Sennheiser Game Zero vs Gsp 600

A good headset means an enhanced experience and in gaming, they are important to let us enjoy the story by making the sound more pleasant to ears. Most gaming headset are not cheap but some are affordable like Sennheiser Game Zero vs GSP 600. These headset are the favorites of many people and are able to deliver a good sound in various genres. If you also interested in these two, go check our article below to see which the best option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a gaming headset
– What are Sennheiser Game Zero and GSP 600
– What Sennheiser Game Zero and GSP 600 Look Like
– Can Sennheiser Game Zero and GSP 600 produce a good sound
– Is Sennheiser Game Zero and GSP 600 comfortable
– Sennheiser Game Zero vs GSP 600

Gaming Headset
Some people may prefer to mute their game when playing but most of us prefer the other way because the sound effects and music makes the experience and play feels more real which of course we often seek when playing any game. A good headset will promote this experience by producing a realistic sound or depend on the users’ taste, we usually can tweak the adjustment to fit our preference better or leave it the way it comes from the manufacture.

Just like music enthusiast, gamers also prefer quality headset and even though most of them are not cheap, there may be some good items out there with a fairly affordable price compared to the higher-end items because again, an expensive item may not always suit your preference. We all have our own style, so the best way is to choose which will provide the best benefit for our needs, which is why we have to gather some information first before deciding on which item to pick.

Some people suggests that it is best to just buy a great headphones out there and purchase additional standalone microphone but for those who don’t want to place many items in their desk, a gaming headset is still the best option. Just like many things else, one of the best way to look for a product is by the brand because a good and reputable name will most likely also offer a dependable products and the brand who always have a nice collection for audio devices is Sennheiser.

About Sennheiser Game Zero and GSP 600
We are sure most of you already heard the name before or even have one of their headset because this one is among the leaders in the market and the company not only offer quality headphone for music listeners, they also offer headset for gamers. Sennheiser actually have several models in their catalogue that specially designed for gaming purpose but two of the most popular are Sennheiser Game Zero vs GSP 600 which are separated by years for the release and a nice affordable gaming headset to pick if you don’t want to spend too much.

Sennheiser Game Zero is an older release by the brand because this one is already available since 2013 along with its brother with the same design but different in types for the other is using an open back design while this one is closed back, if you are interested in an open back gaming headset, go check them in our previous article on Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero. Since it has been in the market for quite some time, the price is also more affordable than many others.

At the other hand Sennheiser GSP 600 is released not long ago this year and currently the newest gaming headset by the brand. By the release of this one, it seems that Sennheiser is still continue trying to compete in gaming headset categories because even though they are among the leading brands for regular headphone in the market now, it seems that their gaming headset still somehow can’t be as good as their products made for music listening or even for enthusiast.

Sennheiser Game Zero and GSP 600 Design
Looking from the sample picture above, we can see that Sennheiser use a different design for these headsets and it is understandable since they are coming from a different line. The Game series are more modest and look like a regular stylish headphone with a microphone and a little detail to make sure people see the unit as a gaming headset. Along the years, gaming headset are coming with more distinct shape and this is the best way to describe GSP 600 with its game centric design.

The first thing cross our mind when looking at this headset is “big” because it measures roughly at 7.5 inches and weighing around 13 ounces made from black plastic with red highlights in some of its parts like the volume wheel and around the microphone. Some silver addition is present as well along with the brand name. People may have different taste, but as a gaming headset, this kind of design is good to make it stands out.

Sennheiser Game Zero and GSP 600 Sound
What we need to check when looking for headphone or headset is the sound they produce and in this field, we are sure all of us already know how good Sennheiser made their products and this is also mirrored on Game Zero. The headset is not the best out there but are a good choice to make if you want an affordable gaming headset that will deliver a natural sound because this one is said to give you a crystal clear sound while navigating through your game like in Overwatch for example.

Additionally, not only the sound effects or theme, the mission dialogue and music are all balanced very well to let us enjoy the play even better. This quality seems to enhanced and even better in GSP 600 because when tested even in different platforms including Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One, the headset handle ever genre played with fidelity and nuance. If you play Overwatch, you can even track your enemies by their location while in StarCraft: Remastered, the sound effects, music and voice overs are balanced just perfectly.

Some people may prefer to separate their gaming headset with their music headphone for regular use because gaming headset usually don’t offer what regular headphone can do. While our preference may also differ from each other, we think it is great to have a device that can be used for several activities as well and in this field, gaming headset like Game Zero seems to can’t perform as good because the sound it produce can get muddy at very low volumes.

The bass response in the headset is also less so even while gaming, sounds like explosion or gunshots may not that impressive. When listening to music, the sound produced is clear and balanced but somehow feel like it is a bit muted and give a sense of like they comes from further place. On the other hand, GSP 600 is still coming with the same problem like the older unit and even though the sound it produced can be categorized as good, the headset gives off feeling like the music was played at a distant place.

Another unfortunate thing is the treble because even for a gaming headset, the treble feels too heavy and can cross the bass line in some songs. To put it simply, both of these headset are just “okay” for music listening session and still cant outdo their dedicated music headphones even those coming from the same range of price.

Sennheiser Game Zero and GSP 600 Feature
On the additional features side, both of these headset are very similar to each other because we can’t tweak the sound for there is no software dedicated for these analog headset. On the unit itself, they are equipped with microphone which is actually good and clear when recorded, so our voice can be clearly understand by teammates. In one of the ear cups, there is volume control to ease us when adjusting the level of sound produce but further than that, you may need to dig in deeper into your system to make more adjustment.

Sennheiser Game Zero and GSP 600 Comfort
On their comfort side, it can be affected by several factors from users but both headsets are enormous and padded with leatherette with a nice cushioning. The Game Zero will provide a bit looser fit for those with small heads while on the other hand, GSP 600 is good for smaller head and will feel too tight for those with bigger heads. On the latter, there is an additional notch steel bar which is used to adjust the pressure between ears and the ear cups.

However, when tested, this adjustment seems to not work that good for people with bigger heads because they still can’t make the headset feels less tight than before. Coming with the unit, you can get carrying case with Game Zero while GSP 600 only give you the headset and box.

Now, let’s compare Sennheiser Game Zero with GSP 600. As it has been mentioned above, the prominent difference is on design and sound because GSP 600 is able to deliver a better sound than Game Zero especially on the gaming field. As for the design, GSP 600 is chunkier and heavier with a tighter fit when compared to Game Zero but also have more distinctive design.

Sennheiser Game Zero vs Gsp 600

- Modern, lightweight yet robust design featuring XXL ear cups incorporating Sennheiser's model specific transducer technology delivering extreme sonic clarity (50-ohm)
- Compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One and other consoles with 3.5 mm jack input (some Xbox One controllers may require Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter, sold separately).

All in all, both of them can be a great choice for your gaming headset. However, we prefer Sennheiser GSP 600 because this one can deliver a better sound and have a nice design to state itself as a gaming headset while can be used for music listening as well even though won’t be as good as the dedicated headphones.

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