Sennheiser Momentum vs CX 5.00

Choosing the most suitable headphone or earphone for your everyday use may not as easy as it seems because we have different preference and taste, not only when it comes to the music’s genre. If you are in the market to look for a pair that can deliver your favorite songs wll then, Sennheiser have what you are looking or with Sennheiser Momentum vs CX 5.00. While they are different, both are dependable and if you are considering the two, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which Equipment to Choose
– What are Sennheiser Momentum and CX 5.00
– What Sennheiser Momentum and CX 5.00 Look Like
– How are the Sound Quality of Sennheiser Momentum and CX 5.00
– How are the Isolation and Comfort of Sennheiser Momentum and CX 5.00
– What else Sennheiser Momentum and CX 5.00 can offer to you
– Sennheiser Momentum vs CX 5.00

Headphone or Earphone
Music is something we enjoy everyday, no matter if you are listening to them while working, waiting for your turn in a public place or when watching your favorite shows; it is actually hard to imagine our life with the absent of music. We are sure most people have their own favorite genres or type of music and while they can differ from person to person, our need for a good audio file and equipment doesn’t change, so make sure to have the proper tool to enjoy them better.

Some of us are preferring a headphone because they can give a better comfort and better sound quality than many pieces of earphone while some of us prefer the latter because we don’t like placing a huge piece of tool on our head and it does have a better fit. In short, we do have different taste and when comparing these most common types of audio device, we can get confused, moreover, if we are here to look for the best or considering something that suit our style better.

Of course there is no perfect tool for everyone and we have to understand this first since each of them have their benefit and disadvantage. Headphones are well-known when it comes to quality; not all of them but in general they have better frequency curve and response than what we used to find in an earphone while as noise isolation, a well fit earphone is the winner. For noise cancellation, high-end headphone and earphone tend to produce similar results while in comfort, this depend solely on your preference.

This is because there are user who prefer a good cushioning for their ears that can cover them properly than putting something in your ears while there are also users that find it more comfortable when letting much of their ear parts exposed to air rather than covering all of them, since using headphone for a prolonged time may generate heat which making it hard to use them for hours. In addition, a headphone with tighter fit will have a chance to cause discomfort on our earlobes as well.

After considering the pros and cons of both headphone and earphone, we can decide which model suit our preference or use better and make sure that you also include the comfort part depend on how many hours do you plan on using them.

About Sennheiser Momentum and CX 5.00
If you are the type who often spend much time outside while listening to your favorite songs whether it is while working in your office or workshop and commuting from one place to another, the type suit you the most is probably an earphone or many people also call them earbud. This type of audio device is good because they are smaller, very compact to be carried everywhere, even in your pocket or small bag without the necessary to carry a hard pouch.

Earphone is also good for people who moves much like when we are exercising since they can maintain their place better and more comfortable for an activity that require us to moves a lot. If you are also preferring an earphone, check what popular manufacturer Sennheiser has to offer with their Momentum and CX 5.00. Both of them are in ear from the brand that caught lots of attention due to their quality in delivering sound very well with a fairly affordable price.

As for Momentum, we are choosing the wired version since there is a new and wireless version of this model called True Momentum which is quite different from the original version. In addition, there is also the headphone version of this model, so don’t confuse them for each other and if you are more interested into their headphone model, go check what they can offer on our previous article Sennheiser HD1 vs Momentum here.

The CX 5.00 at the other hand is the upgrade of its CX 3.00 which was released earlier and should be a better item allover. However, the focus of this pair is still to sound fun rather than serious so they are suitable for any casual music listener who are not very concern about listening to a song accurately.

Sennheiser Momentum and CX 5.00 Design
We can actually separate Sennheiser Momentum with CX 5.00 very easily because they are made with different design and as you can see from the sample picture above, Momentum is rounder in general eliminating the feet we used to see on many earphones out there while the other still has the traditional look and appearance of a older version earphones. In general, the Momentum look sportier and sophisticated which suit any people who are plan to use them while doing an active activity.

At the other hand, CX 5.00 is suitable for users who are planning to use them while sitting or not moving much since the feet may not very comfortable when you move a lot; depend on the person themselves. However, when you open the buds, we can see that both earphones are made with the same metal skeleton which should add some sturdiness into the unit and separate them from many other cheaper earphones out there.

Sennheiser Momentum and CX 5.00 Sound Quality
When it comes to audio equipment, the one we are going to look first is the audio quality because this part will affect how good we can enjoy them while listening to our favorite songs. While both of Sennheiser Momentum and CX 5.00 are earphone, both of them are trying to reach that quality of an headphone and if you try listening to Momentum in ear, you will notice that this pair is trying to recreate the main sound characteristic we see in the larger Momentum headphone.

In general, they are very fun to listen to because they provide an excellent bass with the sort of depth and impact we are not used to see on an earphone. The bass depth is tremendous and combined with a lively treble to produce an excellent dynamic range to make whatever you are listening to livelier and energetic. While the bass in indeed powerful, they are well controlled and not bleeding much into the higher frequency areas which is amazing for a single dynamic.

As for the Sennheiser CX 5.00, this model is definitely better than its predecessor CX 3.00 because it sound more natural; they are not entirely natural, yet the more pronounced bass we used to hear on the older model is not present anymore, making it more enjoyable for more people. In general, this pair are big, warm and rich compared to Momentum and the two are comparable since they used the same drive here, looking at the similar price range, it is not surprising as well.

The prominent difference placed on the bass because in the latter, its warmth is slightly higher up the frequency range, making it stands out more while the emphasis seems to be on the treble which in the other earphone, the bass part is more robust and generous.

Sennheiser Momentum and CX 5.00 Isolation & Comfort
As for the isolation part, both of these earphones are working well and it is natural for an item we put on the inner side of our ears. But, in term of effectivity, they are fairly the same like many other earphones in the market so don’t expect too much. The rubber padding in each of earpiece is working good to provide the best fit they can and if you have regular ear size, they do fit good to make sure other people won’t hear what you are currently listening to.

Sennheiser Momentum and CX 5.00 Controls
On the features side, just like what you can expect from an earphone in this price range, they are kept at minimal level with only few built in controls placed on the cable and since they are not wireless, we still have to deal with tangled cables every now and then. Those controls are also very basic to control music playback and calls.

Now, let’s compare Sennheiser Momentum with CX 5.00. As you may already know, the prominent difference between both of these earphones are on their design and sound color because Momentum is sportier while the other is looking more like a traditional models and on the sound, Momentum is also prominent in bass unlike CX 5.00 that are more into its treble part.

Sennheiser Momentum vs CX 5.00

- Android compatible model using newly designed, tangle-free oval cable featuring 3-button in-line remote with integrated microphone. Connectivity Technology: Wired
- Custom machined, low resonance stainless steel housing deliver a detailed and accurate sound
- High-quality dynamic transducers produce high output level with low distortion
- In ear canal headset with inline controls for Galaxy (android) devices
- 22000 Hz
- 3.94 Ft Cable

All in all, both of them suit anyone who are looking for an earphone for their everyday activities yet still want a nice sounding pair like a headphone. However, if you are looking for those with robust bass and look fancier, we will recommend you to choose Sennheiser Momentum.

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