Westone W40 vs Shure SE535

Earphones or headphones is a very useful tool to have around and a must-haves for anyone who loves listening to music on a daily basis because they let the users to enjoy their favorite playlist anywhere, anytime. Many great models are not affordable but there are some come with good quality yet still have competitive price like Westone W40 vs Shure SE535. They are a pair of favorite in-ear and have monitor- quality sounds but before shopping, see which one will be the best option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which Model/Types to Purchase
– What are Westone W40 and Shure SE535
– What Westone W40 and Shure SE535 Look Like
– How are the Sound Quality of Westone W40 and Shure SE535
– How are the Noise Isolation of Westone W40 and Shure SE535
– Are Westone W40 and Shure SE535 Comfortable
– Westone W40 Vs Shure SE535

Headphones, Earphone, Earbud

Who doesn’t love music and who doesn’t have at least one favorite playlist full of songs from various musicians, because all of us must have a personal taste or a genre and type of music we listen to. We may not going to die from not listening to any type of music for the rest of our life but we honestly cannot imagine how boring and dull the days will be like because like any types of art, they give colors to our every day’s activities.

It is not strange to see people walking around fitting a pair of earbuds in their ears while walking around the city to do whatever tasks they need to finish and it is especially popular to fit the ears with something when having to use public transportation like the subway to help keeping out ambience noise or just to distract our minds from the distance we must travel. Thinking back how this sound delivering device is very useful, sometimes we wonder which is the best among few types available is.

The common music listening tools we often used today are headphones, earphones, and earbud which are all the same when it comes to usefulness, especially if the user often have to spend their time outside, whether it is to do some minor tasks or sitting all day in your desk working on some projects. Headphone is the oldest among them and very popular starting back then in 1970s but when portable music began to emerge in the next decade, their popularity is slowing down.

The best advantage is that they are going to deliver the best performance when it comes to sound quality if you are loving those with stronger bass tones and it is also nice to block ambient noise when you are wearing them outside the house. However, headphones are not perfect as well since the bulky design may not be for everyone, making them not as convenient if you often travel and depending on the model, many of them are heavy thus, causing fatigue.

Earphones and earbuds on the other hand is much more convenient thanks to the small build but if you think they are the same, it is actually not. Earbud is appearing earlier in comparison to earphones and their difference is on how the tip is shaped for the latter will sit slightly deeper in your ear canal outer portion while the former don’t get this deep. Sound quality is nice in both models but earphone is often superior for bass tone and sound cancelling.

 Westone W40Shure SE535
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions 4 x 1 x 1 inches
8.4 x 6.4 x 4.7 inches
Shipping Weight6.4 ounces1.5 pounds

About Westone W40 and Shure SE535

The choice is all yours because not all of us will have the same needs or preferences and it is better to fit the tool to the type of activities we often do while wearing them. However, if you have to move a lot or have an issue when using headphones such as headache due to the heavy pressure or weight then an earphone or earbud will be a very ideal choice to go. They are also compact and can be tucked away on our neck when not in use.

Similar to headphones, they are available in a wide price range from those we can purchase without thinking too much or those we have to save up for some time to afford but in general the pricier they get, the better the sound quality. For those who are looking for a high quality earphones, Westone W40 and Shure SE535 are two of the most popular models among other similar earphones offered under $500. Coming from a trusted companies, we don’t have to worry about their reliability.

But, it doesn’t mean they will be identical because no speaker is made to be exactly the same and it includes the compact version like earphones as well. Westone W40 is among the company’s catalogue of expansive auditory catalogue and a great choice for the consumer in-ear models that have been catching enthusiast attention since they were launched in which the big brother W60 won the CES 2014 award back then. This lower version is still expensive but also provide an array of four balanced armatures.

Similarly, Shure SE535 also have been around for quite some time already or starting from 2010 and the fact that they are still one of the best in-ear today with a price point which doesn’t seem to budge much from when it was launched, this model must be loved by so many people. They also give a refreshing upgrades by introducing Lightning cable option for iPhone users that also compatible with the majority of Shure in-ear headphones.

Westone W40 and Shure SE535 Design

It is true when people are saying that an expensive headphone/earphone will look like one even from when the product just arrives in your address because this is what describe Westone W40 the most. Unlike many cheap models out there, it comes with a premium package consisting of the main unit, a set of clips to keep everything neat, cushioning, an ear wax cleaner, a hex screwdriver, and a heavy duty orange plastic case called as a Monitor Vault; cool isn’t it.

