Plantronics Voyager Focus vs Jabra Evolve 65

During this pandemic situation, many facilities continue to direct nonclinical staff to work from home or other remote locations. The arrangement keeps employees — including those tasked with scheduling, billing assistance and even providing virtual care — safe while supporting critical business continuity.

In the market of Bluetooth headset, Plantronics and Jabra are two of the best selling products recommended by many users. If you’re got stuck between those two, reading through this article might help you to choose one. This time, let’s talk about Plantronics Voyager Focus and Jabra Evolve 65.

Plantronics Voyager Focus


The Focus UC has a really interesting design, especially considering the other headsets on the market. Usually, a headset that’s focused on business calls sticks to blacks, grays, and silvers. While Voyager Focus does lean heavily on this color scheme, it folds in some interesting pops of red both in the headband elastic as well as underneath the mesh holes on the ear cups. It seems like a bit of an odd choice for an office peripheral, but this tells us that Plantronics is not afraid to let their products lean a bit in other directions. Read also: Astro A50 vs Turtle Beach Elite 800X.


Suprisingly, its sound response was obviously not as great as you’d get from dedicated music headphones, but it was a good deal better than other call headsets, with a good amount of bass and rich response in the key vocal frequencies. Naturally, you can hear phone calls well on this headset, but with a three-mic array that aims to optimize your voice through background noise, the speaking quality was pretty great to hear, too.

 Plantronics Voyager FocusJabra Evolve 65
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Product Dimensions 5.4 x 3.52 x 6.07 inches
0.79 x 2.73 x 3.19 inches
Shipping Weight5.4 ounces
5.6 ounces

Moreover, Plantronics has decided to go with a three-mic system rather than the four-mic system found on the less expensive, single-ear Voyager 5200. We found that the call quality was really great, but perhaps not quite as pointed and directional as on the 5200. Finally, with fairly decent active noise canceling, it was easy to zero in on the speaking voice, even in noisier office or outdoor environments.

On the other ear cup is a giant Call Answer button. The On/Off toggle switch doubles as the Bluetooth pairing switch just by holding the toggle in the opposite direction. There’s also an Open Mic/Mute button that allows you to mute your voice on-demand when you’re on a call. What’s great about this is that the headset will use smart sensors on the speaker to recognize whether you put the headset down or not, and will toggle the mute for you automatically. It even beeps at you if you try to talk when it’s on mute.

Jabra Evolve 65

Sound Quality

The most important feature of headset is sound quality.  During testing out, this headset works well while keeping in touch with the family via Skype was high on my to do list.  It was able to make clear and crisp calls from the US to the UK over Skype, call quality was excellent.  With the wireless facility this device allows you to walk around the hotel room easily without losing any quality in the sound quality. While testing the headset to a few of my Spotify playlists, the quality didn’t match my manufacturer headphones, though it is easy to use for listening to music in the office in between calls etc.


Comfort is another important feature for any headset/headphones, especially in a work place environment as you might be expecting to wear them up several hours at a time.   This Jabra headset has well designed ear cushions and the headset is light, you don’t feel it while wearing it.  Even when I had my glasses on and using the headset it felt comfortable – which is a big win in my eyes. The ability to fold up the microphone into the headset so you can enjoy a coffee or snack etc while wearing the headset is a nice touch as well. 

There is a magnetic strip build into the microphone and headset band in order to securely tuck the microphone away, this is a nice idea but doesn’t quite work all the time as the microphone did some loose a few times. The headset feels like it is well built and it can fold up in a neat way in order to pack away into it’s carry case for travelling purposes.  And again it’s lightweight and compact enough not to have any impact when it’s in your bag.

Noise Cancellation

I got the chance to test out the noise cancellation ability in a busy hotel lobby and at the airport.  I was pleasantly surprised on both occasions, despite the hustle and bustle going on around me I could hear the other person clearly and they were able to hear me without too much background noise creeping in.  The only thing the headset couldn’t cope with was the announcements over the airport!

Plantronics Voyager Focus vs Jabra Evolve 65

- Noise-canceling technology reduces background sounds to keep you focused
- Bluetooth technology lets you roam freely for up to 98'
- Multidevice connectivity syncs seamlessly to your compatible mobile devices
-Dedicated mute button provides quick mute access when on a call
- Compatibility – This pro headset works with all leading UC platforms. Certified for Skype for Business, Cisco, and more. It is also compatible with all of the most popular online voice call services.
- Included components: Warranty statement
- Compatible devices: Universal
- Compatible phone models: Unspecified


The Jabra Evolve 65 is arguably the only real competitor in the field, as Jabra and Plantronics are the two main brands that have headsets within this price point. For the most part, the Jabra offers some interesting visual features and workflow additions, while the Plantronics seems a better value with clearer call quality. The final decision is upon you now.

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