Poly Voyager Focus 2 Vs Voyager 4320

Plantronics is one of the best options for office headsets because they have many to offer and at varying price ranges with essential features. The Poly Voyager Focus 2 Vs Voyager 4320 have similar price points, making you wonder which to choose. These headsets offer similar abilities and are best for calls but not for casual users, especially outdoors. Today we will see what these headsets can offer, similarities, and differences to help you find the best model.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • What are the Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320?
  • How is the Design of Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320?
  • How is the Sound Quality of Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320?
  • How is the Microphone Quality in Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320?
  • What is the Connectivity Mode in Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320?
  • How is the Battery Life of Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320?
  • Poly Voyager Focus 2 Vs Voyager 4320
  • Which Office Headset to Buy?
Poly Voyager Focus 2Poly Voyager 4320
Product Dimensions 4 x 5 x 2.8 inches
4.33 x 8.27 x 7.09 inches
Shipping Weight6.2 ounces
1.41 pounds
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About the Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320

The best thing about a headset is the microphone because it is often better than your headphones. The microphone is crucial so your speech is intelligible by the other parties, especially when making or receiving calls and during video conferences. The headset is handy for other purposes, including music, gaming, and other entertainment, but usually not optimized for these applications. Many office headsets work well, while some are better, like the Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320 from Plantronics. Read also: Poly Voyager Focus 2 Vs Sony WH-1000XM4.

This company has many good office headsets and is affordable compared to similar options, such as those from Logitech and Jabra. However, the quality is similar, depending on the model. The Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320 are similar in price and offer similar features, but the Focus 2 is the higher model as it also has ANC. Active Noise Canceling, or the technology to block outside noise, improves the listening experience but also requires more power and sometimes messes with the audio performance.

The Focus 2 is slightly more expensive than Voyager 4320, even at a discounted price. The main difference between these headsets is the feature, but not everyone wants or needs it. Depending on the seller, the price may vary, but Focus 2 is still the more expensive. The sound quality is okay for a headset. While they won’t satisfy enthusiasts, they should be fun for casual music listening when you need a break.

Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320 Design

Another difference between Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320 is the design because the Focus 2 has better construction, especially on the headband with a metal frame and slightly thicker padding. The Focus 2 is slightly heavier, but the difference is not apparent when the headset sits on your head. The design is similarly on-ear with a round cup holder that sits on the ears. The purchase comes with a charging dock to place the headset when idle. The packaging also includes the dongle and cable.

Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320 Sound Quality

The first thing we want to see in Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320 is the sound quality, which affects the experience. These headsets are versatile and fun for calls and applications, including entertainment. We don’t have complaints about the sound quality because the clarity is good, and you can hear speech or understand the message without any issues. The driver is less than you often find on dedicated headphones, but they are equally fun, with decent delivery in all frequency ranges.

The main difference is in active noise canceling because the Voyager 4320 lacks this feature. Active noise canceling is a technology to block outside noise and improve the listening experience. The Voyager Focus 2 has a good ANC but can’t beat headphones or earbuds designed specifically for entertainment. The on-ear design doesn’t help much in sealing the ears, but you should hear less background noise when activating ANC. The earcup houses a switch to adjust the ANC level.

Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320 Microphone Quality

The microphone is the next part we want to see in Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320. Office headsets usually focus on the microphone’s performance because we need the best quality to transfer the message. These headsets are identical in quality, with some differences. The clarity is impressive, and both headsets have noise reduction to prevent background noise from getting into the mic. The difference is in the design and how you mute the microphone.

The Voyager 4320 has a red button on the boom wand to mute the microphone, while Focus 2 requires you to flip the mic into an upward position to mute. Our favorite part of this design is that you can rotate the mic, changing the headset’s placement, making it ambidextrous. The versatility stays indoors because neither of these headsets has a removable microphone.

Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320 Connectivity

We want to see the connectivity mode in Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320, for there are a few options. You can still use them with low batteries because they work in wired mode with the included USB cable. The packaging includes the USB adapter to connect to the computer or laptop. You can also use Bluetooth to connect them to other devices; these headsets connect up to two devices simultaneously via Bluetooth. The Voyager 4320 has Bluetooth 4.2 versus 4.1 on the Focus 2 with a similar range.

Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320 Battery Life

Lastly, let’s see the battery life in Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320 as you need to charge them or use the headset in wired mode. The actual battery life may vary based on the application and volume level. Plantronics claims the talk time with busy light off is 25 and 24 hours, respectively. The Focus 2 has a bigger battery but more features, and its listening time is reduced to 16 hours with the active ANC. As for the listening time, the Voyager 4320 is longer, up to 47 hours, versus 40 hours. Read also: Poly Voyager Focus 2 Vs Logitech Zone Wireless.

Poly Voyager Focus 2 Vs Voyager 4320

The Poly Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4320 are equally good options with some differences. The main difference is on the ANC because it is only available on Focus 2. The other difference is in the design and battery life because the Focus 2 has a better build quality, but the Voyager 4320 has a longer battery life. The Focus 2 is more expensive, but this headset is often discounted; you can find it at a similar price.

- Audio performance: Adjust the noise canceling level for your personal preference with three options of Advanced Digital Hybrid active noise canceling (ANC)—high, low and off.Connector Type:USB Type A
- Poly Acoustic Fence technology: Advanced multi-microphone noise canceling so callers hear you and not your surroundings
- Smart technology: Dynamic Mute Alert tells you if you speak while muted
- Comfort: Lightweight headband with sling and plush ear cushions for all-day comfort
- Audio Quality: Callers hear you — not your surroundings, with a noise-canceling dual mic with Acoustic Fence technology to block out background noise in a flexible microphone boom.Connector Type:USB Type A
- Connectivity and Mobility: Connect to a computer via BT700 Bluetooth adapter, Intel Evo compliant accessory for native Bluetooth connection on supported laptops*, or mobile via Bluetooth 5.2. Move around freely with up to 50 m/164 ft of Bluetooth wireless range (with included BT700 USB Adapter). * Intel, the Intel logo, and Intel Evo are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries. Intel technologies may require enabled hardware, software or operating system support
- Versatility: Use wireless (up to 24 hours of wireless talk time) with the included Bluetooth adapter or as a wired headset with audio over USB cable mode. Works with Teams, Zoom, and more
- Wearing Style: Lightweight stereo headset with passive noise isolation designed to keep you in the zone. Enjoy all day wearing thanks to a comfortable and adjustable padded headband


The decision is yours because we may have different applications. We recommend the Voyager Focus 2 because this headset has ANC, which is handy if you work in a public space with others and want a better listening experience. The microphone performance is similarly good and is ambidextrous for different users.

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