Unlike the Westone one, Shure SE535 has a different design and shaped to contour your outer ear canal better especially if you need to sleep while wearing them because the flat housing will not cause discomfort under this situation. It is similar to some cheaper Shure in-ears that you can check on our 1MORE Triple Driver vs Shure SE215. What’s unique from this model is that it has a detachable cable with extra thick Kevlar-reinforced ones to resist tangling for those who often just stuffed their cable inside a pocket.

Westone W40 and Shure SE535 Performance

Let’s move into the sound quality because this is what is most important in these in-ear and starting with Weston, this model’s specs are actually very standard and seems to be emphasizing the low-end rather than high-end. The bass area of Westone W40 has those deep and full feeling with the low-end exposing quite an amount of detail to create the “oomph” while the mid is very detailed and even said to be almost accurate with very little distortion.

Its instrumental still sounds clear but the vocal somehow sounds more pinched or stretched. High-end performance has pretty details but the sounds never gets too bright nor piercing.

On the other side, Shure SE535 is similarly wonderful when it comes to sound quality but different from what you hear with Weston because the bass will not be as strong and rather than punchy, it is offering more of a nuance which is great if you are not a fan of the low-end or prefer it like this. On the mid and higher end, the sound quality is pretty much flat or the type you want when using it as a monitor.

Westone W40 and Shure SE535 Noise Isolation

Coming into the noise isolation, just like any in-ear headphones or earphones out there, Westone W40 and Shure SE535 have no issue when it comes to limiting the amount of noise from your surroundings to a certain extent but it rely fully on the fit. Both of them are packed with cushions in various sizes to accommodate different ear size and the best performance should be the one that fits your ears the most. They will not act like an ANC headphones but still fairly reliable in public places.

Westone W40 and Shure SE535 Comfort

Last but not least is their comfort level and it is the same between both in-ears but since they are light, we don’t find any issue for prolonged used both for casual listening session and to act as a monitor for your band gigs. The included soft cushions are very useful to personalize the fitting and easy to clean when needed but due to the nature of earphones which settles deeper into your outer ear canal, wearing them for hours will increase the temperature and may make your ear sweat up a little bit.


Westone W40 and Shure SE535 are an amazing in-ears to try if sound quality is your top consideration since they are not like a cheap models at all but when it comes to how they perform, in our opinion the W40 does give a more satisfying sound whether it is as a monitor or just as a casual music listening tool. It somehow richer and presenting details in an attractive experience without overpowering each other while comfort level may vary depending on each user’s ear’s sizes.

Westone W40 vs Shure SE535

- MMCX AUDIO CABLE + MFI 3 BUTTON CABLE (APPLE & ANDROID COMPTABLE): Westone’s professional-quality MMCX Audio Twisted Cable is so good that it goes on tour with some of the biggest names in the music industry. It is twisted to help reduce cable noise and keep the cable light-weight and flexible. Westone’s 3-Button MFi Control System with Microphone provides full function and control for all Apple and Android devices. Both feature our MMCX Audio Connectors and 3.5mm stereo plug
- TECHNICAL SPECS: The Westone W40 features four balanced-armature drivers with 118 dB @ 1mW sensitivity, 10Hz - 18kHz frequency response, and an impedance of 30 ohms @ 1kHz
- IN THE BOX + WARRANTY: Purchase includes; 1 pair Westone W40 Earphones, MMCX Audio Twisted Cable, 3 Button MFi Cable with Microphone, 5 pair Patented STAR Silicone Eartips, 5 pair TRUE-FIT Comfort-Foam Eartips, Impact Resistant Monitor Vault, 3 Decorative Faceplates (Red, Blue, and Black) with Removal/Replacement Tool, Cleaning Tool, and a 2-year warranty
- Bundle of 2 items; Shure SE535 sound isolating earphones in -Bronze and Shure CBL-M+-K music phone adapter cable with remote plus mic
- Spacious sound with rich bass, sound isolating design
- Speaker type: triple high-definition micro drivers


All in all there is no bad choice between these in-ears but if we have to pick one, Westone W40 is a more interesting model to choose with its nicer sound and moreover cheaper price point for you to save more for other gears.

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