Shure SE215 vs SE425

Shure is a well-known name in the audio equipment especially for the professional range because they have some of the best sounding products too. Not only for the professional, you can find plenty of casual listening devices such as Shure SE215 Vs SE425 from their collection which should match well for users who prefer their music to sound as close as possible to the original mix. For those considering getting one of these earbuds, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which Listening Device to Buy
  • What are Shure SE215 and SE425
  • How are the Design of Shure SE215 and SE425
  • How are the Sound Quality of Shure SE215 and SE425
  • How are the Noise Isolation in Shure SE215 and SE425
  • Are Shure SE215 and SE425 Comfortable
  • Shure SE215 Vs SE425

Listening Device

Your music is fun to listen to through a good listening device whether it is a huge speaker or a small, compact TWS. Just like the music genre, the type of listening device will vary too depending on which seems to fit in your application the most. In general, all are useful but based on the situation or where you are going to use them, not all are going to be ideal. For example, while a small or larger speaker is common for home use, it is rude to play your music out loud in public places.

In addition, the type of sound these listening devices produce will not be the same to each other, even models from the same company and the same line can be quite different. Typically many people prefer speakers or headphones with a strong bass, following the trendy music in modern days which sounds amazing with this type of speaker yet, there are also people who prefer the other way around or like their song to sound neutral; it depends on your personal preference.

If possible, it is wise to shop after listening to them which is why stores have sample products to try but if it is difficult to find such stores around your living area then we can just shop based on what other people are saying about the product. It may not be as accurate as your own judgment but if you have a history for liking popular options then the mainstream choice will also be more promising to meet the preference. 

After deciding what type of sound you like the most, it is good to also think about which seems to work best in your application. Listening devices, especially those we have to wear will also affect our comfort to some extent whether it is a small earbud or an open-back headphone. The type of fit, clasp, weight, and styling play a huge role in deciding how they will feel in application. It is mostly personal taste such as which feels better between on or over ear and earbud tip or open fit.

In modern days, our listening device will accompany the smartphone which is why compatibility can be an issue to consider. Some types of listening device such as headphones can come with extensive noise cancelling like those Bose QC35 Vs QC35 II that are ideal to be used in noisy environments for mobile users. Another example, high-end TWS can recognize the device and change between two or more based on which you are currently using such as what AirPods offers. 

Shure SE215Shure SE425
Product Dimensions 7.8 x 3.2 x 2.1 inches
7 x 6.2 x 2.2 inches
Shipping Weight5.6 ounces
4.2 ounces
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About Shure SE215 and SE425

Nowadays listening devices are not only meant for music listening purposes anymore because you can find more from the tool as they are getting complicated. The option is all yours based on what you want to achieve and what you want from the device but if you are here then it means this is a pure listening device that is used only to help you bring the playlist and listen to them anywhere. Many can be good options based on what styling and sound color you like the most.

Personally we like the options from popular names not because they are popular but because they are more trusted and easy to find. Yes, it is sometimes difficult to find some alternatives that we are not familiar yet or not as widely available as huge brands like Shure. Being in the industry for almost a century makes sure they have an extensive experience and great knowledge on answering the consumers’ demand as well as designing reliable products that satisfy a wide range of users.

They carry options on the casual and professional level but for the daily application we do think the affordable range is the most ideal to consider such as Shure SE215 and SE425. Both of them are ideal for users who are aiming to get a fairly neutral sound because the two are not as tweaked as many other earbuds we often see. From the sound quality they may not satisfy just any listeners but we do think people who want these earbuds already know what they can offer.

In comparison however, while the two are close siblings, the sound colors are not the same and we do like how SE215 produces it sounds better than the SE425. It doesn’t mean the latter is a bad choice because there may be some users who like the sound better here. Out of the sound quality, the Shure SE215 and SE425 are very similar or almost identical especially on the user experience and comfort as they are virtually the same earbuds.

