V Moda M100 Vs M200

Headphones like V Moda M100 Vs M200 are perfect for you who want an elevated listening experience. The two promise high-quality audio and are suitable for monitoring so we can listen to the music better with less coloration. As close brothers, these headphones are very similar, with some differences worth noticing. If you consider both models, let’s see what they can offer below before deciding the option.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Look for in an Expensive Headphone
  • What are V Moda M100 and M200
  • How is the Design of V Moda M100 and M200
  • How is the Comfort of V Moda M100 and M200
  • How are the Specs of V Moda M100 and M200
  • What are the Features of V Moda M100 and M200
  • How are the Sound Characters of V Moda M100 and M200
  • V Moda M100 Vs M200

Expensive Headphones

Like your favorite music genres, the suitable listening device for your activity may vary. There are many differences between the cheap and expensive listening devices, and it is not only about build quality. Material is essential, but engineering makes your choice better than many other alternatives. If you are willing to spend a fortune to buy an IEMs or headphones, we must know what they can offer to justify the price. The more expensive the product, the more you can expect from them.

You must check the build quality for a good headphone that costs around $300-$500. It is a waste of money to buy something broken in just several months, so build quality is crucial to determine the cost. There are many options from different manufacturers. Some brands like Beats are more well-known for their general-consumer products, while brands like Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic are popular among audiophiles and professionals alike. Knowing what the brand specializes in can help you determine who they are best for.

Expensive headphones typically come with exciting features: one of them is noise cancellation. Brands like Sony and Sennheiser are some of the best in this category because their noise cancellation technologies are very reliable. Another common feature is wireless connectivity which is necessary if you are a mobile person as it makes the headphone far more convenient to travel with. Many large companies provide digital EQ in a smartphone app, and some even have smart assistant features to receive voice commands.

 V Moda M100V Moda M200
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Product Dimensions 4.5 x 7.04 x 9.5 inches
7.2 x 4.65 x 8.66 inches
Shipping Weight9.9 ounces10.6 ounces

About V Moda M100 and M200

Overall many qualities can justify the price of a listening device like a headphone. Headphones are not the only option because you can also choose IEMs like FiiO FD3 Vs Moondrop Aria to improve the listening experience. But, unlike headphones, IEMs don’t have many features and usually only boast passive noise isolation thanks to the fit and excellent audio quality. Both are good options based on which seems to work best in your application and makes you feel the most comfortable.

There are so many exciting options to consider for those who prefer to wear headphones, such as the V Moda M100 and M200. These headphones are top-rated among audiophiles for their sound quality. The former M100 or Crossfade M100 was the favorite of many, and one quality that makes it extremely popular was the sound character, which is pretty bass-heavy. Bass-heavy headphones are satisfying, especially if your favorite genres are prominent in the low frequency.

In general, the M200 feels like a refinement of the previous models, so if you like the older headphone, you may like this as well. The main difference between V Moda M100 and M200 is their sound character because M200 is no longer bass-heavy and more neutral in general, so it is ideal for you who prefer this type of sound. For something that costs around $500, it is difficult to justify the price of the M200, knowing there are many other headphones at the lower price point.

But, we think the M200 is a good step up from the M100 and worth trying if you are in the market for a fairly neutral headphone. What to note is that none of the two have the features of similarly expensive headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM4, but this is because the main focus is audio performance and not bells and whistles.

V Moda M100 and M200 Design

Before checking what the V Moda M100 and M200 can offer, let’s see the unit first. As you can see in the sample picture above, they are very similar. We think the M200 keeps the legacy of the M100 by making the headphones visually identical. We notice the M200 has a different headband because now it uses the same synthetic material as the rest of the band and ear cup padding. On the M100, there is a mesh fabric layering the inner side.

Interestingly, unlike many headphones, the V Moda M100 and M200’s earpads are removable. You can buy different earpads from V Moda and change it yourself at home; they use the snap and stick method but can be tricky. Both models are wired headphones which may sound a bit traditional nowadays, but they are still travel friendly. The material is primarily plastic and seems durable and pretty light on the head. Besides stock cable, you will also get a hard carrying case to store these headphones.

