Sony WH1000XM3 vs Bose QC35 II

A good headphone sometimes is not enough to let us enjoy our favorite songs undisturbed, moreover, if we listen to them in a busy environment. For those with the problem, noise-cancelling headphone such as Sony WH1000XM3 vs Bose QC35 II can be a great choice. Both of them have the same capabilities but may not the same in quality. If you are confused about which to choose, go check what they can offer to you below and see which item will be the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a Noise Cancelling Headphone
– What are Sony WH1000XM3 and Bose QC35 II
– What Sony WH1000XM3 and Bose QC35 II Look Like
– What Sony WH1000XM3 and Bose QC35 II can offer to you
– Sony WH1000XM3 vs Bose QC35 II

Noise Cancelling Headphone
Our experience when listening to music can be decided by various factors such as the device we used to listen to them and the audio file quality itself. Both of them play a huge role in making our favorite songs sound even better and depend on the device we use, there are times when we realize that we never heard some of the instruments before. However, a good headphone will also point out “not so good” part in our audio file.

To get the best experience, we have to own the best of them, both device and audio file. In some cases, when we already own an expensive headphone with a clear sound matching our taste and a good audio file, an outside noise can disturb our songs by mixing together in our ears. If we are on public places such as train or open office, the sound can get more annoying for there are so many people communicating with each other and get in the way of our song.

If you also having this problem, it is may be the time to change into a noise-cancelling headphone which will not only deliver a good sound but also help isolating you from the outside world, making the song we are listening to more enjoyable without disturbance from the outside. Generally, a closed-back or earphone can handle regular environment but if you want more than what they can do, a real noise-cancelling headphone which is created with the technology to block noise will be the best option.

About Sony WH1000XM3
In the market, we can find so many of them and most of those with the best technology and performance are quite expensive which is understandable if we want a quality product. Among those many name, Sony have will have the right item for you with their huge collection and type of audio device we need. Their headphone is well-known among music listeners by being one of the best we can get in the market and one thing we always love from Sony is they seems to always have the right item for our budget.

This is important for not all of us are willing to spend a certain amount of money to get a headphone depend on how important they are for us. If the one you are looking for is a noise-cancelling type then, Sony WH1000XM3 will be a great option. This model is deemed as one of the best of its kind in the market currently and even beating some of its forever competitors. This is also their newest addition from its former model.

Sony WH1000XM3 Design
If you have less to spend, they do have its older model Sony WH1000XM3 vs WH1000XM2 with similar quality yet also not as good as the newer brother. From the aesthetic view, this headphone is stylish and indeed look expensive with the decision to use gold color on its name. Compared to it earlier model, it used plastic on the headband instead of metal which make it look less premium yet it also make it lighter. The comfort side is enhance with a more oval headband and plushier ear cup pads.

Sony WH1000XM3 Sound
To make WH1000XM3 a better unit than its predecessor and its competitors, Sony upgrade the chip inside this headphone with its new HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1 which is claim to offer a better performance up to 4 times than XM2. This upgrade is not applied only on their noise-cancelling capabilities but also on the sound quality with 32-bit audio signal processing and the combination of DAC with amplifier functionality.

On sound, it will give an open, spacious sound that will give every instrument, effect and vocal room to breathe while in term of directness there has been no loss either with a very focused vocal. Instruments around them are also delivered in a way that makes us feeling like the whole band was in the same room with us which is similar to those open-back headphone may offer to you and the fact that we get it in a closed-back is amazing.

On the tone, despite being clear on every side, WH1000XM3 have a generous extra helping of lovely and deep bass which making songs with a prominent bass even more enjoyable. However, this boost is not threatening the balance of presentation it have and just simply reinforces the overall delivery by adding weight and richness in a pleasant, natural way.

Sony WH1000XM3 Noise Cancelling
Like XM2, this model is still featured with adaptive noise-cancelling, atmospheric pressure optimizing, ambient sound control, an equalizer and surround and sound position control. All of these features are intended to help us better tailor the sound according to the environment we are currently in. Its atmospheric pressure optimizer especially used when we are boarding in a plane and is currently unique to this model and its older version. When tested on crowded places, according to CNET  it is proven that it can work great surpassing expectation.

Additionally, Sony WH1000XM3 also have an interesting capability similar like its XM2 which will be useful when we need to deactivate the unit for a moment. This ability will let us muffle the music and let the outside noise be heard by simply holding our hand on its right ear cups where the controls are located and then remove them to resume whatever playing in its initial volume.

About Bose QC32 II
Since there are so many good options out there, it is a shame to just look for one and in our opinion it is good to have another product to look at so we can compare them and see which one of them will be the better choice. If you like what WH1000XM3 can offer to you, then you should also check its competitors Bose QC35 II. This one is the top pick of so many users before the release of XM3 and still one of the best out there with a great capability to produce sound and isolate the outside world.

This model is also their newest addition based on its predecessor but added with a new key feature through its “Action” button located on its left ear cup that will allows users to connect to our Google Assistant without having to touch the phone. This feature ease us to ask Google to assist some tasks without having to grab our phone and speak into its speaker.

Bose QC32 II Design
On its design, Bose QC35 II is lighter with a softer grip than many other competitors which is good for people who need a headphone to be used while traveling or commuting with public transportation. It is mainly made from plastic material with hinges on the housing to allow users fold the unit nicely while the rugged built will assure us that it can handle some shock without the need to keep them all the time in carrying case.

Bose QC32 II Sound
On sound, Bose QC32 II is not the best in the market among its competitors like Sony and Sennheiser but they are still one of the best and practically can handle whatever genre we throw at them by delivering a smooth, pleasant sound with a good balance and plenty punch of bass. As a Bluetooth headphone, they are great comparatively but will not as clear as what we heard from Sony even with the XM2 model since it flatten dynamics and made sound seemed less alive.

Bose QC32 II Noise Cancelling
If the sound is not holding a place on competition, it will be replaced by the noise cancellation because Bose QC32 II is working amazing in this side. When used while activating the noise-cancelling feature, the headphone is capable of muting the outside world and turning our walking up session in crowded places seems to be more enjoyable and far less annoying with noisy sound; it can even drowning out everything from rumble of a train to cars driving in the road.

Now, let’s compare Sony WH1000XM3 with Bose QC32 II. As it has been mentioned earlier, both of them are a good option for a noise-cancelling headphone. However, in sound quality and noise-cancelling, Sony is still better especially on the sound and built quality. However, on noise cancellation, both are comparable and even Sony comes out better, the gap is very narrow.

Sony WH1000XM3 vs Bose QC35 II

- Industry-leading noise canceling brings Only Music, Nothing Else
- Premium Sound Quality from 40mm Liquid Crystal Polymer drivers
- Up to 30-hour battery life with quick charging (10 min charge for 5 hours of playback)
- Alexa-enabled for voice access to music, information, and more
- Noise-rejecting dual-microphone system for clear sound and voice pick-up
- Balanced audio performance at any volume

All in all, both of them are a good choice if you need a headphone that can mute the outside world. But, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Sony WH1000XM3 because this model is able to deliver a better performance than Bose and it even have a unique feature to muffle the song for a moment by just simply holding the ear cup.

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