Shure SE215 and SE425 Design

Not everyone likes the way these earbuds are fitting since it is more commonly used in audio monitoring but even those who are not yet used to the styling can get used to it in no time. The way they are shaped to shield the ears opening as well as removable cable that gets tucked behind the ears makes them ideal for mobile users who don’t want to fiddle with the cable. The overall build quality is the same just like how the rest of the SE lineup is made.

The way we can remove these cables also makes sure the earbuds are useful for a long time, for we can just replace the worn out cable and as long as the actual unit itself is not damaged. What’s different is we notice that SE425 comes with more rubber tips compared to SE215 which only has the same tips but in different sizes. Along with SE425 you can use a few different tips in order to find the correct or best fit for your ears.

Shure SE215 and SE425 Sound Quality

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Shure SE215 and SE425 can offer starting from the sound quality. For the consistency, just like most earbuds with rubber tips, they are very consistent across users so as long as we are getting the correct fit, they will sound the same in different ears. From the low range, they are already quite different however because we do think the bass sounds better in SE215 as it is more prominent and gives more impact.

The lack of low-bass in SE425 seems to be the culprit here which makes the earbuds less capable in creating thumb and rumble. The sound of guitars and kick drums also sound less thick and empty in the earbuds but for the high bass they similarly tend to sound boomy by being quite overemphasized. Moving to mid-range, SE215 also sounds better but produces thicker vocals from the extension of the bass-range. On the treble area the two are similarly mediocre with the impression of dampened brights but can sharpen some frequency at the same time.

Shure SE215 and SE425 Noise Isolation

If you are going to wear Shure SE215 and SE425 in public or in a situation where other sounds are present, we do think the previous earbuds will be the more ideal option to go for. The bass range of these earbuds is what makes the noise isolating work better since it is able to dampen low, rumbling noise, or even chatting sound. In comparison, we can still hear people and most outside noise with the SE425. This can be a good thing too, especially if you are wearing it while jogging or walking to make sure we are aware of the surroundings.

Shure SE215 and SE425 Comfort

Lastly about the comfort of Shure SE215 and SE425 but this is the same for both earbuds as long as you can find the perfect fit. They are very light and while the type of housing may not be the same from typical earbuds, they are equally comfy to wear. The type of fit also makes sure they won’t fall even if you are moving quite fast like while walking or running and doing other sports. Being small enough also makes sure the ears don’t get too hot after prolonged use.

Shure SE215 vs SE425

Both of these earbuds are similar yet not the same. The build quality and physical appearance are the same but it seems they are tweaked to sound different because if you like a more prominent and satisfying bass then SE215 is the better option. The mid-range is also thicker to give a certain presence into both instruments and vocals but for those who love impressive treble or high frequency, none of the two are as great for this type of users. In addition, due to the sound color, SE215 also works better in terms of isolating outside noise.

- Evolved from personal monitor technology that's been road-tested by pro musicians, the - SE215 offers detailed sound with enhanced bass for personal listening or professional monitoring.
- Comfortable sound isolating sleeves block up to 37 dB of ambient noise. Sound isolation technology prevents outside noise from interfering with your listening experience, whether on-stage or on-the-go.
- Lightweight, low-profile shape with optimized nozzle angle is designed to rest comfortably in the ear.
- Durable reinforced cable allows easy replacement or customization. Formable wire ensures secure placement, and over-the-ear configuration keeps cables out of the way. Gold plated MMCX Connector has a lock-snap mechanism allowing 360-degree rotation for comfortable fit.
- Shure CBL-M-+K Music Phone Cable with Remote + Mic for - iPone, iPod and iPad available as an additional accessory..Connectivity - Technology: Wired
- Accurate and Balanced Sound and frequency range is 20 Hertz – 19 Kilo Hertz
- Speaker Type: Dual High-Definition MicroDrivers
- Available in clear or metallic silver;lmpedance :22 Ω


You can go well with any of them based on which seems to fit you the most but we recommend getting the SE215 if you like a more prominent bass sound because these earbuds do sound better here along with its more reliable noise isolation.

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