V Moda M100 and M200 Comfort

One of the most important factors when buying a headphone is the fit and how they feel on your head. Unfortunately, the fit is subjective based on the head’s shape, size, hairstyle, and whether you wear glasses or not. In general, we are okay with the fit of V Moda M100 and M200. They are not “sport” style, so the clamp is not as tight and pretty comfortable for hours of the listening session. The headphones are pretty light, and we like the wide headband.

We prefer the M100’s headband because it is not as thick but just enough to cushion the head. Both are flexible, so they can contour the head shape and size very well. Like most headphones, the ears get warm after an hour or so. The padding cover is not breathable, so our ears may get hot faster, but we don’t have any particular issue with the padding. We notice that the M200 has slightly wider padding than the M100, so it can be more comfortable for some people.

V Moda M100 and M200 Specs

Next is for the basic specs of V Moda M100 and M200 to see what the two can offer at different price points. The M100 is a very popular model that is still very attractive today. This headphone uses 50mm, dual-diaphragm drivers to help produce an effective frequency response for bass, mids, and treble. The frequency response is 5Hz to 30kHz, with a sensitivity of 103dB and impedance of 32 ohms. These specs are identical for M200, and there is no need for a separate amp.

V Moda M100 and M200 Features

Because the V Moda M100 and M200 are standard wired headphones, we don’t have many to talk about for the features part. There is a separate model for M200 that is wireless and known as M200 ANC. This variant is wireless and offers an active noise canceling feature for outdoor applications. The wired variants come with two cables; one single-sided balanced audio and one SpeakEasy cable with a one-button microphone for making or receiving calls.

The single-sided balanced audio is versatile for most people, and this is very useful for monitoring purposes because it can produce spacious and accurate sound. The cable has a braided cover that is excellent for removing microphonics and is not tangled easily. Our only complaint is that it may not be long enough, depending on your setup.

V Moda M100 and M200 Sound Characters

Lastly, we want to talk about the essential part or the sound quality of V Moda M100 and M200. Because they are advertised as monitoring headphones, we expect the frequency response to be flat and neutral, but the M100 is not a neutral headphone. You can feel that it is boosted on the lower frequency, which makes it a bit boomy and quite strong for bass lovers. It is not a bad character but not suitable for monitoring purposes because we want the most accurate production.

The M200 improves the sound character by tuning the bass down, and while you can still hear a slight boost on the low frequency, it is not as noticeable as the M100. There is a peak in the mid-range for both headphones and a dip on the higher frequency. The two are not bright headphones, but there is enough clarity for vocals and instruments. Soundstage is decent for closed-back headphones like V Moda M100 and M200, and the best thing is you can pinpoint each sound from the mix.

V Moda M100 Vs M200

Both V Moda M100 and M200 are good options for an elevated listening experience. They are similar but have some differences. M200 has thicker padding both on the headband and larger ear cup padding from the design. The M200 is more balanced or neutral from the sound character even though none are entirely flat. The features stay the same, and both are wired models with decent noise isolation and good comfort.

- Connectivity Technology: Wired
- Unique CLIQFOLD design for compact storage ; Type: Over-Ear Circumaural
- Patented 50mm Dual Diaphragm Drivers to separate bass from mids and highs
- Clean deep Bass, Vivid Mids and Ultra-Extended Highs tuned by industry editors and audiophiles
- Reference studio sound fine-tuned by Roland engineered and proclaimed “Best new audiophile headphones” by CNET in March 2020
- Lightweight metal build adjustable headband for single ear monitoring + improved sweat resistance
- 50mm drivers with neodymium magnets and CCAW voice coils for precision listening mixing and mastering (Hi-Res Audio certified by Japan Audio Society)
- Large replaceable magnetic memory foam cushions and 100% PU leather headband for hours of pure comfort flat-folding hinge and re-designed case for easy portability


The decision is all yours because we like both headphones. If you love listening to bass-heavy music, we recommend the M100, which is currently cheaper than M200. But, if you prefer a more laid-back and flatter sound profile, the M200 is the ideal option.


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