager Focus series is a better way to pick than the 4220 series. As it comes from the price, the 4220 comes in a pricey way that makes you need to think again about your budget.

As it comes from the performances, Plantronics Voyager Focus comes in a more solid sound comparing with the 4220 series. The sound comes in a more balanced way with excellent sound quality. Besides, the long battery also comes in a longer way than the 4220 series.

On the other hand, Plantronics Voyager 4220 has an average clarity sound that not in HD mode just like they said from the company. that is why the Plantronics Voyager Focus has a greater performance with solid sounds comes out from the earcup.

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